Hi, it’s Timi Orosz. Spiritual Business Mentor working with healers, coaches and lightworkers

Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor for spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs

What is Spiritual Business Mentoring?

Spiritual business mentoring is not magic. It helps you figure out what strategies are aligned with you on a soul level to reach more customers. It shows you ways to declutter your marketing mess and teaches you how to shift your focus on what actually brings results. FOR YOU.

It requires a mentor who understands the struggles of spiritual awakening and the darkness that comes before you can truly shine your light. That mentor can be someone you know already, someone who suddenly pops up in your life or someone with business experience that you attract into your life. That last option would be me.

Stop wasting your energy.

You have been working on yourself, faced your shadows and took aligned actions to step into your power.

Yet you are still confused about how to take your soulful business idea to the next level.

You are not alone.

No one has taught you how to become an entrepreneur when you decided to pursue your spiritual calling as a career. Not understanding how to manage a business or how to market yourself as a spiritual entrepreneur is actually perfectly normal.

Running a soulful business needs certain skills and a ton of clarity. Even though you are spiritually aligned and feeling pumped up about your business, without a soulful strategy you will burn yourself out fairly soon.

Our world doesn’t need more ruthless corporations.
It needs people like YOU, determined to raise the human consciousness.

“As a spiritually focused, product-based business, I’ve struggled to find the right messaging. I’ve taken courses, done workshops, hired SEO ‘experts’. But it wasn’t until working with Timi that it finally clicked! 

Between her comprehensive guidance and her deep understanding of spiritual messaging, I feel more confident and excited than ever. I not only understand my core message, but see multiple ways to share it. Social Media, SEO, writing blog posts – none of that intimidates me any longer now that I’ve got that foundation in place.

Timi, thank you beyond words!!!”


Spiritual Store owner, HerEnchantedCreations.com


Learn from an ex-CEO and Sales & Marketing Director who genuinely cares about making our world a better place.


Stay true to your values while you start manifesting with strategy. You are here to shine, not to blend in.


Use your intuition (and mine) in a playful way to make a bigger positive impact in the world


  • One-off mentoring call for 90 minutes at $292
  • Impactful 121 mentoring over 6 weeks $3370



A spiritual business mentor looks at where you are right now, where you want to get to and shows you how to get there.

Skilled mentors and coaches will blend mentoring techniques and coaching methods, however, you need to be aware of what you actually need. The job of a coach is to guide you and help you find your own answers through directed questioning, exercises and by challenging your self-limiting thoughts.

A mentor’s job is to show you tailored solutions by using their expertise, knowledge and experience. They will still challenge you but in a different way. They will give you specific tasks to help you execute.

coach or mentor for spiritual entrepreneur. Spiritual business mentor and coach difference

Which one am I?

I’m the spiritual business mentor who blends in coaching methods when working with you.

It means that you will have business and marketing-related exercises and actions to complete when we work together. However, I also enjoy challenging limiting beliefs and if that’s the biggest hiccup in your spiritual business, be prepared to demolish them for good.

I have a talent for coming up with aligned strategies and bringing your authentic self into your marketing activities. I built entire branding concepts for startups and executed action plans as a Sales & Marketing Director and CEO.

With my background, I could easily work within a global enterprise in a C-suite role with a 6-figure salary. Instead, I decided to use my skills and experience to help other lightworkers make a positive impact. Why? Because our world doesn’t need more ruthless corporations. Our world needs people like you, determined to shift human consciousness. Determined to serve, to heal, to empower. And I believe that while you do that, you should build your own empire that can turn into a soulful enterprise.

I realised that many of you do not have the essential business & marketing knowledge to grow your spiritual business. When you step on the path of following your inner calling, you are also becoming an entrepreneur. And no one is teaching you how to make your soulful business successful without burning out.


That’s where I come in. I don’t teach you textbook business management but I use soulful solutions to arm you with the relevant business and marketing knowledge that YOU need. While remaining fully authentic.


I don’t teach you textbook business management but I use soulful solutions to arm you with the relevant business and marketing knowledge that YOU need.

While remaining fully authentic.


Business Alignment

Who’s your soul client?

What’s your impact statement?

Being authentic in business

Aligned values in action

Is your soul really fired up?

Knowing what’s your THING

Your big picture growth

Soulful Strategy

What’s your SOULution?

Manifesting with strategy

Least effort, biggest impact

Where to shift your focus?

Selling authentically 

Knowing your worth

The Empowered Entrepreneur 

Authentic Marketing

Higher self calling: your whys

What are your milestones?

Empowering your customers

How are you relatable?

Your soulful personal brand

Knowing what works for YOU

Building a community

You don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

Let me support you on your soul’s mission with my business knowledge.

“Timi is a genius! She knows too many things for a normal brain and somehow she keeps them all together brilliantly”


Neuroscience-based Coach, Bruna De Palo coaching

How much will it cost?

I understand that finances might be a big factor for your right now as you want to make sure that you’re investing in an aligned solution. I don’t want you to have any doubts and I hope I can help you bust those limiting beliefs around finances to avoid selling yourself short. Personally, I believe in being transparent when it comes to your investment so here’s how you can work with me to get you unstuck. 


🧐 Who is it for?

➡️ Spiritual entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed or confused about their marketing and business development options

➡️ Ambitious souls who want to make a positive impact in the world but have too many ideas and can’t keep their focus

🧐 What does it do?

