When I was starting a spiritual business in January 2020, I was so eager to finally step on a path that felt aligned with my mission. Even though I had a pretty solid business background (Director and C-suite roles), I knew exactly what I should be doing as a spiritual entrepreneur. Yet, I walked right into some very common mistakes. Why? Because I was so happy about finally doing something that my soul absolutely loved, I forgot to properly utilise my business brain 🙃

This happens to the best of us. Especially if you don’t have much experience in starting and growing business like I did. Despite fully understanding the steps I needed to launch my purposeful biz, somehow I still ended up overlooking the obvious must-haves. By sharing my top 3 mistakes, my intention is to help you ease the process of building your energetically aligned career.

Chart for what to plan when starting a spiritual business


As a lightworker, healer or coach, your main job is to serve the collective consciousness. You know this already. Your metaphysical business doesn’t need to be perfect. But if you want to make a living out of your higher self’s calling, then you need 1 key ingredient: energetically aligned clients. The emphasis is on ALIGNED. Not just anyone. But when you are just starting your spiritual business, it’s very tempting to take on every potential client.

Mistake #1: saying yes to everyone

One of my friends reached out to me at the beginning when I just launched my business. He wanted me to help him with the whole branding concept, the entire marketing strategy, and all that fun stuff. Deep inside I knew that this wasn’t a great idea as I didn’t feel super excited about his vision. But because he was my friend and I didn’t have that many clients yet, I said yes to him.

3 mistakes to avoid when starting a spiritual business, quote from Timi Orosz, spiritual business coach

Looking back, I should have said no. Why? Well, my heart wasn’t fully in it and it showed. Plus, I felt this extra pressure to deliver great results because he was my friend. On top of that, I also didn’t set clear boundaries as I would do with a new client. I even responded to a late night request to create a presentation for an upcoming meeting the following morning. Working until 1am, completely ignoring my personal down time. (I talk about this experience in the Client Horror Stories podcast as a guest). Eventually, we ended our project before it was completed as we both realized that it wasn’t working out. We were a great fit as friends but not a good fit as client-service provider.


➡️ Try to be selective of who you work with and try to say no to people that are close to you. Because if you are not able to separate business from your personal connection, it’s going to cause a lot of frustration. And if that’s the case, it might even damage your relationship with that person.

➡️ Pay attention to your intuition before saying yes to a potential client. Even if you’re in a “panic mode” because you don’t have enough customers yet. Remember, when starting a spiritual business, you’re following your higher self’s calling. Don’t go against it by working with someone who’s not energetically aligned with you. Pick an aligned niche as a spiritual entrepreneur and from time to time, remind yourself why you chose that group.

guide for how to choose a niche for a spiritual business

Mistake #2: not documenting what you do

As I had a solid business background before launching Connect One Marketing, I knew very well that an organised business needs 2 things. Documented processes and monitoring what works. Guess which one I failed to do? Both 😂

I got so caught up in the beginning phase of having my first energetically aligned clients. I was buzzing! Seeing the positive impact I was making on my client’s lives, got me distracted from organising my business management. Which led to a messy operations:

  • Not having a clear idea about which marketing activity brought me leads.
  • Not seeing clearly how long it took for a client to onboard with me.
  • Falling behind on replying to new emails on time
  • A non-existent content strategy

The same things I was improving for my clients’ spiritual businesses. Yet, when it came to my operations, I didn’t take my own advice.


➡️ If you don’t know much about marketing, create a simple document where you can track how your clients are finding you. You can simply ask them during your discovery calls or on your lead magnet forms. Keep monitoring these sources because once you see where your ideal clients find you then you’ll know exactly where to shift your marketing efforts.

➡️ Set some foundations for your soulful venture. I collected the 4 crucial ingredients to market a spiritual business here to help you get started. My top priority is for you to have fun while you’re serving the collective consciousness instead of feeling confused about your marketing.

motivational quote for spiritual development and lightworkers by Timi Orosz

Mistake #3: not believing in myself enough

Where do I start with this one? If I was starting a spiritual business now, I would not wait as long as I did. I kept coming up with excuses: I’m not clear about all the steps, it will cost a lot of money to start a business, I don’t have the technical skills to build a website etc. Not only I delayed my launch date but I also held myself back at the beginning. Why was this happening? Very simply: I doubted my real power.

Even though I was getting amazing feedback from clients, it took me a long time to truly believe that I got this. I played it small for a while. For about a whole year. My soulful business was more like a side hustle instead of an aligned way to make a living. Eventually something shifted in me. I realised that there are so many of you ligthworkers who need my help. I can’t allow myself to play it small. The world needs you to make a bigger impact and my role is to help you get there. I can’t ignore my own mission.


➡️ This one is quite obvious. Learn to trust your mission. Allow it to overtake your rational mind that wants to hold you back. To keep you safe by playing it small. Our world is shifting and we no longer have the luxury of waiting around. It’s time to embrace your full power and step into your soulful role. You are here to contribute to the New Earth. It’s already here.

Are you going to watch how your life unfolds quietly in the background or are you finally going to step on the stage of your life?

The decision is yours and I can’t wait to cheer for you within the crowd of conscious beings ✨

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