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How to meditate yourself into an authentic business vision?

How to meditate is something that should be taught in schools not only at a young age but in higher educational institutions as well. Learning basic meditation tools and methods is something that we can apply not only in our spiritual development but also in how we approach our professional life, especially when launching and running our own businesses.

Irrelevant to where you are on your journey, you can only benefit from incorporating meditation tools in all areas of your life. Either you are feeling confused, lost, depressed, excited, energized or simply curious to develop further, practising meditation regularly will only accelerate your growth both spiritually and in business as well.

it all starts in the mind

One of the key ingredients to a successful business is to have well-thought out plans and strategies in place which are being regularly reviewed and adjusted if necessary. Having achievements in your personal life follows the same principle: when you know where you are going, it’s easier to figure out the road to get there. To be able to plan, visualise and manifest successfully, you need to be in a mental state that allows you to think clearly, to see the bigger picture, and to have excellent problem solving skills. Meditation is a great tool to help achieve such mental state and mindset as it has numerous positive benefits on your mental and physical well being.

Practising meditation regularly helps you:

Meditate in business the key benefits

In addition to these 2 major benefits, you will also likely to become more focused, sleep better, have an improved memory when you meditate daily just to mention a few key points. The findings of numerous scientific studies around meditation and mindfulness are very clear: it changes how your brain functions which has an overall positive impact on your physical well-being as well.

Can you guess what happens when you are in a much better, healthier state mentally and physically? This is not a tricky question, I’m sure you know the answer already. By consciously allocating time to meditate frequently, you will see an improved clarity when you are coming up for strategies and goals for your spiritual business, for your personal life or even get hit by that creative spark to come up with a brand new direction for your career. When you have an authentic business vision that is in line with your spiritual calling, your belief system and principles, the whole journey of bringing that vision into reality becomes a lot more fun.

How to find time to meditate?

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Something I used to slip up with more often than I preferred was not having a regular time allocated to my daily meditation. There were some periods when I would spend up to 2-3 hours a day in a meditative state. This was happening during my deepest core transformation and as a result of my disciplined routine I achieved incredible things not only in my personal life but in my business life as well. I had unbelievably high energy levels, was able to focus on multiple stressful projects as a CEO and Marketing Director, exercised 4-5 times a week, read 2-3 books a month and kept on studying to accelerate my spiritual development. It was a wild ride but thanks to my dedicated meditation practice I was somehow able to manage it, until my focus shifted and I eventually burnt out.

That burn-out helped me find a better balance that worked for my mind, my body and my emotions. Find your own way that works for you. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution here. Listen to your inner compass, your intuition and figure out what is the most effective and authentic solution for you.

As you change and go through different phases in your life, your preferences and priorities will change as well.

I’m now currently not having long meditation sessions every day but I use my daily showers to consciously switch off my mind and the noise. Those 10-15 minutes of daily meditation helps me stay sane, more productive, more grounded, more aligned. Whenever I feel that I’m either facing bigger challenges or going through a tough time, I then consciously allocate more time to up my meditation.

Some ideas to build a habit to meditate daily:

Ideas how to meditate daily from connect one marketing by Timi Orosz

As life is meant to be a fun experience, I encourage you to go and play to find your own balance . Try what works for you and go with your gut feeling. Use your improved mental state to plan how to turn your spiritual calling into your career. As a gift to help you get there, you can grab this complete guide for free as you are clearly looking for a way to fulfil your mission and I’ll be honoured to be part of your journey.

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Once you are truly committed to following your inner calling and say yes to making a living out of your spiritual / esoteric skills and knowledge, there might be some challenges you’ll have to come through. It’s easy to get sucked into the games of our ego when you are in a leadership position, which I slipped into on multiple occasions while working as a director and CEO and progressed incredibly fast in my career. Leading without feeding the ego was one of the toughest lessons I had to master. Not only I took on a great level of responsibility at a young age but I also had to deal with being a female leader in Malta where the local culture still prefers to accommodate male leaders.

During that time my spiritual development sky-rocketed and as I became more and more conscious about my decisions in life, everything around me started falling into place before falling apart. When your level of consciousness starts shifting, your external world shifts along with it whether you like it or not. It’s definitely not a fun journey at times when you are awakening and becoming more aware of your inner reality.

Listen to this podcast and learn from my experience: the challenges I faced as a female leader and what I would do differently looking back. I’m sharing part of my story of how staying authentic will propel you even forward and why I lost myself while I was a successful CEO at the age of 30. The result? Once I realised I was no longer on the most authentic path, I left it all behind to recalibrate my mind.

Ready to get started on your journey to turn your higher calling into your career and vocation? As a gift to the community, I’m offering a free 30-minute consultation to help you get some clarity and identify what would be the best method and strategy for you to unleash your potential and build your spiritual business. Get your free consultation here.

How COVID-19 lock downs have similar effects on our mental health as being locked up?

“As long as your mind is free, your spirit is strong.”

