Spiritual marketing is something that will help you grow your impact-driven business in an authentic way to make a bigger positive impact in our world. And no, you don’t need to follow all the “brotips” and “growth hacks”. That’s not what the spiritual industry is about, at all.

We took a vow to our higher selves to be authentic, to work on our own shadows and insecurities. With one collective mission: to support the shift that is happening. To play a part in raising the collective consciousness. To help humanity heal.

Most probably, you are determined to contribute to making our world a better place. And you know very well that our choices have tremendous power. Do we choose to trust ourselves and step into our true light or do we choose to miss our opportunities?

You made a choice already.

You’re reading this because you want to bring your full potential to the surface. You want to assist the collective with raising their consciousness. You want to share your knowledge and wisdom. You want to utilise your talents and gifts to help humanity become better.

But then you get slapped with this inner battle. You need to accept that you chose to be here in a material world. Where you need to think about a million other things rather than just focusing on your spiritual calling. I went through the same thing. For years I was trying to figure out how to balance my spirituality and my business life. Until I realised that I can support other spiritual entrepreneurs and businesses with my marketing and business development knowledge.

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Spiritual marketing is an actual thing

Figuring out all the business and marketing stuff is confusing, I know. That’s why I’m on a mission to help lightworkers, healers and spiritual beings make a bigger impact by using business. Passing on my marketing knowledge I gained as a marketing director and CEO will hopefully get you figure things out quicker about how to start and market your spiritual business.

If you are completely new to marketing, I would recommend you reading my comprehensive spiritual branding basics guide that will help you understand the core essentials. It covers the foundations you need as a spiritual entrepreneur for your planning or fine-tuning your brand.

We are the pioneers of the shift that is happening. Our world is slowly waking up and the traditional business world is falling apart. More and more aligned souls are jumping into entrepreneurship to make a living from their authentic gifts and talents. The healers of our age are also becoming kickass business leaders. And I want to see more of you doing that!

Spiritual entrepreneurs need authentic business support

As I mentioned, we all made a vow to our higher selves to be authentic. Bring that level of authenticity to your business. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your soulful business. Including the marketing aspects. Find your resources that energetically align with you. Find your mentors, your support team and your marketing tools that shine an authentic light on your soul.

With all this in mind, let me show you 22 spiritual marketing activities to help you grow your soulful services:


