22 marketing activities for spiritual entrepreneurs


Combine your intuition with strategy. Start scaling your soulful business with these 22 marketing activities for spiritual entrepreneurs.

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Marketing for spiritual entrepreneurs can be a fun process. When you combine your intuition with marketing strategy, you can start making a bigger impact in an authentic way.

I’m on a mission to help lightworkers, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs make a bigger impact by using business. With this intuitive marketing tool, you can focus on 1 thing at a time to grow your spiritual business.

I got inspired by Tarot’s major arcana and decided to create specific marketing tasks for you. 22 of them. It’s essential marketing for spiritual businesses to grow your soulful biz.

It’s time to make a bigger impact in the world. Through business.

To make a bigger impact, you need to start growing your soulful biz. Marketing for spiritual entrepreneurs has to be authentic, intuitive AND strategic. I created a simple but powerful tool for you that allows you to use your intuition in your business while remaining strategic.


How does it work?

➡️ You have 22 cards to choose from. Each one has a specific task for you to carry out that will help you strengthen your business and reach more customers.

➡️ Pick one card based on what your intuition is calling you towards

➡️ Reveal which marketing activity you need to focus on

Step 1: Receive access to the tool.

marketing for spiritual entrepreneurs and businesses

Step 2: Pick a card that you’re drawn to and reveal your marketing activity.

intuition and strategy in business for spiritual entrepreneurs

Step 3: Check the details of your activity that your intuition guided you towards

spiritual business ideas and intuition

Step 4: Get to work! See your authentic marketing activity to make a bigger impact with your spiritual business.

how to start a spiritual business online and how to market it

One pick a day, one focused marketing activity.

The whole aim of this is that you learn to keep your focus and you’re only giving your energy to one thing at a time. You don’t want to waste and scatter your energies.

Wondering how else you can use your intuition in business? Here are 4 ways to bring your spiritual skills into marketing your business.