Do you need to have a spiritual business plan before you start your soulful venture? The short answer is: yes. However, the spiritual industry is very different from traditional sectors and you don’t need to go so in-depth. You must remember that your focus is on helping humanity evolve and heal. Having a business plan in place will help you do that in a way that doesn’t make you go crazy 😁

First things first, let’s establish how you’ll be starting (or growing) your business:

  • Are you going to be relying on investors to back you?
  • Are you going to have someone else manage the business?
  • Are you going to have a large number of expenses to get started?

If you said yes to investors, then this article might not give you all the answers you need. Most likely your potential investors want to see a detailed plan with projections and market share forecasts. What I’m going to cover now is a much simpler solution but here’s a reliable resource for you in case you need to create something for your financial backers.

For anything else, a simplified plan will work perfectly for your soulful venture.

spiritual business plan template from Timi Orosz, connect one marketing

You need to plan the core aspects of your spiritual business

Obviously, you could spend a ton of time on the planning phase but I need to remind you NOT to aim for perfection. Get the basics right and start taking action. You can always tweak your plan as you start gaining some traction. The most important thing to do right now is to plan out these 3 core aspects:


how to start an online spiritual business plan? 3 questions to cover

Your main focus is making a positive impact in the world through your services or products, and you need to keep that in mind when crafting your plan. You want to start your own impactful business to help humanity evolve, heal and raise our collective consciousness. So let me help you get started with that by breaking down these 3 core aspects so you know exactly what to outline.

The reason why I’m passing on this knowledge is that I’m on a similar mission, just like you. But I do that through business. I realised that my extensive marketing and business experience can either support meaningless corporations or purpose-driven people like you. You can guess which one I chose 😊


What your business does, seems like an obvious thing to plan, yet it happens way too often that spiritual entrepreneurs forget to define it. When you’re in alignment with your higher self, you can easily get over-excited and want to do a hundred different things at once. You want to do energy healing sessions while coaching others along their journeys through Tarot readings and creating podcasts and courses to share your insights. All at the same time. Sorry to break this to you, but this is not how you’ll make a positive impact on humanity. You need to keep a core focus point (at least while you’re starting out) that makes it very clear to your audience what you do.

Just imagine if you went to a store to buy a new yoga mat and the shop assistant would bring you tennis rackets, a basketball and a swimming cap instead. Would you purchase them happily or walk away feeling confused?

The same thing happens when you don’t have a defined service or product line. Narrow down your options based on what sets your soul on fire the most. If you’re unsure about what your thing is, I have a powerful worksheet that helps you beat the confusion about your spiritual mission.

Work on these questions to explain what your business actually does:

  • What specific problem are you solving?
  • How many solutions do you have for that problem? (not more than 5 please)
  • What are these solutions exactly?
  • Why is your solution better than someone else’s?
  • What makes you qualified to offer this solution? (don’t think of just qualifications but also life experience, work experience, natural talents, passions, relatable challenges you faced & overcame)
How does your spiritual business make a positive difference in the world? Quote by Timi Orosz, spiritual marketing and business coach


Next, you’ll need to add the HOW to your spiritual business plan. Outlining your services and processes will not only help you manifest your soulful business better, but it will also help your customers understand what to expect when choosing you. The simplest way to plan the HOW is to do a little visualization exercise first. You already know WHAT your business does, so play out some scenarios in your mind’s eye.

If you will be providing a service, think about the exact steps that will happen from the first point of contact until your client completes their journey with you.

If you will have a line of products, map out in your mind how you’ll receive orders, how you’ll ship them, restock them, describe them etc. In case you want to have a physical location, then think about what needs to happen inside the store.

Not contemplating the day-to-day activities that make your business come alive is a major mistake when you’re planning your spiritual business.

Use these prompts after your visualisation to journal your way into your operational plan:

  • How will clients find you? Where will you be located?
  • How will clients know which service or product they need?
  • How will you take payments? Issue invoices or receipts?
  • How will you deal with queries?
  • How will you sell your services or products?
how to choose a niche as a spiritual entrepreneur when planning your business

Plan your aligned tribe

Don’t make the most common mistake that spiritual entrepreneurs often forget about: choosing a niche that is aligned with your mission. Yes, I know, you want to serve the community and help as many people as you can with your spiritual business. But! You need to be clear about who actually NEEDS your service or product. Remember the yoga mat example I mentioned earlier? The same thing applies here. If you are selling steaks, you don’t want to be selling to a vegan person πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

In case you are unsure about who to target, I have a short article that shows you how to pick a niche for your soulful venture or if you need a bit more support then Step 5 of my ebook (How to turn your spiritual calling into your career) covers this for you.

For now, use these questions to plan your aligned audience for your spiritual business:

  • What would you have in common with your customers?
  • What kind of people do you enjoy hanging out with? (when you target people that you naturally get along with, your sales process will be a lot of fun!)
  • What values would your customers have that are non-negotiable for them?
  • What sort of things would your customers say, think and believe?
  • What would get them really frustrated? (eg if your audience would likely be highly impatient, you don’t want to create a lengthy sales process for them)

Remember, there is so much more that you could include in your spiritual business plan. However, if you don’t have a solid business or marketing background, I would recommend going with these 3 core aspects. They will cover the essentials and the process will absolutely not overwhelm you.

Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect or fully completed. Work out these foundations and get started. As you are gaining more experience, you’ll see what needs to be adjusted and looked into more.

Finally, I created aligned resources for you to help you launch and optimize your spiritual business. I’m possibly a bit biased but the Starter Toolkit is an awesome solution that also includes the editable spiritual business plan template to help map out the foundations of your marketing and sales processes. However, if you only need the template or the planning workbook, you can grab them right here:

  • Map out the foundations of your soulful business
  • ♻️ 18 editable sections
  • πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ 15 prompting questions to deepen your planning
  • 😌 Simplified concepts
  • πŸ‘€ Fun visuals to elevate your frequency
  • Manifest your soul’s purpose with 11 practical exercises.
  • πŸ’° Demolish your blocks around abundance
  • 🎯 Craft your Soul Client
  • ✨ Create your aligned services or products
  • 🎨 Bring your brand alive
  • Your sacred compass to spiritual entrepreneurship
  • πŸš€ 4 tools to plan and launch your spiritual business
  • 🧭 Vital starter steps & how to get your first clients
  • πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Personal feedback from me on your chosen business name
  • πŸ’Έ Sales Tracker template to measure your growth

Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor on how to start a meditation business blog post

I’m wishing you a soulful journey with your spiritual business. And remember, our world needs more people like you to make a bigger positive impact.

Enjoy the process ✨