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The illusion of social media: here’s why I don’t focus on growing social accounts while still reaching my target audience

While Social Media is a fantastic tool to connect with each other, to build communities, to share our thoughts and spread knowledge, it also has a darker side like everything else in this world. We live in constant duality and social media is no exception to this either. Having spent some time on working on your spiritual development, you probably realised by now how social media can be used to not only feed our ego unnecessarily but also to create an illusion world that many souls are hiding behind. It has become our new shields and walls that we build around us to conceal our authentic selves.

The same applies to many businesses on social media as well, chasing after number of likes, followers and comments to falsely believe it will generate more customers, better positioning against their competitors and overall better survival for the business in the long-term. Producing posts after posts displaying how their product is revolutionary, how their staff is having the time of their lives and whipping out the hashtags when a social issue occurs. As someone whose business is focused on strategic marketing consultancy, I shouldn’t be telling you not to focus all your efforts on growing your social media following count. However, I believe in being authentic and speaking the truth.

Facts of social media

It is way too simple to display an array of followers and make your brand “look good” by saying you have 5k, 50k or 500k followers. In reality though, how many of these people are actually interested in what you stand for? Or are they simply in for the ‘like4like’ game to feed their distorted sense of self-worth? Obviously there are some great brands and public figures out there who do have a genuine audience, don’t get me wrong. What I’m warning you against is to not fall into the trap of the illusion game on social media. You can easily grow your follower count, your likes and post engagement by investing (very little) money But I will explain why I’m recommending you against this by sharing a recent experiment.

Let me show you how I reached 14778 accounts in 7 days while spending only €25.

I took a conscious decision to keep my social media follow count lower than what you would expect from a marketing consultancy business to have. As my niche is the Spiritual and Esoteric industry, my audience has a very different profile than other industries. Having spent over 20 years journeying through my own spiritual development, it became clear to me a while ago that the only way to have a fulfilling life is to speak the truth and be authentic. After many internal battles I’ve eventually managed to apply this core value into my career as well when Connect One Marketing was born in my mind. So here comes some truth for you to help you get a better picture why it is more important to have maybe a lower follower count but the audience who is growing with you virtually is your real digital tribe.

I started planning Connect One Marketing in February 2020 and had my first 3 major projects by early April. I invested zero effort (and money) into my social accounts as my priority was to get customers first who would receive a high quality service from me. As some of my projects were calming down by July 2020, I started focusing more on content for social media to reach the people who are genuinely interested in what I could help them with. During these months I’ve also crossed paths with a wonderful soul who has become my right hand, and together we started testing what was working and what wasn’t. Testing is a crucial part when starting a new adventure especially if you haven’t done extensive market research. In my case, I did have my market research data however the world turned upside down since then and I needed to test just as well.

Fact #1 buying followers is cheap

I was approached by a “growth marketer” to offer me their services to grown my audience. Here’s my email exchange with them:

Email sample of growth marketer pitch

3500 followers for $159. I questioned how they can be sure that the increased followers are actually interested in my services and what I stand for based on my core values as mentioned earlier.

Growth marketing email sample

There are many companies and freelancers who offer similar services and the price ranges massively swing from one extreme to another. As I was not interested in increasing my follower count just to feed my ego, I decided to run a small campaign to demonstrate how efficient it can be when you are on a low budget and want to make sure that your message reaches the right audience. Understanding your real audience is key to a successful marketing strategy.

fact #2 refining your audience pays off

I selected my preferred locations (not only countries but cities as well), defined the age group that I knew from my testing was responding well and I narrowed down my target audience to only show my social media advert to people who are working as spiritual, holistic and esoteric entrepreneurs. Some examples of this audience included Herbalists, Spiritual Coaches, Chiropractors and Reiki Masters just to mention a few. Before I launched the advert I spent about a week engaging with accounts on Instagram that were using similar hashtags and we were not going crazy following just any account. We were very strategic and selective. Throughout our testing, we quickly realised that content that was featuring my personal stories were performing best so it was a no brainer to use something similar for the paid campaign.

