As a spiritually aware person, you know how it feels when you experience a sudden burst of innovative ideas flooding your mind. Purposeful suggestions popping up in your brain, that seem to come out of nowhere.

That nowhere is precisely what you need to pay more attention to as it is guiding you towards your higher self’s desires. Some might call these soulful thoughts insights, some refer to them as channeling and I’m going to be using the term downloads as it beautifully expresses that this is an information load that you are taking from higher above.

When you receive a spiritual download, it usually generates a wave of heightened emotions throughout your body. You might feel over-excited, astonished or experience extreme calmness and acceptance. It’s also not uncommon to become slightly confused as your rational brain tries to decipher these innovative ideas. All in all, whatever sensation you feel during and after your spiritual downloads, make sure that you allow them to come to the surface without any resistance. Deep-breathing exercises can really help you calm your overactive mind if you feel any sceptical thoughts trying to take over this process.

Now that we have these “safety instructions” out the way, let’s explore how you can use these experiences in your spiritual business or soulful career to realign your higher self’s whispers with your day-to-day work activities.


Being ethical is one of the top values of spiritual entrepreneurs and soulful professionals. Without a doubt, your spiritual business also reflects this core principle and you might wonder how ethical it is to use your channelled truths for your soulful venture. The very short answer is that it’s not only ethical to make use of the received information but you are fully encouraged to integrate your higher self’s guidance into your work activities.  

The reason for that is quite simple. When you are in alignment with your soul’s mission, that has to reflect in every aspect of your life. Your career is no exception to that.

If you don’t allow yourself to be the real, authentic you at work, then how can you expect to remain energetically in tune with your higher calling? 

Embrace the insights you receive from these downloads and take another look at them to notice how you can use the information in your spiritual business. To simplify this process, here are 3 ways to get you started immediately. 

Create an aligned monthly action plan

Turn your spiritual downloads into the focus point of your soul-based business. As you have so many things to take care of as a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s very normal to lose your focus every once in a while. Even when you have a weekly or monthly to-do list, you might still get distracted by jumping on a new exciting project. In most cases, this will have a negative impact on your business results. The number one ingredient to achieving your manifestation goals is not your visualization skill. It’s your aligned focus. And when your mind jumps from one task to another, your conscious thinking can easily lose sight of the main goal. 

Use your spiritual downloads to help you create a high-level action plan for the month. What is the key message of the information you received? How can you set your business activities to serve that insight? 

For example:  if your spiritual download is related to the importance of communities, then you could focus on strengthening your existing business community (existing and past clients, subscribers, followers etc) by prioritizing activities that will contribute to this goal. 

Spiritual journal tips to reflect on the messages of your higher self

Fine-tune your niche with your spiritual downloads

Make the most of the whispers of your higher self and serve your audience better. Having an energetically aligned niche is not only crucial for your spiritual business but it also helps your own soulful mission come alive. When you are extremely clear on whom you’re called to serve and why, your marketing materials will become highly relatable. As a result, your potential customers will deeply resonate with your mission and your offers. And when that happens, your sales start increasing as well. It’s a full circle of wins for everyone. 

Do a quick review of your target audience based on what your spiritual download was guiding you about. How can you communicate your message better to them? Who else could benefit from your services or products? 

For example: if you received some insights about standing up to injustice, look at your services and ask yourself: “How does my solution help fight injustice for my target audience?” Alternatively, you could look into sub-niches that could immediately benefit from your soulful offers. 

Build aligned partnerships

Your higher self will always guide you towards like-minded souls who are driven by a similar mission as you are. Let your inner guidance unfold as a meaningful partnership for your spiritual business. How can you do that? By deeply feeling your downloads and noticing the direction it wants to send you on your journey. When you partner up with other spiritual entrepreneurs you can not only multiply your impact but you can also serve your own calling better by having an accountability partner with you. 

Take another look at your spiritual download and check if anyone intuitively comes to your mind. Reach out to them and share your insights while keeping an open mind for collaboration or mutual projects. 

For example: if your download was warning you about people needing urgent support to gain spiritual clarity, discuss a potential workshop, masterclass, course or any event with another spiritual entrepreneur that you feel drawn to. Even if you are competitors to each other, uniting your services and missions can actually bring more aligned customers to you both. Try to see the bigger picture and focus on the positive outcome you can create together.

As you can see, there are so many ways to ethically use your spiritual downloads in your soulful business. These 3 ways are just the foundations to get you started but as our entire development journey is about carving our own paths, feel free to play with this process and make it your own. When you deeply trust your inner guidance, you will see that a whole new layer of knowledge will reveal itself.

In case you need some additional support to realign your soulful services, you can check how deeply you resonate with my spiritual business mentoring options right here.