Whoever told you that your spiritual journey is going to be a fun experience, was in fact lying. Sorry to break this to you.

When you are starting out your self-development and your spiritual development journey, it’s very likely that you’ll bump into some challenges. The reason why this happens is actually quite simple. You are changing your entire mindset. You are changing your view on how you see the world around you. And you are also changing your entire core belief system.

This whole new word basically opens up for you when you start exploring your own spirituality. You start digging into new topics that maybe you’ve never heard about before. Such as energy healing, the law of attraction, manifestation, mindset, mindfulness and so on, just to mention a few.

What are the “side effects” of your spiritual awakening?

First of all, I want to assure you that your spiritual journey is so worth following. Even when at first it seems a little hectic or confusing. Just remind yourself that you are evolving. You are transforming internally to become a more self-aware person. And that’s an incredibly brave thing to do.

Secondly, you need to remember that your spiritual awakening doesn’t magically happen overnight. It is a complex process with multiple ups and downs.

With that in mind, here are the top 3 challenges that most of us face when we start exploring our spirituality. You can either watch this 7 minute video or scroll down if you prefer to read.

Information overload at the start of your spiritual journey

What usually happens at the beginning is you get really excited about these new learning opportunities. All these cool topics that you’ve never heard about before. And this excitement quickly turns into feeling a little overwhelmed. Since your brain is trying to absorb all this new information, you’re rewiring your way of thinking at the same time. This is a little too much for our minds.

Even when you feel that you’re digesting all the new concepts well, you might still feel a little confused. If that’s the case, it could be because you’re out of spiritual alignment. I wrote more about how to notice if you’re not spiritually aligned here. In this article, I’m covering how to deal with the challenges of your awakening process.

What can you do if you feel confused about the information overload?

The easiest way for you to deal with this is to try to filter out the bits that you deeply resonate with. Shift your focus onto specific topics that you want to go a little bit deeper in. You don’t have to learn everything in two days or ten minutes or even in a year. Remember, it’s a spiritual journey. Not a spiritual quick race. Your whole life is there to keep digging even deeper. Pick a few topics to get started with and stick with them at the beginning. Because if you’re going to take on too much too fast, you will not implement what you are learning.


Don’t be alarmed if you start noticing patterns, you have not gone crazy. This is absolutely normal, but it can feel a little bit challenging. In fact, the more you understand your own self as a human being and as a spiritual being, the more you will notice patterns around you. I’m not talking about physical patterns but things like behaviours and reactions that keep repeating. For example, you’re recognising that you act the same way in specific scenarios. And these reactions are not necessarily serving your personal growth.

When you are committed to your spiritual journey, you’ll also see these patterns shaping up in your work or in your relationships. Most of the time, these are emotional reactions. Why? Because when you are reacting to things, they come from a soul level. Whether you are aware of this or not.

What can you do to make sense of the patterns?

The most beneficial thing you can do is to start journaling and documenting your findings. If you are noticing things that keep repeating around you, start taking notes. This simple exercise will serve your spiritual journey in a way that you might not comprehend just yet. Because over time, you can retrain your brain to pick up on these patterns a little bit faster. By reviewing your notes, you are actively focusing on how you function. You become more aware of your own self.

How to journal when you start a spiritual journey?


When you start your spiritual development journey, a lot of things won’t excite you anymore. As you’re expanding your mindset with new philosophies, you become more selective. There will be people around you that simply won’t get you anymore. Some of your friends, your colleagues, or even your family, won’t fully understand what’s happening to you.

Prepare yourself that some of these relationships will come to an end or they become less important to you. This can feel a bit heavy and it might seem like a never-ending road. But it’s only a small part of your development journey. Remember that! You’re changing internally so your external life will follow suit eventually.

What to do to manage the loneliness?

If you are feeling lonely, go out there and use the positive aspect of social media. Connect with conscious people and start having meaningful conversations about your spiritual awakening. It’s easier to get started online, that’s why I’m recommending it. But there are many events and communities around the world where you can meet other spiritual people. And if you want to, feel free to connect with me as well as you start building your new conscious tribe.

These 3 challenges that I mentioned are just the most common ones that happen when you start unplugging from the matrix. Even though they feel like a real struggle as you go through them, once you’re on the other side you’ll understand why they were necessary. They are deeply transformative healing periods. You are becoming a more evolved person when you decide to better yourself. And our world desperately needs more self-aware individuals. So remember, you don’t have to feel alone. You don’t have to feel misunderstood and you definitely don’t need to feel confused about your journey.

Timi Orosz
Timi Orosz

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