Connect one marketing social media post example

This is what I launched and ran for 7 days with only a €25 budget.

As I have a strong marketing experience behind me, I knew more or less what kind of engagement to expect with such a low budget but it was better than what I anticipated. With paid campaigns on social media, anything around a 3% engagement rate counts as an ok performance, Social Media College backs up this average statistic as well.

My engagement rate was 13% when the campaign finished.

The advert was displayed both on Instagram and Facebook for 7 days. Majority of the engagement (90%) happened on Instagram.

Example of paid social media campaign result

At the end of the week, I reached 14778 accounts on social media including the 7362 people I got through to with the paid post. Ultimately I received much better engagement via DMs as well, connected with likeminded people who also believe that it is our task to raise the collective consciousness and make this Earth a better place. From a business perspective, I have generated quality leads and 30+ real followers (which was not the objective) who genuinely interested in what Connect One Marketing could help them with.

Connect one marketing instagram performance example

fact #3 social media can be effective

Going back to my initial advice to you: do not allocate all your focus on growing your social media followers, I must add this key fact: having a strategic approach to your social media activity can be very effective when you are looking for new customers for your spiritual business. Understanding who your audience really is will help make better decisions either when you launch a paid campaign or when you are interacting with other accounts.

Don’t measure your success based on how many followers you have but look at the quality of who interacts with you. I have many leads and customers who you wouldn’t find within my followers as we both share the same views when it comes to the social media world. Instead I have personal check-ins with them, they receive newsletters, customised recommendations and they still check out the fresh content on my social account when they feel like instead of just scrolling past them in their newsfeeds.

All in all, use your social presence wisely and most importantly: in an authentic way. People who spend time to reflect and invest in their spiritual development, will not be interested in the illusion world. They want the truth so I encourage you to show them exactly that.

Timi Orosz profile image Connect One Marketing

If you are not sure how to get started then feel free to book in a 30-minute consultation with me completely free of charge. My gift for the community.

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3 killer ideas to increase your clients’ activity

When you already have some clients who are benefiting from your services or products within the spiritual industry, it’s time to ask yourself: how to make an even bigger positive impact? Maybe you’ve helped them feel more realigned, more energised or guided them to unleash their true calling or coached them with their personal development. But how often do they come back to you?

Having returning clients is the ultimate seal of approval that you’re doing something well. Even if you served your customers in a way that they don’t need a follow up, they become your walking advertisement. There are multiple options to maximise the opportunities to not only generate more revenue per customer, but to increase your brand visibility as well. Happy clients equal to a healthy business. I’m sharing 3 killer ideas on how you can increase your clients’ activity to bring you:

✔️ more revenue

✔️ more new customers

✔️ more fulfillment

✔️ much more impact in the word.


Asking for referrals is the simplest yet the most overlooked technique. I’m starting with this one as this is the most powerful tool you can use; forget digital marketing for a second and trust me: word of mouth is still the most effective way to get you leads who are the easiest to convert into paying customers. If you are making a living out of what you’re passionate about then you would be delivering an excellent service to your clients (that doesn’t feel like work), which means that they are having an amazing customer experience and likely to be talking about you already within their network. How can you ask your customers to send you more business without sounding too ‘salesy’? I’m a big believer in the power of personal touch! Reach out to them a few weeks after they purchased your service or product and make your follow up as personal as you can. If you built a rapport with them, use the little details to ask how they’re doing since you last spoke.

For example: “Hey Tom, how are you getting on with the guided meditation I showed you to help you become more focused? What was your biggest success when using the technique?”

