Spiritual marketing is something that will help you grow your impact-driven business in an authentic way to make a bigger positive impact in our world. And no, you don’t need to follow all the “brotips” and “growth hacks”. That’s not what the spiritual industry is about, at all.

We took a vow to our higher selves to be authentic, to work on our own shadows and insecurities. With one collective mission: to support the shift that is happening. To play a part in raising the collective consciousness. To help humanity heal.

Most probably, you are determined to contribute to making the world a better place. To help others realise this, to realise their potential. You know very well that our choices have tremendous power. Do we choose to trust ourselves and step into our true light or do we choose to miss our opportunities?

You made a choice already.

You’re reading this because you want to bring your full potential to the surface. You want to assist the collective with raising their consciousness. You want to share your knowledge and wisdom. You want to utilise your talents and gifts to help humanity become better.

But then you get slapped with this inner battle. You need to accept that you chose to be here in a material world. Where you need to think about a million other things rather than just focusing on your spiritual calling. I went through the same thing. For years I was trying to figure out how to balance my spirituality and my business life. Until I realised that I can support other spiritual entrepreneurs and businesses with my marketing and business development knowledge.

Spiritual marketing is an actual thing

Figuring out all the business and marketing stuff is confusing, I know. That’s why I’m on a mission to help lightworkers, healers and spiritual beings make a bigger impact by using business. Passing on my marketing knowledge I gained as a marketing director and CEO will hopefully get you figure things out quicker about how to start and market your spiritual business.

If you are completely new to marketing, I would recommend you reading my comprehensive branding basics guide that will help you understand the core essentials. It covers the foundations you need as a spiritual entrepreneur for your planning or fine-tuning your brand.

Spiritual marketing business leader type

We are the pioneers of the shift that is happening. Our world is slowly waking up and the traditional business world is falling apart. More and more aligned souls are jumping into entrepreneurship to make a living from their authentic gifts and talents. The healers of our age are also becoming kickass business leaders. And I want to see more of you out there!

I’m not the only one supporting these incredible change-makers with their spiritual marketing needs. And I sure hope that there will more more experienced C-suite leaders switching to serve the collective consciousness with their skills.

Spiritual entrepreneurs need authentic business support

As I mentioned, we all made a vow to our higher selves to be authentic. Bring that level of authenticity to your business. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your soulful business. Including the marketing aspects. Find your resources that energetically align with you. Find your mentors, your support team and your marketing tools that shine an authentic light on your soul.

With all this in mind and my soul, I created a simple but powerful tool for you that allows you to use your intuition in your business while remaining strategic. I got inspired by Tarot’s major arcana and decided to create specific marketing tasks for you. 22 of them.

How does this intuitive marketing tool work?

➡️You have 22 cards to choose from. Each one has a specific task for you to carry out that will help you strengthen your business and reach more customers.

➡️ Pick one card based on what your intuition is calling you towards

➡️ Reveal which marketing activity you need to focus on

Step 1: receive access to the tool. It will look like this:

marketing for spiritual entrepreneurs and businesses

Step 2: Pick a card that you’re drawn to and reveal your marketing activity.

intuition and strategy in business for spiritual entrepreneurs

Step 3: Check the details of your activity that your intuition guided you towards

spiritual business ideas and intuition

Step 4: Get to work! See your authentic marketing activity to make a bigger impact with your spiritual business.

Marketing activity for healers and impact driven spiritual entrepreneurs