When you feel that strong calling in you to make a positive impact, you might face a crossroad: manifest with strategy or go with the flow?


Before we dig into this philosophical debate, let’s clear something up first. Manifestation is not magic. Even though the way it works certainly feels magical, the process of creating your reality actually starts in your brain. You probably heard this phrase before: where your focus goes, energy flows. This one-liner perfectly sums up what happens when you’re manifesting. As soon as you shift your attention to your action tasks and desired outcomes, the results will appear for sure.


How to manifest your business?

Whether you prefer to go with the flow or have specific goals in your mind, I have good news for you. Both approaches will lead you to have a fulfilling life and business.

The difference lies in how you get to your soulfully aligned business.

Going with the flow is probably quite an overused phrase, so let me explain what I personally mean by that. To me, going with the flow means not resisting your soul’s mission, not resisting changes AND accepting the events as they unfold for you. By all means, it does NOT mean to be just flowing through life aimlessly.

It’s more of a state of open-mindedness.

However, when you combine that with a soulful strategy, you get to live your reality that brings in your manifestation results more accurately. And in most cases, much faster as well because your energy flows to where your focus goes.

Manifesting with strategy? How to manifest a business?

When you manifest with strategy, the whole game changes


It’s one thing to visualise what you want (and even figure out what you REALLY want) but taking action is what shifts the “I’d like to have” scenario to “I’m getting this”. And do you know what’s the hardest part? Getting started 😫

The human psyche is not designed for changes. It’s not supposed to cheer you on as you remove yourself from your comfort zone. This is exactly why so many of your manifestation goals do not come to fruition because you don’t do things differently to achieve your desired outcomes.

It’s a harsh statement, I know.

So what helps you move past this frustration? You shouldn’t be surprised when I say this: when you manifest with strategy. The simple reason why this helps is that you have a guideline. A map to know where you’re heading. Strategy doesn’t mean that you have to be all “businessy”.

You can be strategic while you remain fully authentic. You can build a strategy that works for YOU without listening to the latest marketing gurus. You have no idea how sad I feel when I see these experts trying to rip you off by offering you the one-size-fits-all method. That doesn’t exist! Especially within the spiritual industry.

What does work though, is crafting an actionable plan on your own terms, that suits you on a soul level. Something that is completely soulfully aligned because YOU created it. A genuine SOULution.

Learning how to manifest with strategy is not scary at all. Maybe you read about my mission already but in case you haven’t: I’m dedicated to educating spiritual entrepreneurs on essential business skills so they can make a bigger positive impact in the world.


Making a living out of your soul’s mission IS possible

Without you having to ever go against your core values and principles.

I wanted to create a series of powerful resources for spiritually aware people to help them build a successful business that can turn into impactful empires. It’s about time that the traditional business world changes and more lightworkers step on the entrepreneurial path to change more lives for the better. But to do that efficiently, you need to understand business.

And a successful business has two engines: sales and marketing.

This is why I’m creating materials for you to nail the absolute basics to get your soulful business going and growing.

With the Soulful Strategy course you’ll learn in 11 steps how to create an actionable solution to start making a bigger positive impact in the world. I created the curriculum in a way that will help you get started as well as get you growing if you already have a spiritual business.

What you’ll learn:

✅ Step 1: your impact statement
✅ Step 2: setting your soul on fire
✅ Step 3: communicating your why
✅ Step 4: your SOULution
✅ Step 5: embracing the material world: your pricing structure
✅ Step 6: your soul clients
✅ Step 7: forget social: how else do you make an impact?
✅ Step 8: the 8 hows
✅ Step 9: your ‘smarketing’ plan
✅ Step 10: measure your progress
✅ Step 11: face your fear: action time!

I wanted to make this solution affordable to you so that nothing will hold you back from making a living from your soul’s calling. You’ll get lifetime access to this course with a one-off investment of €97. That’s all, no hidden cost or expiry dates.