Either you are following up with them by phone, email, Whatsapp, Social Media or in person make sure you end your conversation by telling them how grateful you’d be if they shared your details in case they know anyone who could benefit from your service / product. If you are in a position to offer them a freebie in return for the referral, it’s even better. Another great way to maximise referrals is to promote it while they are purchasing /using your service or product. Offering an incentive or discount for them if they bring you more clients will strengthen your market position in a powerful way.

Competition time

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual / esoteric business offers as a service or a product, your clients will love a competition when they can bag something for free. Who doesn’t like the thrill of winning? If you launch your competition with a strategic angle, you’ll not only get your existing customers become more engaged and loyal to you but will have the opportunity to reach new clients as well. I personally always recommend launching a competition that:

✔️ creates value for your existing customers

✔️ has a limited timeframe for the offer

✔️ will give the opportunity to showcase your winner (blog post, interview, podcast, social media feature)

✔️ opens up doors for collaborations

Try to keep track of your competitions and promotions so you’ll have a good idea what works best within your audience. Some of my clients see amazing results when offering flash sales within their competition campaigns and some get better results when there is a physical item to be won.

Customer testimonials

This one probably goes without saying how important it is to have written feedback from your customers. Obviously it’s a great way to boost your credibility and showcase how your spiritual business stands out from your competition, however, it’s also a great tool to get your clients become more active. Remember what I said about referrals?

There are many ways you can feature customer reviews but keep in mind the real reason why you actually want them. Are you a new business and you need to show that you’re the real deal? Are you trying to position yourself in a specific niche in your market? Are you trying to get better visibility within your clients’ network? Having a more structured and strategic approach with your customer reviews will be a huge pay-off in the long-term.

Figure out where you need the biggest boost and direct your clients with their reviews with that goal in mind. If it’s your social media presence that you want to focus on, then ask them to leave reviews on Facebook or get their permission to post their feedback on your Instagram stories. In case you’re a TikTok-er then produce a video of you sharing the lovely reviews. So many options, the key is to remain strategic!

These 3 tips should be starting points when you’re trying to grow and scale-up your spiritual business with authenticity in focus. Getting your customers more engaged, will lead you to an expanded audience, more loyal clients and stronger brand positioning. If you’re a little confused or unsure how to get started then feel free to have a free 30-min consultation with me when you’re ready. Simply find a time here and we’ll discuss what your biggest challenge is right now that’s holding back your truest potential.


Making a bigger impact as an internal drive is what caused the spiritual industry to be born. The more people you will reach, the bigger impact you will be making in society, in your community and in the world. Listen to some tangible advice to figure out how to reach more people with your spiritual business, what an operational plan should include in addition to sharing my own vision why Connect One Marketing was born.

In case you’re wondering what a spiritual business is and what type of activities build up the spiritual industry then find out more about that here.

3 things you can do now to keep your customers and build your network

I thought it could be a good time to share some of my tips and experience with you to learn how to actually carry on with your businesses, services and how to get more clients especially online.

Depending on where in the world you are right now, most of you likely to be already working from home and you’re looking at ways how to get a few customers back to your way maybe. Shifting your entire workload to more of a digital, online base. So maybe some of you are not fully able to do that but this is exactly what I wanted to talk about that those of you who are doing services that really require in person meetings, maybe you’re a chiropractor or a crystal healer. For those of you, this is a great time now to think a little bit differently and see what else you could be offering to your customers that doesn’t require you meeting them in person.

Because it is what it is, the current situation, you don’t really have much control over it and your financial independence might depend on it not having enough clients. And by financial independence I also mean being able to meet your basic needs of the bottom layer of the Maslow pyramid.

So start thinking a little bit different and do a couple of things that could generate you some revenue, maintain the loyalty of your existing customers and bring in some new clients along the way.

There are 3 things you could be doing right now that I wanted to share with you. 3 ideas to get started with as an alternative to meeting customers in person to KEEP YOUR business GOING.


