How spiritual development led to Connect One Marketing?

Timi Orosz founder of connect one marketing. How to start and market a spiritual business

Hello, this is Timi Orosz.

Impact entrepreneur, spiritual development devotee, marketing expert, soulful biz strategist on a mission to bring more smiles into this world.

Ex CEO who resigned to live in a jungle for a bit to re-calibrate.

I created Connect One Marketing after many years of trying to find balance between my spiritual development and my love for creating value in businesses. Then it eventually hit me: there’s no need to separate the two, I can serve the community by doing what I truly enjoy and combine my spiritual development with my career. I can utilise my business knowledge within the Spiritual industry and help like-minded souls have a fulfilling journey. I can support purpose-driven businesses and impact-driven entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses. Together we can make a bigger impact in the world.

Spiritual development in business: Connect One Marketing by Timi Orosz

everything is connected

Why aren’t we?

Having an impatient character meant that I kept on learning at a fast speed, even as a child. I used to ponder about where the universe begins and ends, what’s outside of that, when the beginning of time is and what’s before that. I was about 6. I astral travelled throughout my teens (not knowing at the time what I was doing), I intuitively knew what herbs and home remedies were solutions for illnesses or pain, I could read people, I could sense them. I felt energy but I understood nothing of it back then. I read books about astrology, ancient civilisations, NLP, positive thinking, philosophy and occult studies. Spiritual development always intrigued me, way before I knew what that actually was.

The first time I came across meditation I was 10, through a holistic healer who was working on my chakras as I had acute pain in my legs for no apparent reason as doctors suggested. With the help of that holistic healer we soon discovered that I had an emotional blockage due to my parents’ divorce a year earlier and my body was signalling: I was not stepping forward. Only after a few sessions, my pain was gone forever.

Why am I telling you these personal things about my spiritual development?

I believe in being authentic, being real and speaking the truth. Throughout my spiritual development journey I realised that words are the tools for me to make a positive impact. By bringing my walls down to show you the real being that is called Timi Orosz, might help you resonate more with how I could help you balance your spiritual and material worlds.

My professional background

At the age of 18 I decided to move to the United Kingdom from Hungary and I ended up living there for 10 years. I gained experience in customer service and consulting from working in hospitality and banking. I learnt how to forecast, analyse and understand trends as a resource planning analyst, then one day I realised that my creativity was shaking me, screaming at me to change and do something more fun. So I left the UK and moved to Malta in 2014 where my spiritual development sky rocketed along with my professional success. I became more conscious, meditated more, learnt to recognise patterns and how to break down the illusion world, including the one we call the ego.

Marketing came to me naturally as I threw myself into enhancing brands, writing sales copies and all sort of marketing materials. I loved it, my soul was on fire! Coming up with creative campaigns and strategies to attract more customers and to position a brand in competitive markets was such a thrill for me. Long story short, I became a Marketing Director then a CEO. I let go of marketing to focus on running the company and even though I really enjoyed that as well, I was truly missing marketing. Something didn’t feel right about my path.

I quit my job as CEO and decided to leave the island into uncertainty, not knowing what to do next. Spiritual development became a priority again and I ended up living in Sri Lanka for a little while where my mindset went through a million changes. I wanted to run away from the materialistic world, from business, from success, from civilisation.

The most important lesson I learnt in that jungle was quite simple: the importance of having balance. Balance between spirituality and the 3D / material world. Balance between spiritual development and building a career. Between your own duality, your creativity and logic. Balance amongst all areas of your life.

Finding that inner balance led me to Spain eventually, where I currently live now on the wonderful island of Tenerife.

My mission is clear to me now. To unite change-makers, lightworkers, energy healers and purpose-driven souls to make a bigger impact. To establish a centralized platform for impact-drivers within the Spiritual industry to help us all level up. To live a life that truly aligns with our purpose while serving the conscious collective.

Be part of this movement and list your services or products on a new centralised platform. Join me on my mission to disrupt the traditional business world & replace it with community-based collaborations.

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