mindful marketing for spiritual businesses

Discover the joy of Mindful Marketing

to confidently market your spiritual services in authentic ways

Spiritual marketing with zero unethical tactics

Marketing a spiritual business is very different from promoting “traditional” services. Sleazy methods and tricks will never work within the Spiritual Industry for 2 reasons:

  1. You’re an old soul, here to guide us, heal us, and educate us in authentic ways. You should NEVER go against your integrity just to have more clients.
  2. Your audience is highly intuitive and already on a path of spiritual development. They will NEVER respond to BS marketing tactics as they crave realness.

You deserve a thriving and heart-centred business surrounded by energetically aligned clients. You deserve abundance as you embrace your authentic path and share your spiritual gifts with our world. And most importantly: you deserve to achieve all of this confidently without ever compromising your integrity.

Say goodbye to ego-based marketing tactics.

Let me support you as you share your unique gifts with the world using only authentic and mindful marketing.

spiritual business marketing toolkit

Allow me to become part of your journey and support you with what I know best: building and marketing purposeful businesses that make our world a better place.


“I was feeling overwhelmed. Not knowing exactly who to serve and how? Timi helped me align with my own inner guidance and truth. Now I’m ready to move forward trusting my own intuition as well. “

Keli – Sound Healer

“I feel very confident and have complete clarity and congruence within as I move forward in my business now. I wish I could see Timi every month as a coach because she’s amazing!”

Faith – Soul Reader
spiritual business affirmation to get clients

We are all connected

The reason why you’re reading these lines is not a coincidence, I don’t need to remind you of this. As I’m writing these words, you are already feeling them perhaps thousands of miles away from me physically.

But there isn’t really a ‘me‘ and a ‘you‘ out there. It’s only us: intertwined, all-powerful beings who sometimes forget how incredibly amazing it feels when we trust our inner calling.

Trust your journey!

Your spiritual gifts and knowledge are exactly what our world needs the most.

You didn’t come this far just to keep doubting your ability to make a lasting positive impact on humanity. Remember, you’re here to guide us back to our true selves.

And while you’re doing that, it’s perfectly okay to call in some aligned support to guide you and empower you.


12 mindful marketing actions for spiritual businesses

Mindful Marketing Map

    No more guessing what to do each month: 12 specific Heart-Centered marketing actions to implement, explained in simple terms. Keep yourself focused and never feel overwhelmed again about what to do with your marketing.

    Learn effective and ethical marketing techniques to attract and engage your energetically aligned audience without compromising your values.

    These 12 tasks are created to help you:

    🫶 generate more aligned clients
    👯‍♀️ turn past clients into MORE clients
    👁️ increase brand awareness
    🎯 realign your niche

    And the best part? You can turn these mindful marketing activities into your marketing Oracle deck 🙂 Simply print the cards and use your intuition to pick a task each month.

    Mindful marketing to create your core message as a healer

    The Core Message Generator

      Resonate better with your audience by confidently explaining what you do using the soulful Impact Statement method.

      When you explain what your spiritual business does in simple terms, you’ll see that your soul clients will finally GET YOU. The more you complicate things, the less likely someone vibes with you.

      Dive into your soul with these journaling prompts to help you communicate what you do in a simpler yet authentic way.

      📝 12 soulfully crafted prompts to zoom in on your higher self’s vision
      ⚙️ a 3-part formula to create your own Impact Statement

      Let’s get rid of the misalignment between your mission and how that’s being understood. It’s time to say goodbye to confusing your audience.

      🎁 BONUS: my personal email feedback within 48 hours.


      business coaching for spiritual entrepreneurs using the Efficiency Booster

      The Efficiency Booster


      Get rid of activities that do not bring you results. The Efficiency Booster exercise will show you how to identify your power activities.

      Free up your time to be able to do more of what you love doing the most: making a positive impact in the world 🌎

      This exercise (using the Pareto Principle) will help you understand where to shift your focus knowing what brings your real results. Stop feeling like you don’t have enough hours in a day to build your spiritual business.

      🤫 this exercise was a lifesaver for me when I was a Marketing Director of a startup group and a Chief Executive Officer, AT THE SAME TIME.

