Yes, I know it seems a little complicated first to plan a spiritual business. BUT! If you were dedicating your working hours to your esoteric & spiritual skills, you could be making a bigger positive impact in the world. I’m on a mission to help spiritually aware people, like you, start and grow a spiritual business. Simply because I believe that our world doesn’t need more meaningless corporations. Instead, it needs more impactful ventures to help humanity heal, evolve and connect.

Start your own spiritual business with this ebook to make a positive impact in the world and help us connect even more.

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How to turn your spiritual calling into your career

With this ebook, learn how to transform your soul’s purpose into meaningful profit WHILE you make a positive impact on our world. 

You are incapable of fully utilising your energy if your basic needs are not met. To meet at least your vital needs, you need to have financial security. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling if you could achieve that security by doing exactly what makes your soul shine?

This workbook will help you do exactly that. To help you make a living out of what your higher self wants to do. It’s time to say goodbye to being stuck in a meaningless job.


✅ understand why you need to stop resisting the material world as a spiritual being

✅ learn how to build your basic business plan

✅ discover how to craft a soulfully aligned customer avatar

11 steps to turn your spiritual calling into an impactful spiritual business
including 11 exercises


Follow this 11-step guide to help you uncover your spiritual calling and shift your mindset into action mode. Use this workbook to plan a spiritual business that is aligned with who you are on a soul level.

How to start a spiritual business online workbook by Timi Orosz

Transform your spiritual gifts and talents into a thriving and meaningful spiritual business.

This guide covers everything you need to get started from operational planning, sales & marketing planning and must have financial planning.

But first, I’ll help you shift your mindset into ‘action mode’ to show you why you need to stop resisting financial abundance.

Each step has an exercise that will help you start making a living from what your soul truly desires.

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Are the exercises really help you plan your business?

Every step has an assigned exercise to make sure that you will take action. As you know, any action is better than no action.

On page 12 of this ebook, you’ll go deep into soul-searching with an exercise that helps you pinpoint the exact spiritual business you’ll be starting soon. Here’s a little sneak peak of that exercise:

This is the most crucial part of your planning phase to set your own direction right. You will be fine tuning your deepest inner calling of your soul with what can bring you that financial security that you envisioned in the first exercise.
This is your foundation to set your soul free.

Then you’ll be given clear instructions on how to figure this out AND how to narrow down your options.

From step 5, you will be executing more strategic tasks such as:

  • creating your soul client’s profile
  • what to do with your competition
  • creating your brand communication style
  • finalizing your aligned service or products
  • intuitive play to finalize your visual brand
  • your basic sales & marketing plan
  • your financial plan

“We are starting to realise how much we can achieve if we finally become dedicated to our own inner calling and we aim to figure out what our purpose is in this process individually”

Who wrote this spiritual business starter guide?

Hi, I’m Timi Orosz, ex-CEO and Sales & Marketing Director with an international background. And an accidental astral traveller since the age of 6.

Business strategizing, marketing & sales optimisation were what I excelled at in my career. However, I felt deeply frustrated for years as I felt I had to choose between following my spiritual development and building businesses. Unleashing my spiritual calling was a tough journey as I went back and forth between business and spirituality. Then I finally figured it out: I don’t need to keep my two loves separated. So I married them 🙂 Now I only serve the spiritual community with my marketing and business knowledge.

Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor and marketing coach helping you start a spiritual business

What did I go through before I quit my job as CEO to live in the jungle of Sri Lanka for a while? I share the short version of my story here but if you would like to find out more about how to work with me directly, you can look at my soulful business mentoring options right here.