This was the sentence that made my mind shift back into positivity during these strange times we are experiencing globally right now. This simple yet powerful advice came from someone who spent a substantial amount of time in confinement, most of it in a maximum security prison.

As much as I’m committed to provide you with business and marketing advice for your spiritual business, I’m also passionate about sharing tips on how to stay positive. I felt it’s vital to show our situation from a different perspective and decided to talk to an ex convict to understand how being in lockdown compares mentally to being locked up. I asked him to share his experience in light of our current situation and by sharing some of his story, maybe we can find some answers how to cope. He also reminds us that even though we are quarantined we still have small liberties; we have technology and the internet to entertain ourselves, to keep our minds occupied and to stay connected to our loved ones.

We might be physically confined but the most important thing is: not to be confined mentally. Having some of our freedom suddenly being taken away from us can definitely take its toll on our mental health. I wondered how this compares to being incarcerated?

Breaking free of a limiting mindset. Mental health

Does this COVID-19 lock down have similar effects on our mental health as being locked up?

I decided to ask this from someone, let’s call him Diego, who had spent a significant amount of time in confinement, majority of it being in a maximum security prison. Since he finished his sentence, he started a new life and left his old ways behind him to appreciate the second chance that life threw him.

I was curious to find out two things:

  1. What advice can he give to people during these times to keep our mind strong and healthy?

  2. What is that one thing he learnt to appreciate when he got his freedom back?

First thing that became very quickly clear to me was that no, our current lock down is not even half as bad as being completely deprived from all the important things in life: speaking to our loved ones, having our meals when we want to, being able to go for that walk to the supermarket whenever we need to. Being able to open our front door when we feel like, that freedom of movement we still have to take care of our essential needs.

As Diego explains, most people have never been confined of their freedom so it’s a lot harder to deal with it as compared to someone who has been conditioned from a young age and became prepared for it mentally. Also someone who is more of a social, extrovert character, who needs regular social interaction in life, can find this situation even more challenging than how it really is. So as a side note, think about those people in your lives who are extroverts and maybe give them a call a few times in these coming weeks.  

Listen to a short yet meaningful snippet of our interview with Diego
“We can communicate with people and look for emotional support”

It was interesting to hear some of Diego’s tips on how he kept his mind sane while also improving on his own self-development during his time in confinement. For us, during our quarantines these tips and advice can come in useful especially if you feel like that your mental state and emotions are already going through a roller coaster. For me personally, it definitely has been the case and I’m only on my 10th (or 11th?) day of our lock down here in Barcelona.

Shining light to symbolize power of mental health and positive thinking

You will need to train yourself to have some self-discipline.

Introducing a new routine, a new schedule will give you some certainty during these uncertain times. It creates a structure in your mind.

To stay mentally strong:

 “I practised a lot of discipline, I meditated, I worked out. You have to make a schedule right around your circumstances. What you create is a program, you’re programming yourself.”

“I used to be a very disciplined individual to withstand and outlast my conditions of confinement. I read a lot and the books that I read were the tools for me to be able to withstand anything mentally.”

How your mindset effects your physical health:

“Of course, none of us like to be confined but it’s either you remain strong mentally or you don’t but then you break mentally. And then you end up having all these other mental handicaps that could probably lead you to your demise. Anxiety, is one of the main ones and from anxiety you will build panic attacks and from panic attacks it could lead to health conditions.

Once your mental state is broken and your spirit is done then your physical well-being will go after it.”

Meditating figure in light to show importance of mental health

Learning to appreciate what’s important in life:

“What I appreciate in life is the small things, the joys. Health, freedom, those are the things to me that mean the most. Family, love. Everything else can come and go. Money comes and goes, success comes and goes but as long as you have what you stand on, what you believe in, and at the end of the day you have the ones that you love and then you love yourself, that’s what matters the most.”

“During our last conversation when we met for a coffee, I told you how grateful I am and how I’m not in the pursuit so much of being successful financially. Because I’m so grateful being free. I was disciplined and confined for so long and I even confined myself in a way of restricting myself of pleasure. I would do that purposely to become strong mentally. Like I would fast or would limit myself from being able to eat things like chocolate and stuff like that, that could bring small joys. Because if you don’t have something, you don’t want something then you don’t miss it”

I wondered by facing all these restrictions to our freedom through this lock down, has triggered any past traumas for him. Has it brought back some of those negatives memories, emotions or flashbacks?

“So far, I’m dealing with it quite well, it hasn’t triggered anything but then again I’ve been out of that situation for quite a long time. And I understand that this is for my own well-being and for humanity as well. Being a caring person, I don’t want to put other people at risk or myself at risk so you know, I have to be a law abiding citizen.”

If someone who had spent a tremendous amount of time being locked up in prison can understand how important it is to stay at home and complies with the lock down rules, then so can you. You really have no excuse.

If you want to get more advice and useful tips on how to keep your mental health in good shape and your mindset positive, you can listen to my latest podcast about this topic with The Fit Fun Podcast right here.