Yes, you know you need a niche as a spiritual entrepreneur. You also probably know a bit about why you need it. Yet I still see so many of you doing a bunch of different things. It really confuses your audience.

Choosing a niche as a spiritual entrepreneur will not only help you get your message across better but will also help you attract your soul clients. Your niche can actually make or break your soulful business so don’t ignore this step when you are building your impactful empire.

If you can’t explain in 1 short sentence how you’re making our world a better place then you will have a hard time making a positive impact. If someone comes across you and it’s not crystal clear what you do and who is it for, you will miss that potential life-altering connection. The spiritual industry is growing at a rapid rate (yay for that!) and it means that what you do, another 10k or 100k people do that too. You see where am going with this? 

6 pillars to find a niche as a spiritual entrepreneur

How to pick a nice as a spiritual entrepreneur? 6 pillars to find an authentic niche

Here are the 6 pillars you need to get started with strengthening your soulful brand and refining your niche as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Be relatable.

You want to make sure that you authentically vibe with your potential customers. How can your audience resonate with your own story? What do you have in common? Within the spiritual industry, if you don’t vibe with your potential customers, you’ll have a hard time closing sales.

Align your energy.

Don’t let your ego overtake your higher self when planning. Make sure you’re not picking your niche as a spiritual entrepreneur purely by using logic. Don’t silence your inner voice. If something feels off, don’t go down that road. It’s ok to walk away from an idea that seems perfectly logical, if it doesn’t resonate with you.

Bring your credible expertise.

What skills have you picked up? What qualifications do you have? What experience have you got under your belt? With my C-suite background and 15+ years professional experience, it was a no brainer that I’d be focusing on high level scale-up strategies. There are so many skills that you can transfer from one industry, role, function to something completely different. Examine where your natural talents are and showcase them in an authentic way. What’s your thing?

Check market demand.

Do people actually NEED what you’re about to offer? Can you see a real need for your service? Many great ideas fail in the long term as they are not fixing a real problem. Find a niche as a spiritual entrepreneur based on an existing pain point that you can help with.

Growth potential.

As you will evolve on a personal level, so will your business mindset. You want to make sure that you set yourself up for growth and not limiting your potential. Before you pick your niche, think this through: how can you scale your purposeful business in the long term?

Make an impact.

This is the most important one. Define what kind of positive impact you’ll be making with your product or services and voice your mission clearly to attract your ideal soul clients. It also helps of you create an impact statement and use that in your marketing materials instead of a mission statement.

Don’t forget to play!

And my bonus tip: have a lot of fun with defining your niche as a spiritual entrepreneur. You’re here to play a game, you’re supposed to be enjoying this experience. If something doesn’t feel authentic then step away from it.

You are here to make an impact. To help humanity heal and evolve. You are here to use your wisdom, your skills and talents. You are not here to blend in and waste your potential.

As I’m on a mission to empower spiritual entrepreneurs with business and marketing knowledge, I created this fun worksheet that helps you fine-tune your soulful Impact. Your spiritual business starts with a soulfully aligned statement. Your Impact Statement is the core foundation of your authentic & soulful brand. These 12 soulfully crafted questions + my authentic formula will give you better clarity on WHO you should sharing your gifts with.

how to find and understand your spiritual calling exercise by Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor

What’s inside this PDF?

✅ 12 soulfully crafted prompts

✅ My authentic formula to communicate your spiritual mission

✅ No lengthy reading: 5-page condensed actions to unlock your mission

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Once you understand better who to target as a spiritual entrepreneur, the question immediately rises: but how?! This is when the process can feel a bit overwhelming because there are so many options to explore. And you have no idea where to even start. You’re not alone. Everyone goes through the same journey and this is exactly why I wanted to create a hands-on mentoring support for you to ease the confusion about how to market yourself.

Learn how to plan and execute your own soulful strategy by laying down the 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness while having my genuine support by your side.

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