      12 blog title ideas for spiritual entrepreneurs and psychics

      Soulfully Crafted Blog Title Templates


      Release the content-planning overwhelm and stop wasting your time figuring out what content to create.

      With these 12 fully customizable, fill-in-the-blank templates, you’ll know exactly what content to create that your audience will love.

      I crafted these templates with:

      💙 value in mind so your audience will WANT to click and read your articles
      ⚙️ SEO suitability to also help the algorithm understand what you’re about

      If you don’t have a website or a blog, then you can still use these templates for creating value-packed posts for your social accounts. 

      mindful marketing plan template for holistic professionals

      The Annual Mindful Marketing Plan


      Keep yourself focused and never forget again what you wanted to do in your marketing. With this annual marketing plan, you can stay on track and break down your big-picture into monthly focus points.

      Turn your manifestation goals into a soulful high-level strategy. Welcome to real spiritual entrepreneurship 🙂

      This template is called the SMARKETING plan to show you that sales and marketing go hand in hand. The neater your marketing, the higher your sales become.

      I introduced this exact same template when I was the Head of Strategy of a London-based coaching company so you can be ensured that you are getting real-life business resources from me.

      business plan sales tracker template for spiritual businesses

      Sales Tracker Template


      Become confident in your numbers and use this ready-made sales tracker to know exactly how your spiritual business is performing monthly AND annually.

      In case you don’t have any system yet to manage your clients and audience, then you can keep your potential clients in one place and never forget to follow up with them.

      Follow your soul’s calling while utilizing practical tools to confidently market your spiritual services.

      It’s perfectly okay to feel a little confused or overwhelmed about how to translate your spiritual gifts into the business world to make a living out of your soul’s mission. Not just as a side hustle but as the main activity that brings well-deserved abundance to you and your loved ones.

      Don’t feel bad about not knowing how to market yourself as a spiritual being. Whether you’re a healer, psychic, spiritual coach, Tarot reader, Reiki master, astrologer, crystal retailer or retreat host- it doesn’t matter how your helping humanity evolve, your mission is clear:


      to confidently share your spiritual gifts and knowledge with the world.


      But when you start educating yourself about marketing and business concepts, your stomach turns. You can’t use any unethical and misleading tactics to reach more souls. As a previous CEO and Marketing & Sales Director, I know too well how business tools can be used to manipulate and deceive. I said no to that approach a very long time ago.

      I made a vow: to remove myself from any situation that doesn’t allow me to remain fully authentic. That included my career as well so I resigned as CEO and went to live in a jungle in Sri Lanka for a while. Long story short, I realized that I can combine my love for spiritual development and business by supporting the spiritual industry.

      Since January 2020, I’ve been successfully supporting changemakers like you, creating soulful strategies and mindful marketing solutions. I wanted to condense my best-performing tools & exercises I used for my clients as a spiritual business mentor into an all-in-one playbook.

      This is how the Mindful Marketing toolkit was born.

      I was getting burned out with online marketing. With Timi’s helpful guidance I am now getting positive comments from my students and customers about my website and I’m not feeling drained with online marketing. For the first time, my healing wellness business reached a 6-figure income.

      Allie Phillips

      Her intuitive questions navigated a new ownership for the mission of my work. Thankfully, I now have renewed clarity on my next steps. Timi is an interior architect that creates the space for your soul to speak and to bring the message out to the world. I really felt and know more deeply the shift within and for the business.

      Brian Bachand

      metaphysical business mentor support



      Marketing a spiritual business doesn’t mean posting daily on social media. Having a solid core message in place and mapped-out marketing activities will lay the crucial foundations for your soulful business. Besides discovering easy market research methods, you’ll also uncover business development activities and ways to increase your brand awareness. And when you also gain clarity on which activities to focus on, the unseen becomes easy to recognize.

      mystical marketing template for psychic business



      With so many “experts” out there convincing you that they have the one-and-only strategy for you, it’s easy to become confused about what to do with your marketing. 💣 Truth bomb: those one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for spiritual entrepreneurs. You need to bring your authentic message to the world that’s 100% YOU. The tools within the Mindful Marketing pack will do just that for you. Pulling the magic out of you to sprinkle it all over your marketing.

      spiritual marketing tool for soulful businesses

      “I’m now able to confidently move forward with confidence and clarity, understanding how to package my services and make them available to the right people”

      Juliana – Kundalini Coach

      Your questions answered:

      How much is the Mindful Marketing toolkit?

