Start and market your spiritual business to make a positive impact on our world. Learn how to start a purposeful business as a spiritual entrepreneur & be your authentic self at work.

I’m sharing my know-how and tips about how to connect with your audience better, how to have strategies in place (and why!), how to create your brand for your spiritual business and most of all: learn about yourself. Learn from a credible expert with a CEO and Marketing Director background who managed to find a balance between spirituality and business.

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you are working in, without understanding your market and your own whys, it will be challenging to attain clients and maintain a successful business. The spiritual industry is very different to other industries when it comes to branding and marketing. You are targeting people who are not interested in tactics and simple promotions. You need to build your business as a spiritual entrepreneur with one thing in mind: being authentic.

You can find some resources here to help you do just that. Feel free to browse through these how-to guides and essential marketing foundations to use for your spiritual business.

 Holistic, esoteric and spiritual industries are especially affected by a lack of market positioning and strategic branding.

Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor from Connect one marketing

Hi, I’m Timi Orosz.

As a spiritual business mentor,  I’m committed to supporting the conscious community with essential business and marketing knowledge. My mission is to educate through business, to change our society through authentic businesses.

I am sharing with you some techniques, guides and useful information to help you turn your inner calling into your career and establish your spiritual and purpose-driven business. And if you already have an impact-driven business then you’ll find out how to grow it to make an even bigger impact.

I’m also determined to connect with change-makers, lightworkers, healers and energy workers to make an even bigger impact in our world.

I love hearing your stories so don’t be scared to reach out to me to share yours with me ✨

To be able to fully commit to your spiritual path as your vocation, you need to have financial independence and not be stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfil your soul.

Allow yourself to live the kind of life that makes you fulfilled on a soul level. Let your work soothe your higher self.

Authentic Marketing & Branding

Soulful Sales & How to guides

How to sell authentically as a coach or a healer?

How to sell authentically as a coach or a healer?

Getting more customers as a coach or a healer shouldn't be a stressful or confusing process. When you sell authentically, you realise that the entire process can be a lot of fun! You no longer need to be dreading the sales calls and follow-ups when you do everything...

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Spirituality & Personal Development 






✅ Editable PDF template to plan the essentials of your spiritual business

✅ 25 prompting questions

✅ 3 sections to plan your services/products, your target audience and your processes