Most likely you have some social media page, presence, you have your website. If you have any of this, then it is a great way for you to create events online. You can use many different services to promote your online gathering: Eventbrite, Facebook events, Meetup or simply arrange a time via Hangouts / Zoom. For some of you maybe Instagram is your most efficient platform then use that to promote your event and just remember to add the link to you event in your Bio as you can’t add clickable links to Instagram posts.

An idea for a topic you could be covering for your online event:
Helping people keeping a positive mindset. I think this is something that we all have in common, we understand how important it is to have a healthy mindset and to keep that positive attitude. So you could be running online workshops sending out some tips, tools or some exercises even how to rewire your brain as a lot of negativity is going around right now in news outlets, in social media.

People are being thrown into a bit of a panic mode which obviously generates fear for many of them. Fear is such a low vibrational energy to pass around and it’s definitely not a great mindset to have. And some of you who are highly sensitive, empathetic to the collective you might be feeling this as well. So it really is a good time to help people/ show people how to shift their mindset towards some higher vibrational level feelings: being more positive, more optimistic or show them how to feel now gratitude for actually what they do have in their life. So this is one thing you could be doing.


Another thing you could be doing is to reach out to your existing customers, really show them that you are there for them. Offer them some advice, anything that could be adding some positive value to their lives. They will really appreciate your efforts and when everything calms down and sort of goes back to a bit more usual then they will remember you and you will have that strong customer loyalty that you are now building up with them. Use this time to really follow up with them or with your previous leads that didn’t convert into paying customers. So reach out to them as well offer them maybe some free advice and tips or just a quick check up if they have any concerns or questions, is there anything you can do for them. Offer your extra free time now to give back to the community.

You are planting seeds now: nurture your existing customer base and your potential leads.

Maybe you received some messages through your social media platforms or some of your leads sent you emails, contacted you on your website or they called you or messaged you on WhatsApp; go through all of these inboxes and see if there is anything you could recycle and reach out to them.

Topics you could get these conversations started: giving them some free positive advice relating to your service. For example if your service is related to alternative medicine or holistic healing that would be a really good angle right now to put together a recipe for a natural immune system booster and send it to them. I actually have my own favourite recipe as well and now I’ve been ‘overdosing’ myself on ginger, garlic, turmeric and cinnamon. So maybe share some of your home-made and natural immune system boosters which could bring a bit of benefit to your potential customers.


I promised you 3 ideas so here is the third one: reach out to people who are in similar shoes like you professionally. Start building your professional community now. This is a great time to get together virtually.

I’m on a mission to create some form of unity and community out of this whole situation.

Let’s try to look at things in a positive light and let’s reach out to each other and build a very strong, functional network of like-minded positive thinkers, people who are devoted to make a difference and help others, to improve their mindset and personal or spiritual development. So anyone who is out there, trying to spread positivity and light as to speak, I invite you now to reach out to me as well and reach out to each other and start forming communities. Start having conversations, maybe you can do an online event together, maybe you can reach out to customers together offering them more useful tips.

Try to follow these 3 potential options that you could be doing with your extra free time right now which will help you create stronger connections with your existing customers, with your professional network and could also generate you more customers moving forward once everything is a little bit more settled and calmer. People are going through right now a lot if internal work, re-evaluating and re-prioritising their values ad what’s important in life.

I would like to wish you to stay positive as well, which I’m sure is what you’re doing already without me having to remind you of this. Also wishing you peaceful weeks ahead of you, as much as it is possible and productive days on an internal level, so hope that you can find some time to create something more meaningful in your life right now and add some value to society and communities, which are transforming rapidly as we speak.

Feel free to reach out and connect with me as well at:
You can also book in a free consultation with me to get some more customised tips for your spiritual business.

