When you don’t know how to market a spiritual business as a healer, psychic medium, spiritual coach or teacher, it’s best to stop doing everything. Because if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, you’ll end up marketing your soulful biz in a way that doesn’t bring you clients. Instead, you’ll get confusion and an overwhelmingly long to-do list.

Why is that?

Simply because you change your frequencies as you get stressed out about how to find more aligned clients. You lower your vibration when you don’t know how to communicate your mission because you go into the frequencies of anxiety. How could you possibly expect yourself to manifest clients from that level of consciousness? And finally, you alter your own reality when you don’t see how to make a bigger positive impact with your spiritual business. You don’t have a clear roadmap to know where you’re heading. And that lack of clear vision changes what shows up in your life. You know this already, yet you don’t follow these universals laws when it comes to your marketing efforts.

your business is your energetic extension

You must remember that your soulful venture is not a scary monster that you need to tackle. Your spiritual business is nothing but an extension of your own energy. Remember the saying? As within, so without. The same universal rule applies to your biz. With that in mind, I’m about to show you how to market a spiritual business infused with authenticity, integrity and most importantly a lot of fun!

market a spiritual business in a fun way with these 4 spiritual marketing ingredients


I see this happen way too often within the spiritual industry: total confusion and chaos when it comes to marketing your soulful services. It breaks my heart and soul seeing all of you gifted souls struggling to make a living out of your soul’s vision. You are skilled manifestors when it comes to your personal lives. You know what drives you, you know how to create vision boards, how to use affirmations and you meditate frequently.

Yet, all of that wisdom goes out the window when you want to grow you spiritual business.

So let me show you how to bring all that joyful manifesting into your marketing as well. Without ever being BS-ed into any sleazy tactics.

Do what aligns with your energy

Not every strategy will work for you. If anyone ever tells you that there is a one-and-only way to market a spiritual business, please run. It simply doesn’t work for the spiritual industry. As I mentioned earlier, your business is the extension of your energy, so if you are not energetically aligned with a recommended solution then don’t force it. When you allow your intuition to take the driver’s seat, you know exactly what’s an aligned next step for you.

How to use this in your marketing?

In a really simple way actually.

By allowing your inner guidance to come to the surface in your business planning as well. You know those hunches, those gut feelings, those visionary ideas that pop into your mind? How are you tracking them? How are you executing them? Start a conscious habit of writing down these intuitive whispers. Then look at your spiritual business. Find a way to integrate these ideas into your day to day activities.

  • What needs to change to apply them?
  • What skills do you have or lack to execute them?
  • Who do you know that could support you? (if you need spiritual business mentoring support, you can count on me)
  • What is the immediate action you need to take to turn this into reality?

You get the idea.

How to resonate energetically with your spiritual business marketing as a healer or spiritual coach?

Yes, yes, I know. We are all connected and we are all one (that’s why I named my business Connect One Marketing) but we are not always on the same path of our spiritual journeys. If we were, then you wouldn’t be reading this looking for answers about how to market a spiritual business. Your ideal clients are the same. They might not fully understand just yet what exactly they need. But they are looking, they are getting closer to your own wavelengths.

You need to put yourself into your client’s shoes to deeply understand what exactly they need. As your spiritual business is about serving others, you need to bring that into your marketing communication as well.

Simplify your spiritual mission in your marketing

One of the most common mistakes that spiritual souls make in their business, is this: overcomplicating the core marketing messaging. Because when we’re so passionate about how transforming our services are, we tend to ramble on for too long 😅 I’ve been there myself. Until I finally realised that my audience didn’t fully understand what I was actually doing for them. The moment I simplified my messaging, more aligned clients started showing up.

And guess what? The majority of my clients struggle with the same thing. This is a good problem to have because when you are so clear about your mission, you just need to learn how to get that across to your audience in your marketing efforts. In simple terms.


Remember, your soul clients need to understand 3 things:

  1. WHAT you do
  2. HOW you do it
  3. WHO is it for

Do a quick self-audit on how you market your spiritual business and check if you communicate these 3 aspects clearly and simply. Focus more on the HOW part as people need to comprehend what will actually happen when they work with you or purchase your products. In case you don’t want to do the audit alone, you can always schedule a free 30-min Alignment call with me to give you some pointers to get you started.