  1. Create a Soulful Website: Your website is like a tranquil garden where potential clients can explore and connect with your offerings. Design it with captivating visuals, clear navigation, and valuable content to invite visitors to linger and discover the essence of your spiritual business.
  2. Plant Seeds of Wisdom with Blogging: Blogging is like planting seeds of wisdom in the minds of your audience. Share your insights, tips, and stories regularly, nurturing their curiosity and sparking a deeper interest in your spiritual expertise.
  3. Spark Conversations on Social Media: Social media is like a vibrant marketplace where people gather to connect. Engage in meaningful conversations, share uplifting content, and build a supportive community around your spiritual business.
  4. Offer Sacred Workshops or Webinars: Hosting workshops or webinars is like opening the doors to a sacred temple. Invite participants to embark on transformative journeys, guiding them towards greater awareness and understanding.
  5. Illuminate Your Presence with Video Content: Video content is like a radiant beacon that illuminates your expertise. Share guided meditations, spiritual teachings, or personal stories to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Focus on providing value and stay real in your communication. In case you’re struggle to choose between TikTok or Instagram, I’ve got you.
  6. Channel Energy with Podcasting: Podcasting is like a spiritual channel where your voice can flow freely. Share your wisdom, interviews, and insights, allowing your message to reach listeners with ease. It build your visibility as you get in from of an another audience.
  7. Cosmic Treasure Hunts: Turn this spiritual marketing activity into an adventure. Create clues and riddles that lead participants to discover hidden gems of spiritual wisdom and insights on your website or social media. As they unlock the treasures, they’ll also uncover the essence of your services, leaving them eager to explore more of what you have to offer.
  8. Seek Guidance through Webinars: You don’t have to have everything figured out. There are so many webinars and masterclasses that you could attend as a spiritual entrepreneur to enhance your skills. For example, if you know nothing about SEO, my on-demand SEO Foundations For Healers and Coaches is an excellent start to realise that SEO needs a ton of intuition.
  9. Soulful Retreats: Organize soulful retreats in sacred locations, immersing your attendees in transformative experiences. These retreats are like pilgrimages, inviting soul clients to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.
  10. The Ancient art of Flyers: Remember, while digital marketing is powerful, traditional offline marketing methods also hold immense potential for attracting soul clients. Create captivating flyers featuring your spiritual services, much like ancient scrolls that carry sacred messages. Distribute them in local shops, community centers, and spiritual gatherings to attract soul clients through the power of tangible touchpoints.
  11. Engage in Crystal Clear Branding: Branding is like choosing a special crystal to represent your energy. Define your unique brand voice, visuals, and values to create a crystal clear identity that resonates with your audience. But first, don’t forget to create a basic spiritual business plan to know exactly who you want to work with, how and what you’ll offer them.
  12. Use Oracle Cards for Divine Marketing: Incorporate oracle cards into your marketing, using them as your divine support system. If you’re stuck on which direction to take or which spiritual marketing activity to start with, let the cards show you the answer.
  13. Perform Rituals of Visibility: Rituals of visibility are like sacred ceremonies that honor your soulful presence. Participate in guest interviews, online summits, or collaborations to amplify your visibility in the spiritual entrepreneurship realm.
  14. Harness the Power of Testimonials: Testimonials are your biggest trust builders. Showcase glowing reviews and success stories from satisfied clients, enchanting potential clients with the magic of your services.
  15. Manifest Soulful Partnerships: Partner with like-minded businesses like soulful allies. Together, create ethical collaborations or co-host events to expand your reach and offer authentic solutions.
  16. Tap into Affirmation Affinity: Affirmations are like empowering mantras that resonate with your audience. Share positive affirmations on social media or in your content, empowering and inspiring your tribe. Or get your hands on these 37 soulful business affirmations for free to help become more confident as a spiritual entrepreneur.
  17. Crystallize Your Offers: Your offerings are like the Sacral Chakra of your business. They need to bring YOU joy while transforming your creativity into solutions that fix your client’s problem. Clearly define and package your services in a way that feels authentic to you and communicate the IMPACT it creates in your client’s life.
  18. Energize Your Audience with Challenges: Challenges are like energetic boosts for your audience. Organize short challenges that encourage self-growth and transformation, fueling the collective momentum towards positive change.
  19. Empower the Community: Getting involved in the community is like radiating love from your soulful heart. Sponsor spiritual events, volunteer, or support charitable causes, reflecting the essence of your spiritual business in action. Not only this will make you feel good as you help out but this spiritual marketing activity also bring increased brand awareness to you.
  20. Serene Meditation Sessions: Host free meditation sessions in your community or online, inviting individuals to experience the transformative power of your guided meditations. These sessions are like sacred gifts you offer to potential clients, creating a positive impact and building trust in your soulful services.
  21. Aligned Guest Blogging: Offer your spiritual wisdom as a guest blogger on other spiritual websites or holistic blogs. Sharing your expertise with a broader audience can position you as an authority in your field and drive traffic back to your own website, all without spending a penny.
  22. Event Speaking Engagements: Participate in speaking engagements at spiritual conferences, wellness expos, or local gatherings. Captivate the audience with your soulful presence and teachings, and strengthen your credibility at the same time.

Please remember that marketing your spiritual business has to feel authentic and ethical to YOU. If your intuition was saying a big no to any of these recommendations, then don’t do that one. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy when your navigating spiritual entrepreneurship. Bring the real you into everything you do, including your marketing.

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