In the realm of spiritual businesses, call-to-actions (CTAs) are like guiding lights that lead seekers on their transformative journeys. Just as a meditation guide gently invites you to focus on your breath, CTAs serve as invitations for your audience to engage with your spiritual services or products. In fact, think of them as the gateways to aligned connections in the digital realm. In this article, I’ll show you seven powerful CTAs to help you become more confident in promoting your soulful services as a spiritual entrepreneur. Remember, when you inspire your audience to take action, it drives growth in your spiritual business.

How to use CTAs authentically?

Forget sleazy and manipulative methods. Authenticity is key to effectively market your spiritual services. When your audience genuinely resonates with your offerings, they are more likely to take aligned action. They will feel more ready to start a transformative journey with your support. However, to ignite that spark, you need to communicate clearly what your readers will benefit from. A generic call-to-action (CTA) is unlikely to empower your audience to explore further. Just as a guide who speaks in vague terms cannot lead you to a place of inner peace, a generic CTA fails to inspire seekers to delve deeper into your solutions. By crafting powerful CTAs that resonate with your audience’s needs, you invite them to step onto the path of self-discovery and healing. Each CTA should be a beacon of authenticity. A shining light on the unique benefits and transformative experiences that you can bring to their lives.

Let your CTAs be the bridges that connect seekers to the transformative experiences you offer, and embrace the opportunities that arise as you guide them on their spiritual path.

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Remember, you never truly own your social media followers. When you tell your audience why they should subscribe to your email list, you build a direct connection and ensure that your message reaches them consistently. Ditch the mundane “Subscribe now” CTA and opt for something more enticing like “Learn for free.” This CTA promises valuable knowledge, encouraging visitors to join your list and embark on a journey of continuous growth.

Creative alternative to Subscribe now CTA for spiritual businesses


As well as getting new subscribers, you also need a steady flow of clients. Without a doubt, discovery calls are an excellent way to power up your sales engine. To make the call booking process exciting for your audience, move away from the generic “Book a discovery call” CTA and use something that resonates with them. Instead, try something more exciting like “Reveal your tailored solutions.” This CTA creates a sense of anticipation, inviting potential clients to explore personalized guidance and solutions that align with their unique needs. Alternatively, use “Do we vibe?” as a CTA, inviting them to connect on a deeper level and see if there’s a natural synergy between you.

Free spiritual business mentoring call CTA


Honest reviews hold immense power, influencing the trust factor and purchase intent of potential clients. However, clients often forget to leave reviews unless prompted. Instead of a straightforward “Write a testimonial” CTA, consider using a more personal approach. Ask them, “Can I ask for a favor?” and follow up with “Wanna help others?” This encourages clients to share their experiences, knowing that their words can support and guide others on their spiritual journey.

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Referrals bring in high-quality leads, but a simple “thanks” may not be enough to inspire clients to actively seek out new leads for your business. Clearly communicate your terms and incentives, such as offering a 60-minute session for every new client referred, without any caps. Craft a CTA that says, “[Your incentive] as a thank you.” By highlighting the rewards and expressing gratitude, you motivate clients to actively promote your services to their networks.

How to get more referrals for a healing and metaphysical business


Your clients’ journey with your business doesn’t end when they make an initial purchase. To ensure they are aware of your other valuable offerings, it’s essential to promote cross-selling and upselling. Instead of a mundane “10% off sale” CTA, entice them with more powerful CTAs such as “Your aligned next step” to elevate their journey. By positioning your additional solutions as natural progressions, you guide them towards deeper levels of transformation and growth.

how to promote spiritual services authtentically


Sometimes, your content will tank and won’t lead you new customers. It can happen. Remember experimenting is vital. With this in mind, if your content isn’t generating leads or sales, prompting engagement can expand your reach on social media and warm up leads in your email marketing. Use compelling CTAs such as “Wanna empower others? Share your [topic of your content]” to encourage your audience to actively participate, fostering a sense of community and sparking meaningful conversations.

Sales tips for spiritual businesses using powerful CTAs


Hosting an event with no attendees can feel disheartening. Increase the number of registrants and attendees by infusing your CTAs with creative incentives. Instead of the commonplace “Register now” or “Sign up,” opt for inviting CTAs such as “Join the live prize draw” or “Will you be a winner?” By incorporating elements of excitement and possibility, you’ll attract more participants and create a buzz around your event.


Remember, at the end of the day your CTAs need to reflect YOU. The real, authentic you. When you’re expanding your reach and creating meaningful connections with your spiritual business, use what feels right for you. Marketing a spiritual business doesn’t feel complicated when you ditch the sleazy methods.

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