what’s your impact?

Explaining what you do as a spiritual coach, healer or psychic doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how to communicate your soulful mission with this 2-step exercise to start resonating with your energetically aligned audience.  

Use your higher self's calling in your spiritual marketing

When you combine your inner knowings with a soulfully aligned marketing step, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve with your spiritual business. It will no longer be just a side hustle, a hobby, or a charity. It becomes YOU.

It blossoms into a meaningful way for you to make a living (instead of being stuck in a job that kills your soul).

It shows you that your spiritual business is nothing but the extension of your own energy.

What do you do with that energy? Keep it dormant? Or awaken it?

This 2-step soul-searching exercise will help you awaken your core marketing message while defining your impact in simple terms. Get your hands on this worksheet and keep it for life for €11.

Fully serving your higher self’s calling requires a key ingredient: crystal clear clarity about the impact you want to make.


And once you have that aha moment, it can feel a little confusing to explain that in simple terms. Even if you think that you’re communicating your soulful mission, your audience might still not resonate with you.

When there is a misalignment between your mission and how that’s being understood, you’re left with an uneven flow of clients. I’ve been there as well. Until I realized the major mistake I made in my marketing.

We all make mistakes when launching our soulful services.

Even though I’m naturally skilled at communication (Gemini here 👋 ) and I consciously pay attention to others’ needs (I have a Libra Moon), I still didn’t notice one of the most common oversights every new spiritual entrepreneur faces.

I allowed my mind to assume that my audience understood WHAT I was doing and HOW I was doing it.

I made a mistake when I assumed that my audience understood foundational marketing concepts. They didn’t. I scared my leads away by using business terms they didn’t understand. I ended up confusing them even more.

When I realized what was happening, I simplified my approach AND the copy on my website. Unsurprisingly, new clients started rolling in! I finally spoke their language, not mine. They finally understood and deeply resonated with what I was actually doing. 

It’s time to define your impact to start resonating with your soul clients better.

I want you to:

transform your spiritual gifts into a thriving business that aligns with your purpose and values.


This is exactly why I created the Impact Statement worksheet to help you understand how to communicate your mission better, in line with your values.

What’s inside


No lengthy reading, a 5-page worksheet in a PDF format to keep forever


My 3-part formula to help you create your own Impact Statement


12 soulfully crafted prompts to zoom in on your higher self's mission


My one-on-one email feedback on your statement within 48 hours

with your
soul clients 

When you explain what your spiritual business does in simple terms, you’ll see that your ideal clients will finally GET YOU.

The more you complicate things, the less likely someone vibes with you.

Dive into your soul with these 12 prompts to help you communicate what you do better and more simpler. 

The 12 questions will take you through a simple journey to understand your inner calling better. By pinpointing what’s important to you, you’ll get more clarity about your overall mission.



You’ve probably heard about mission & vision statements. An impact statement is something similar but much more soulful to craft. You need to be more focused on your higher self rather than just creating goals for your spiritual business.

And when you created your Impact Statement, you can do a self-audit on your marketing materials to see if you are staying authentic to your mission. 

🤫 I also redo this exercise at least once a year to see if my soul’s evolution is still in line with my spiritual business.

Start communicating your Impact Mission Purpose

Spiritual business help you can use today

When you’re driven by making our world a better place, you shouldn’t be worrying about how to market your spiritual services or products. But it’s a little confusing, I know. All of my clients feel a bit overwhelmed about marketing themselves as healers, coaches or spiritual entrepreneurs.

I always go back to the foundations with them to declutter the marketing mess to make sure that their ideal clients clearly understand what they do. My Impact Statement exercise not only helps with simplifying your core message but also relights your higher self’s mission.

How did I come up with this spiritual marketing exercise? Back in 2021, I was creating my Soulful Strategy course and I wanted to kick off lesson 1 with a burst of CLARITY. Why? Because as a spiritual being, you need to have a crystal clear vision of what sort of impact you want to make. And you need to have a solid understanding of how to communicate this in the simplest possible way.

I want your audience to deeply resonate with your authentic mission so you can start raising the collective consciousness by healing us, guiding us or coaching us. Our world needs your gifts more than ever, so please start communicating properly what you DO for us. We need to hear you, and see you in your most authentic form.

The Impact Statement worksheet helps you exactly with that. Simplifying your vision into an easily digestible statement, so we can resonate with what you do for the collective.


Understand what your higher self wants you to do by diving deep into your mission with these 12 soulfully crafted  questions.

I was feeling overwhelmed. Not knowing exactly who to serve and how? Now, I feel relaxed and ready to move forward. Thank you, Timi.

Keli Medcroft, Sound healer

Her intuitive questions navigated new ownership for the mission of my work.

Brian Bachand, Soulful speaker

I'm trying to create my nano niche, this exercise really helped!

Marla Privitera, holistic coach

Marketing your spiritual business starts with your Impact Statement.

Why? Because communication is the foundation of effective marketing. And when you’re able to communicate what your spiritual business does in simple terms, you can ensure that your audience will fully GET YOU.

The spiritual industry is very specific. You can’t use traditional marketing methods. Your audience craves realness and authenticity. When we are looking to work with a healer, a spiritual coach or a psychic, we want to see the realness of that being. We want to resonate with their mission and their impact.

So what is your Impact saying about your mission?


About the mentor

Timi Orosz spiritual marketing and business mentor on how to start a meditation business blog post

Hi, I’m Timi Orosz 👋

I felt frustrated for years as I knew that I’m on this planet to help humanity evolve but at the same time, I found my passion in building businesses as a Sales & Marketing Director, CEO, COO and Head of Strategy. I felt that I was wasting my potential by not fully committing to my spiritual development. I ran away to Sri Lanka, away from business and financial success to live in a jungle for a few months to realign myself.

That’s where I realized that my path has a LOT to do with business. I can’t run away from my soul’s mission. 

I’m on a mission to arm the spiritual community with essential marketing and business knowledge to help them make a bigger positive impact on the world. Through purposeful business.