➡️ Fine-tunes your brand in line with your soulful mission

➡️ Creates a list of personalized actions to take immediately

Case studies:

A quantum healer with 15 years of experience and a curious mind had a hard time narrowing down her services. We worked on categorizing her offers into packages/bundles and temporarily removed her services that didn’t generate any interest for over 6 months. Restructured the messaging of her newsletters to promote her upcoming workshops that were leading to an upsell to her refined packages.

An Akashic record reader & Inner Child healer struggled to secure paying clients for her spiritual business despite feeling in alignment with her mission. Her target audience was unclear and her brand messaging was not emotionally charged, it was dry & factual. We worked on defining a relatable niche for her (based on her own awakening journey) to attract clients that would feel safe working with her by having an emotional connection to her.


Coming up with a spiritual business strategy that is energetically aligned with you might seem a little challenging at first.

To ease this process, I created this 90-minute Soulful Strategy call for you where I combine my 15 years of business experience and my intuitive energy.

My background as a CEO, Sales & Marketing Director and Head of Strategy, is the reassurance for you that I fully understand the idea generation process.
My intuitive energy is the catalyst to guide you in an authentic way and help you come up with a soulfully aligned business strategy.

We will work on creating a soulfully aligned action plan to get you started immediately after our call.


  • 90-minute Strategy call fully tailored to your needs
  • The recording of the call to keep forever
  • Free access to my Soulful SEO Foundations masterclass
  • Personal & private introductions within my network of spiritual entrepreneurs

For the first time, my healing wellness business reached a 6-figure income and I earned more in 2022 than I ever did as an attorney!

My healing wellness business was over 11 years old before I found Timi and I’m so glad that I did!

Coaching with Timi has dramatically up-leveled my healing wellness business and my mindset for expansion and growth.

She helped me hone in on my unique gifts and talents to make sure that my online presence was clear in what I offer. My website was a mess because of 11 years of adding to it but not organizing it. And I was getting burned out with online marketing. With Timi’s helpful guidance, I am now getting positive comments from my students and customers about my website and I am not feeling drained with online marketing. 

 I continue to work with Timi because her help is not a one-time event … she’s a lifetime coach and friend who is 1000% worth the investment.”


Holistic Catalyst, Manifested Harmony


🧐 Who is it for?

➡️ Impact-driven lightworkers who are done with playing it small but not sure how to step up

➡️ Self-aware souls who realize they need support to make a bigger positive impact through their spiritual business

🧐 What does it do?

➡️ Gets rid of your distractions by showing you which of your activities will bring you real results

➡️ Optimizes your offers and products, including your pricing strategy

➡️ Shows how to sell without being sleazy using your own authentic mission

➡️ Improves your processes to spend more time on what you actually love doing

➡️ Makes you fall in love with managing your business

Case studies:

A Buddhist keynote speaker & career coach with an uneven flow of clients wanted to expand her soulful business to make a bigger impact. She felt she doesn’t have enough time to execute her activities and her to-do list gave her anxiety. We quickly realized that she was not focusing on activities that bring real results and we immediately worked on clearing out her to-do list and optimising her weekly tasks. We created a new approach to gaining new leads and created an aligned customer journey to maximize referrals and upsells. 

An ex-priest now executive coach + public speaker + team facilitator felt that it’s time to shift to more group-based work instead of 121 sessions. We worked on redefining who he is now and how we can integrate his unique life journey into an authentic brand. Besides creating a more aligned target audience of conscious businesses, we also worked on scaling opportunities that allow him to fully follow his inner calling.


Benefit from my undivided attention as we co-create your impactful business strategy. Learn how to run a spiritual business in a way that allows you to remain authentic, yet effective.

When you start a spiritual business, you also become an entrepreneur and no one prepares you for effective business management.

No one tells you the truth that it can feel exhausting to figure out how to get aligned clients for your business. And no, you don’t need to send a 100 cold DMs each day to get results) if anyone tells you that, please run).

I saw this happen way too many times and this is why I created this structured program that takes you through a journey of business consciousness. WITHOUT the dry business jargon.

Let’s declutter the mess and set you up for an enjoyable ride while you’re building a soulful empire.

Here’s how your journey will go:

marketing coach for spiritual business, marketing for spiritual entrepreneur, business mentor for spiritual leaders

WEEK 1 (3hrs)


  • Decluttering your marketing mess
  • Refocusing your aligned mission
  • Working less with more results
  • Identifying your top activities

WEEK 2 (1 hr)


  • Tackling your blockers from exercises in week 1
  • Fine-tuning your priorities
  • Assisting you to accept change as you’re stepping up your own game

WEEK 3 (3hrs)


  • Sharpening your soulful offers
  • List of OFFLINE activities to market yourself
  • List of ONLINE activities to market yourself

WEEK 4 (1 hr)


  • Intuitive play to stay authentic in business with an NLP visualisation technique
  • Handling your setbacks from Week 3
  • Soulful audit and honest feedback on your progress

WEEK 5 (3hrs)


  • Mastering Soulful Selling
  • Running your business in an aligned way to prevent yourself burning out
  • role play to practise objections authentically

WEEK 6 (1 hr)


  • Strengthening your alignment and reviewing your progress
  • Setting yourself up for success by creating your own aligned targets moving forward

I want you to take the driving seat of your spiritual business by mastering these business essentials. You don’t need constant support to make an impact with your services or products. What you need is a solid foundation and an elevated business consciousness to confidently offer your solutions to aligned clients.

“Timi has helped me grow as an entrepreneur physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Timi is very insightful and empowering with her words and demeanour. She helped me see what was often right there in front of me but couldn’t see for myself because I was locked in an old pattern. She works from a place of kindness, honesty and honouring you wherever you are on your path.”


Sound Healer & Artist, Bjoiful.com