      Your one-off investment is USD97. I personally wanted to create an affordable solution for the spiritual community, especially for those who are not in a position financially to improve their spiritual business marketing but eagerly want to make our world a better place.

      Can I use these tools if I know nothing about marketing?

      Yes! That was the whole idea behind this toolkit to arm you with essential marketing knowledge. I simplified complex marketing concepts for you and refrained from the overwhelming business jargon.

      How does this toolkit help me be authentic in my marketing?

      The exercises and tools show you specific steps to take to help you gain clarity and get more clients while giving you flexibility in your approach. We have different styles, personalities and values. Those are going to reflect in your efforts to make you, well, YOU 🙂 This toolkit creates space for YOU through practical actions and methods.

      I haven't started a spiritual business yet, can I still use this toolkit?

      Absolutely yes! However, I’d recommend exploring the Spiritual Business Starter Toolkit as well which include a full planning workbook with 11 practical exercises.

      Do you offer refunds?

      As my intention behind this toolkit was to create a ton of value for a very low financial investment from you, I am confident that you’ll see the benefits of having this resource and won’t need a refund. However, customer satisfaction is my top priority so please reach out to me directly if you’re not happy with something.

      Who made these Mindful Marketing tools?

      Hi, it’s Timi Orosz 👋
      I accidentally astral travelled as a child.

      I created Connect One Marketing after many years of trying to find a balance between my spiritual development and my love for creating value in businesses. Then it eventually hit me: there’s no need to separate the two, I can serve the community by doing what I truly enjoy and combining my spiritual development with my career.

      I can utilise the business knowledge I gained as a former Marketing & Sales Director, Head of Strategy, COO and CEO to support the Spiritual industry and help like-minded souls have a fulfilling journey.

      As a Human Design Manifestor with a Life Path 1 and Gemini sun with Aries rising, I’m here to lead in innovative ways. While honouring my Libra moon to help bring justice and peace to our messy world. This is where YOU come into the picture.

      I believe that together we can make a bigger impact in the world.


      Timi Orosz spiritual marketing and business mentor on how to start a meditation business blog post
      Amplify Your Impact 

      All Access Pass

      All Access Pass

      All Access Pass

      Elevate your spiritual business with this Mindful Marketing toolkit.

      Instant access to Mindful Marketing


      • The 12 practical & ethical marketing activities to confidently grow your biz: Mindful Marketing Map
      • The Core Message Generator  to simplify your higher self’s mission & resonate with soul clients
      • The Efficiency Booster exercise to free up your time & eliminate the overwhelm
      • The 12 Soulful Blog Title Templates to know exactly what content to create
      • The Annual Marketing Plan Template to break down your big-picture into monthly focus points
      • The Sales Tracker Template to become confident in your numbers and easily monitor your performance

      Haven’t started your spiritual business yet?

      If you haven’t started a spiritual business yet but you already know that you need to step away from a soul-sucking job, then this Business Starter toolkit is the aligned solution for you.

      While I recommend the Mindful Marketing toolkit for spiritual entrepreneurs who already launched their soulful services, the Business Starter Toolkit benefits impact-driven souls who feel a bit confused about how to build a spiritual business.

      list of instant tools to start a spiritual business online


      Get everything you need to transform your spiritual gifts and talents into a purposeful business and start making a living out of your higher self’s calling.

      My inner calling was SCREAMING at me for so long to put together an affordable solution for mission-driven souls like you.

      I’m not gonna lie, a ton of hours went into turning this inner calling into reality. And now that it’s here, I’m ever so grateful to you for making me become part of YOUR journey by using this toolkit 💙 

      My vision was simple: to create an ultimate digital bundle that will help you start your own soul-centred business. Without the complex business jargon and confusing action plans.

      Only soulful steps, to help you take energetically aligned actions on your spiritual journey.