Spiritual entrepreneurs simply can’t be pulled under the same umbrella as any other entrepreneur from most traditional industries. Why? Because your audience has a significantly different buyer persona than what they teach you in standard marketing courses.

The main reason you’ve started to serve your community (or thinking about starting) is that you went through a series of steps that opened your eyes and your whole being. You realised that you can only make this work for you if you are fully authentic. The same goes for your customers! You can’t influence them with tactical sales moves or enticing marketing offers. You need to resonate with them in an authentic way BUT you need to also have a plan in place (from a business perspective).

Spiritual entrepreneurs need to be authentic but still strategic

If you don’t have a plan in place for your spiritual services it will be difficult for you to grow financially to be able to fully step into your higher calling as your vocation and not rely on any income from other sources that is not in line with who you are. So how can you stay true to your yourself while not worrying about where your money comes from to cover your basic needs as a human?

By now you probably know how powerful manifestation can be. Why not do the same for yourself as a spiritual entrepreneur? Having a marketing plan in place will help you just with that. Making sure you clearly define what you would like to achieve within the spiritual industry, how quickly you want to get there and how many beautiful souls you want to serve to get there.

So what should you be including in your marketing plan as a spiritual entrepreneur?

The more detailed you are, the better it is. But, if you don’t want to spend too much time on planning then narrow it down to these top 3 must haves:

Define in detail the problem that you are solving for your customers as a spiritual entrepreneur. How are you the solution to what they’ve been seeking? How are you helping them to find answers? Communicate this in all your marketing materials. And when it comes to your marketing plan? Think about where your potential audience is looking for solutions to their problem. Is it online? Is it within their network? Is it through magazines? Start putting yourself into your potential customers’ shoes. Stay open to where this process takes you.

You need to spend some time to pin-point and decide what will be your main channel to get new customers. Is it through social media? Through referrals? Through paid adverts? Through offline activities? How are you expecting to reach more souls? As a spiritual entrepreneur, you are offering guidance and solutions so think: how your audience is going to look for that solution?

The top one thing you need to keep in mind is: how are you different than your competitors? What it is that you personally bring to the table that makes the whole game to change? Whatever it is, make sure you communicate that in all your marketing campaigns and your brand awareness activities.

Overall as a spiritual entrepreneur, you need to pay attention to who your real audience is and tailor your activities and your campaigns to ensure you remain fully authentic. Follow your intuition but keep in mind what you’re trying to achieve on a bigger scale. Without a concrete plan, it will be difficult for you to know if you got there.

Start making an impact. It’s time to level up!
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