The benefits of CBD oil

CBD Cannabidiol oil benefits with plant

First things first: what is CBD?

Before you learn about the list of benefits of using CBD oil, it’s important to understand what CBD actually is. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which naturally occurs in hemp plants. It’s one of many types of cannabinoids found in hemp, and it happens to be one that offers many benefits for our overall wellbeing.

Many people associate cannabinoids with marijuana, but CBD and marijuana are not the same.

CBD is extracted from the flower and the buds of hemp plants followed by different methods to produce the actual oil. The most popular method is the use of CO2 which results in a high-quality oil as no chemical solvents are mixed with the plant. Marijuana contains a cannabinoid called THC, which results in a “high.” CBD is a cannabinoid that is not psychoactive. It only contains trace amounts of THC, so it won’t make you feel high. Hemp plants are the misunderstood herbs that in recent years started to gain more attention from not only alternative medicine suppliers but within the modern medicine field as well. In 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved cannabidiol, CBD, as an oral treatment for seizures caused by a rare type of epilepsy.

Known benefits of CBD oil

What are the benefits of cbd oil?

People turn to CBD oil for many reasons not only to improve existing health conditions but also for prevention. CBD can be a great supplement for overall health and wellness. It supports a healthy immune system and brain function, and it promotes a healthy mood. It can even improve the appearance of your skin.

Here are some areas where the regular use of CBD oil could benefit you:

  • Pain relief and pain management for chronic pain
  • Depression, mood swings
  • Arthritis and nerve based pain
  • Skin problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Improved brain health
  • Support for cancer patients
  • Reducing symptoms of anxiety disorders

Depending on the overall state of your health and any other treatment you may be using, you could see results when you integrate CBD oil in your daily routine. In this article published by Medical News Today, you can see some specific examples of how using high quality cannabidiol oil can benefit your wellbeing and health, which also highlights some interesting medical studies and research.

Why don’t you see any improvements?

Just with any health supplement, the key is quality. If you are taking low quality CBD oil, you might not see improvements as you expected. Always check the quality of what you’re buying and try to look for an oil that was produced by CO2 method. These products might be a bit pricier but keep in mind that you’re investing in your health.

Another reason could be the lack of consistency. Just when you are committing to your exercising goals, you know that you’ll see the best results when you work out regularly. Same goes for your supplements. CBD oil is your supplement so make sure you take it regularly. You need to apply the oil under your tongue following the recommended dosage daily. Some people find the taste of the unflavoured oil a bit strong for their taste (like I personally do), however, there are many different flavours available nowadays so you can enjoy your daily routine.

As more people are realising the countless benefits of using CBD oil, I’ve also seen more people finding their passion in sharing this knowledge with others. I see the fire in them wanting to help their loved ones and networks to improve their mental and physical health. If you also feel this passion and want to get involved, you can reach out to me here without any commitment. As my main drive is to help you to start a business that makes a positive impact (which is also in line with your inner calling!), I’m here to show you a way to get you started.