Transforming your businesses is an ongoing journey especially when you are investing time & energy into evolving your mindset as well. When you grow on a personal level, it has to reflect professionally as well. You simply can’t stick to your original business vision if it doesn’t align with your new mindset and goals. That approach will result only in one thing: becoming your own roadblock that’s holding you back from growth.

Don’t be scared of transforming your business

Transforming your business quote: nothing changes if nothing changes

When you get started with your spiritual business, it’s very likely that over time you will need to tweak your services, your processes or reshape your overall vision. Once you figured out what drives you and what kind of impact you want to make, the ‘how‘ might change as your mindset evolves. This is perfectly normal! Don’t be afraid to change your initial plan to be able to serve your calling better.
How does this process look like in reality?

You start seeing things on a bigger scale

When you start believing in your vision, it’s very possible that you’ll aim higher to make an even bigger impact. You are no longer just going with the flow to “let’s see what happens” but you now truly believe that what you do creates a positive change. You feel fired-up to do more of that. This might look like this:

🟣 changing your target audience from local customers to regional or global ones
🟣 changing your available services from foundational work to advanced level
🟣 changing your team structure and adding new members or creating new functions / roles

You start seeing a new niche that fits you better

After having spent some time serving your calling, you might notice that you attract a specific type of customer base that you didn’t think about initially. Your niche within your niche is nicely shaping up. Transforming your target audience will ultimately transform your business as you become more structured and more relevant for your audience. This might look like this:

🟣 a specific age group becomes the most engaging with your brand
🟣 a specific occupation or industry becomes your paying customer the quickest
🟣 a specific community becomes your biggest referral source

You start seeing opportunities to collaborate with others

Connecting with like-minded people was the main trigger for me when I was creating Connect One Marketing. I could see it growing into a community and network where conscious entrepreneurs can support each other and even do business together. Based on my business experience, I knew that first I had to set the foundations right, tweak my strategies and fine-tune my target audience. Then I was ready to transform my business and find the right partners to make an even bigger impact. When your main processes are running smoothly and your mindset has shifted to really make things happen, you’ll get to grow your spiritual business on a whole new level. This might look like this:

🟣 other conscious entrepreneurs can compliment your services through referrals or affiliates
🟣 other conscious entrepreneurs can become your mentors to take you to the next level
🟣 other conscious entrepreneurs can partner or merge with you to create a bigger community

Mindset motivation quote

Your mind now finally gets it: there are no limits when you are living with purpose. Applying the same principle in your professional work will open new doors for you in places, that you didn’t even see before. I’ve recently transformed my own mindset yet again, which also manifested in the physical realm fairly quickly. You’re definitely not alone! Just know that you’re on your development journey which in my views doesn’t stop. We keep evolving and so should your business.

I personally love rewarding people who are listening to their deepest calling and are not afraid of change. To help you transform your spiritual business even quicker, here are 3 quick wins to implement within your marketing activities. I hope you find them useful and I look forward to connecting with you and hear more about your transformation.

Wishing you strength to keep transforming,

Timi Orosz

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