Realign your spiritual business with a credible mentor

Lay down the 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness to authentically manage your soulful venture as an efficient spiritual entreprenur

spiritual business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs

Elevate your business consciousness

Just as you need someone to correct your Revolved side angle yoga pose at first, a spiritual business mentor or coach does the same thing for your business. With the 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness program, I’ll show you how to position yourself on the market in an aligned way and how to become an efficient spiritual entrepreneur instead of just waiting around for your affirmations, hoping they’ll bring you results.

Your spiritual business also needs to go through an elevation journey, in the same way, you need to raise your mind’s consciousness. Spiritual business coaching and mentoring can support you with this process to avoid wasting your time and eliminate the confusion about how to market yourself authentically.

“Timi has helped me grow as an entrepreneur physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She works from a place of kindness, honesty and honouring you wherever you are on your path”
Keli, Sound Healer & Artist

Become mindful about your marketing

Forget the sleazy tactics and aggressive sales methods. Not only they don’t work within the spiritual industry, but they also go against your higher self’s needs to help humanity evolve and heal. Marketing your spiritual business needs one key ingredient: being authentic in everything you do. 

You also don’t need to do EVERYTHING that so many marketers tell you to do. Creating a soulful aligned marketing strategy will help you keep your focus while staying true to your personal values. During my 6-week program, you’ll also learn how to build your own soulful strategy for your spiritual business. My aim is to arm you with knowledge and the tools to run your business in an efficient way without having to rely on external support forever.

I dedicated a 3-hour workshop on week 3 just for this.  I’ll show you efficient ways to get in front of the right audience, to fine-tune your messaging and I’ll also help you create a list of offline AND online marketing activities. Just you & I co-creating your impactful vision.

I decided to work with Timi because I felt confused about who I am at the core of my being when it comes to the type of service that is my gift. I needed absolute clarity before I could move forward in my business.

I’ve now finished my 6 x sessions with Timi and I feel very confident and have complete clarity and congruence within as I move forward in my business now. My first impressions of Timi were that she was really nice and I could also sense immediately that she was the real deal, she walked her talk and she knew exactly how to guide me to the answers I needed. 

The advice I give, is to listen to her, let her guide you, do the tasks she sets out for you and you will be as happy as I am with the results.  I wish I could see her every month as a Coach because she’s amazing!  With deep gratitude Timi, thank you. 

Faith Quinn

Brahmin Shaman from Oz

6 weeks of soulful mentoring to strengthen the 3 pillars:

checklist to start a spiritual business online

Your operations

Learn how to identify your most impactful activities and how to tackle your blockers without going against your higher self

Your authentic marketing

Find an aligned strategy that is in alignment with your soulful mission and optimize your finances while serving the community

Your soulful sales

Fall in love with your sales process & learn how to prevent objections without any sleazy methods while setting your aligned targets

What you’ll learn

The 6 foundations of business consciousness

your business is your mirror, the foundation of business consciousness

WEEK 1: Face your fears

Declutter your marketing and identify your top activities that will bring you results. This is an interactive 3-hour assessment to optimize your time and efforts.
what to focus on when building a spiritual business

WEEK 2: Focus on priorities

During this 60-minute progress review, we will tackle your blockers that came up from the previous week and we’ll hone in on your top priorities.

WEEK 3: Fine-tune your mission

Sharpen your offers and optimize your pricing with this 3-hour customized workshop. We’ll also co-create a list of online AND offline activities to market yourself authentically.
find balance in your spiritual business

WEEK 4: Find your balance

We all face some setbacks. This 60-minute intuitive play will teach you how to remain authentic while you’re overcoming challenges in your spiritual business.
checklist to start a spiritual business online

WEEK 5: Fail-proof yourself

Without steady sales, your business will fail. This 3-hour Soulful Sales training will make you fall in love with your sales process so you can gain aligned clients in authentic ways.

WEEK 6: Fully serve your purpose

We’ll wrap up your learning with this 60-min practise session where you’ll create your own aligned targets moving forward so you keep your focus on what actually works for your spiritual business.


What’s it like working with me?

Between her comprehensive guidance and her deep understanding of spiritual messaging, I feel more confident and excited than ever. I not only understand my core message, but see multiple ways to share it. Social Media, SEO, writing blog posts – none of that intimidates me any longer now that I’ve got that foundation in place.”

Spiritual store owner, HerEnchantedCreations

Timi is great! She gave me a lot of ideas, tips and tools to move forward. Not only does she give great service, Timi is real and authentic.

She will help you get to where you want to be not just materially but in a purposeful way.


Healer & Community builder, Reconnect and Sacred Mamas

“Timi gave me a very detailed plan of action that I can visualize instant results from. As a spiritual business creator, Timi provided the exact information and understanding that I needed from the perspective of someone that understands the true significance of my entrepreneurial purpose

Numerologist & Spiritual Coach, Thought Elevation

All you need to know 

The 6-week program includes:
➡️  3-hour interactive assessment to identify your most impactful activities 

➡️ 60-min progress review to tackle your blockers and adjust to your new approach

➡️ 3-hour customized workshop to create your Soulful Strategy and optimize your offers

➡️ 60-min intuitive play to overcome your business challenges authentically

➡️ 3-hour Soulful Sales training to make you fall in love with your sales process and handling objections

➡️ 60-min practise session to help you create your aligned targets moving forward

A total of 12 hours 1-2-1 mentoring that is tailored to your needs.

Who is the spiritual business mentor?
I’m Timi Orosz an ex-CEO and Sales & Marketing director. I struggled for years to combine my love for spiritual development and building businesses. Until I realized I can become selective and only support people within the spiritual industry with my business knowledge. You can read more of my story here or check out my LinkedIn to see my credible experience. 
Are the sessions really live and one-on-one?
Yes! You will never share your session with anyone else. These 12 hours over 6 weeks are completely yours. I believe this is the most powerful way to co-create your aligned reality
Do I have to pay in one go?
I understand that finances might be an important factor for you and if you’re not able to commit to a one-time investment of $2970 then let’s have a chat to find a solution that works for your wallet as well. 
Is this program suitable for energy healers?
Yes. I only work with people from the spiritual industry. I created the 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness program specifically for healers, spiritual guides, coaches, divinely guided artists and lightworkers. If you are not on your spiritual development journey already then I’m afraid we will not be a good fit.
Does this program cover SEO and Social Media as well?
As we will look at your business holistically, we will also cover the key focus points for your social presence and your SEO efforts. I personally prefer SEO for long-term strategy as it saves you more time in the long run, however, if you genuinely enjoy being present on social media then we will zoom in on that.

Ready to Make a Change?

Let me help you ground The 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness for your soulful mission.