Perfection is NOT the way to market a spiritual business

The spiritual industry is very different from other sectors. If you know me already or follow me on Instagram, you know that I mention this a LOOOOT. There’s a reason for that. While standard marketing and sales methods work really well for traditional industries, the spiritual community can smell the BS from miles. I also personally don’t agree with deceiving people with clever marketing tactics and I’m certain that you & I share similar values.

How are you relatable to your soul clients? Tips on how to market yourself as a healer, spiritual coach or spiritual teacher

So here’s what to do instead of portraying to be the perfect persona in your marketing materials. First things first, you need to realise that there’s nothing more powerful than authenticity when it comes to marketing a spiritual business. People who are on their spiritual development journeys are craving realness. They’ve already had enough of the illusions that surround us. They are trying their best to break free from the matrix. And part of your mission is to help them with this. To raise the collective consciousness a little bit more.

When you are being real, raw and authentic in your marketing as well, you actually contribute to a positive change.


Start by answering these questions honestly. From a soul level. It’s best to quiet down your mind first before you really dive into finding your own answers.

  • Why is it important to me to be loved and accepted by my audience?
  • What is something that I feel guilty or ashamed about? How am I masquerading that in a false positive light?
  • When will I know that my spiritual business is successful? What does success mean to me?
  • How does my spiritual business help me heal?
  • What were my biggest challenges in my spiritual development journey that helped me elevate my consciousness?

When you journaled your way through these questions, please include them in your marketing materials. Without editing. No polishing up, no shiny coating. Show your audience who you really are so they can start resonating with your spiritual services or products more.

Consciousness rising question to enjoy your spiritual business marketing activities as a lightworker

Have fun in your marketing

What most spiritual entrepreneurs forget to do in their marketing is to have fun. To play and enjoy the entire process. Maybe you also feel some level of anxiety when it comes to figuring out how to market a spiritual business. But what you’re forgetting is that everything in life flows effortlessly when you’re in alignment. Your marketing is no different.

If you are dreading the whole marketing process, if you are feeling overwhelmed by selling your spiritual services, that changes your energetic frequencies immediately. No wonder why clients are not resonating with you. You are vibrating on a different level than your target audience. Now do you see why I call my approach spiritual business mentoring? I don’t believe that just by sticking to a strategy will bring results to your soulful venture. If you are not in alignment with a marketing method, it will not bring your long-term success. You can follow the best marketing advice but if you’re heart is not in it, your spiritual business will remain just a hobby or a side hustle .

You need to bring some joy and fun into your day-to-day activities before your implement any new strategies.


I always start with my clients who take my 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness program by identifying what activities they’re doing in their spiritual business. I help them declutter their marketing and show them what to focus on based on two factors: what will bring them 80% of their results and what they absolutely enjoy doing. This is how you mix strategy and soulful fun in an effective way. And the way you can clarify your own activities without enrolling in my 1 on 1 mentoring program is by following these 3 steps:

  1. Create a list of ALL of your activities that you do in your spiritual business. Be specific and detailed. For example, if you’re posting on social media then you have at least 4 activities: creating a visual/video, writing a caption, engaging with your audience, replying to comments and DMs. By breaking down your activities into detailed steps, you’ll realise just how much you truly spend on each approach.
  2. Ask yourself: what brings you clients? If you’re already getting clients then look back on what brought you those souls to you.
  3. The most important step. Imagine that you have clients on autopilot and more monthly revenue that you could’ve ever imagined. What activities would you still be doing from your list you created in Step 1?

When you remove rational thinking from your marketing for a bit, you can easily identify what you truly enjoy doing. Start building aligned strategies that allow you to more of that. Because remember, when I said that your energetic vibration changes if you feel anxious about your marketing? This is how you can start shifting your own vibration in your spiritual business marketing.

Become more conscious about what suits you, what works for you and what you need to improve. So please realign your efforts and starting marketing your spiritual business in a fun way. Because our world need more purposeful companies, more spiritual entrepreneurs and more changemakers to help us raise the collective consciousness.


spiritual business coach and spiritual marketing coach Timi Orosz teaching you how to start a spiritual business

Hi, I’m Timi 👋

My mission is to arm the spiritual community with essential marketing and business knowledge. After I burnt out as a CEO and Marketing Director I knew I had to do something more impactful in the world ✨

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