Mentoring calls

You’ve made it! I’m really excited for you for taking a step forward.

As you probably know, I have limited my 121 availability to focus more on building a resource library for the spiritual industry. However, I love connecting with change-makers and I free up some of my appointments occasionally to connect with you. And now, you and I are about to become more connected. Thank you in advance for your trust in guiding you through your journey 🙏

The next steps

➡️ You will receive my booking calendar shortly to pick a time that suits you, in case we haven’t already scheduled this.

➡️ Please check your junk folder if you haven’t heard from me for 24 hours. You want to look for in your inbox.

➡️ Get ready for a wild ride! I’ll pour my soul and brain into our sessions to get you to make a bigger impact in our world.

What’s it like working with me?

“After our first phone call, I was sure I wanted to work with Timi! She arrived in my life as the best thing ever. I wanted her knowledge and support to help me structure my business. It was a wise decision and she did it in a professional & careful way. She felt my vibration immediately and she considered it”

Szilvia Gürtler, Life Coach
Manna Coach

“Timi is great! She definitely made me think and made me realise a lot. She also gave me a lot of ideas, tips and tools to move forward. Not only does she give great service but Timi is real and authentic and can help you get to where you want to be on your purpose not just materially but in a sincere honest way.”

Davina Safapour, Founder
To the self

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