Take care of yourselves and stay positive. ✨💙

3 things to do before you start your spiritual business

Starting a spiritual business can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a holistic overview of running businesses. When you finally take a leap and realise that you can pursue your true spiritual calling as a way to make a living, the star can seem confusing first. You are tired of just having a job to pay the bills and you are finally listening to that inner voice inside you that’s driving you to follow your spiritual path as a career. I’m excited to share some of my knowledge I gained throughout my career as I was constantly going back and forth between wanting to be successful in business and following my inner calling to develop myself spiritually. It eventually hit me one day: I don’t need to choose between my 2 passions, I can combine them! And this is how Connect One Marketing was born, to serve the spiritual industry and help other wonderful souls start a spiritual business.

I’m on a mission to help spiritual healers, energy workers and esoteric service providers reach their customers to be able to fully dedicate their lives to their inner calling. No more feeling stuck, frustrated or wasting your talents. Get ready to level up and live the life that truly aligns with you.

Either you have already started working on your spiritual business on the side or you are just about to launch it, check how many of these 3 questions you know the answers to already:


    It’s a great first step when you realise what skills and talents you have either as a yoga instructor, a Reiki healer, an herbalist, a crystal healer, a numerologist or a holistic therapist; however you need to know what is the real demand for your skills. Before you turn your inner calling into your career, know your answers. First things first: are you going to provide your service of your spiritual business online/remotely or in person? Depending on your industry, your clients want different things. Put yourself into your customers’ shoes before you make any decisions. Then do your market research to make sure you are actually supplying an existing demand and in a much better way than your competition. When I was delivering a marketing training my favourite allegory to explain this process was this: if you have a darts board in front of you, you know where to aim your darts. If you are blind folded in a room and someone hands you some darts and says ‘here you go’ you are very unlikely to hit the bull’s eye.


    Doesn’t matter what kind of business we look at, they can only be successful if they are offering a solution to a pain point. There’s absolutely no difference within the spiritual world. People are seeking answers, guidance, solutions either to learn how to manage their kundalini awakening process, how to release karmic blockages or how to astral travel. Write down in one sentence what it is that you provide as a solution. For example, if you’re a Law of Attraction coach then explain what benefits your clients will get from your sessions or if you are an astrology forecast expert then make it clear how your customers can use your report to navigate the timing in their lives.


    This is the part that you should spend a bit of intuitive time on. You probably already have a feeling that you are a little bit different than the majority of people, you feel that you have a greater purpose, a mission. Now it’s time to translate that into the business world: what makes you YOU on a soul level? How is your spiritual service different than the one your competitor’s offer? Branding is crucial to make your spiritual business stand out and attract the customers that you need. In my example, I became a CEO at the age of 30 and then resigned to live in a jungle in Sri Lanka to realign my mind and connect to source, to myself, to the universe, to all of us as one. Connect One. Since then I’m only collaborating with businesses that make a positive impact in the world. With my professional background I could have easily pursued other C-suite positions within large firms just for the title and the cash. Instead I’m committed to help like-minded people who are also driven by the same mission: to make a positive impact with our career.
Blue check sign for to do list to start a spiritual business

Once you know your answers to these basics then you will be more likely to successfully offer your spiritual services to your customers and turn your true passion into your career. If you haven’t already done so then why not book in a free 30 minute one-to-one consultation with me where I can provide you with some customised advice.

Follow this 11 step guide to help you shift into running a successful spiritual business and build a community instead of doing something for a living that doesn’t fulfill your soul. This guide covers everything you need to know to get started from operational planning, sales & marketing planning and must have financial planning soon after your mindset is shifted into ‘action mode’. Each step has an exercise included to help you keep going and start making a living from what your soul truly desires.

How to start a spiritual business: The collective guide of how to turn your spiritual calling into your career by Timi Orosz

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Holistic, esoteric and spiritual activities have been emerging as a collective industry in recent years yet we still don’t have a separate industry for these type of spiritual businesses. The market sort of shoves them within the Health & Wellness sector incorrectly. Times have changed and all the energy healers, spiritual coaches and esoteric service … Continue reading What is a spiritual business?