What does it mean to be out of spiritual alignment? And how do you know when that happens? It’s perfectly okay to have these questions when you are on your spiritual development journey. 

Spiritual alignment doesn’t mean that you’re fully enlightened, awakened and you suddenly became a guru overnight. No.

Spiritual alignment is an ongoing process along your spiritual journey. You will be in and out of alignment as you are evolving.



Simply put, being out of spiritual alignment is when your day to day actions don’t support your higher self’s mission. When you are going against your core values, your purpose and all of those things that make you, well, YOU.

Being out of alignment doesn’t mean that you twisted your neck. It means that you twisted your soul a little bit in a way that is no longer fulfilling that higher purpose that you are bringing with you on a soul level.

The sooner you notice the signs when you’re not in alignment, the sooner you can get back on track.

I’m Timi Orosz, your spiritual business mentor and collected the 5 most common signs to realise when you are not following your spiritual calling and your higher self’s mission. I also included some quick tips that you can use immediately to help you get back into alignment with your soul’s purpose.


Why is it confusing to understand your spiritual calling?


You have probably already found that you have something in you that wants you to do something impactful and meaningful. You have some principles and values (those things that actually make you, YOU). And when something goes against it, you feel at unease or you feel frustrated, angry, maybe even depressed or apathic.

These things happen when you are out of alignment with your higher self. Your higher self is not another person out there, it’s basically you and the real you that actually functions by energy. That is your higher self. That’s the real you, beneath all of the bones and the muscle.

The sooner you realise that you’re going against your higher self’s needs, the sooner your spiritual calling becomes clear and less confusing. 

If you don’t have 10 minutes to watch this video or if you’re like me who prefers to read, then scroll down a little to see the 5 signs that show you when you are out of spiritual alignment.

If something isn’t clear or if you have a specific question, you can always reach out to me directly on Instagram or simply send me your question here.

signs that you are out of spiritual alignment

Frustration is a very big giveaway that something isn’t going according to your higher self’s plan. Otherwise, you would not feel frustrated, you would feel happy and joyous because all your intuition wants you to be doing is to have a good time here while you embrace love and happiness.

If you’re feeling frustrated, that’s a very clear sign that something is going against yourself, your belief system, your values, your wishes, your purpose and your mission. Figure out why you are feeling frustrated. 


Ask yourself:

  • What’s that one thing that would need to change for me to not be frustrated?
  • What caused this feeling? When did it start? What triggered it?
  • What am I not agreeing with?

Once you have the answers, you can start realigning yourself spiritually a little bit better.


second sign when you don't follow you spiritual calling

This is quite a big one. When you’re feeling a bit low, sad, or even depressed, it’s a clear indicator that you’re going against your spiritual alignment. Unfortunately, most spiritual awakening journeys have this phase.

When you are feeling a little bit down and you start questioning things, most likely you’ll end up feeling more isolated and depressed, thinking that no one can truly understand you.  This is a real thing, it does happen. No, you haven’t gone crazy and there’s nothing wrong with you. What happens is you’re grieving the old you, the old belief systems and you don’t see the new direction clearly enough, just yet.

If you’re heading into that downward spiral, that makes you feel like you’re losing yourself trying to figure out what started this feeling. This will help you get clarity on your triggers and it will help you realign yourself spiritually. Also, instead of battling this phase completely alone, you can find a community that would truly understand what you’re going through. I can wholeheartedly recommend my good friends over at Pathways of Possibility and their free events for spiritual alignment.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the main reason that made you feel unhappy?
  • What made you feel a little bit empty?   The reason why you feel empty is that you’re not fulfilling your soul with activities that actually bring you alive.

So if this is the case, try to figure out what was the starting point and trace your feelings back. Without understanding what triggered you, it’s very difficult to get back into spiritual alignment.

what is spiritual alignment and how to notice it?

When your circumstances are changing rapidly and not in a good way, it’s a sign that you are not in alignment. Why does it happen? When you lost sight of your spiritual mission, your higher self will do everything to spin your life around to get you back on track.

Don’t confuse this with changes that make you feel excited and a little scared. They are serving your growth. If the frequent changes are constantly unpleasant and make you feel sad or frustrated this will lead to the downward spiral I mentioned before.

If there’s a lot going around you for a long period of time and they’re not great things, it is most likely your highest self trying to navigate you back to where you went away from.

Ask yourself:

  • Where am I going? 
  • Where is it that I want to be going?
  • Am I going that direction already? If not, why am I not going into that direction? 

Answering these questions will not only calm your overactive mind but will also show you the path that stepped away from.

how do you know what is your spiritual mission?

This is not such a bad situation as the previous ones, yet it still doesn’t serve your higher calling. When you are hyperactive, it leads to losing your focus.

It’s kind of like you are looking at one shiny thing and before you touch it, you go to another one that pops up in your sight. You have one great idea after another but nothing is actually getting done. Sounds familiar?

You have this really buzzed up energy and you have this “I want to be doing all these amazing things” yet you are not doing anything. Why does it happen? Because your focus is gone and you don’t know your mission anymore. You don’t know where it is that you are going and things are just spreading in all of these different directions.

Do this to realign yourself:

Spend some time in quiet to help you to rewire your brain a little bit. Calm down the noise that is going through your mind.

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Imagine yourself as you are walking up into your brain and you are switching off some lights in there. You’re switching off buttons that are just flashing.
  • You’re going to leave only one big light on. Choose a colour that you’re most drawn to and really visualize this.  Switch all of the distractions and only leave on one thing inside your brain.
  • When you’re done, open your eyes and start journaling. Start writing down how you feel.
  • What made you think about seeing that one light that you left open inside your brain. What is that light telling you? What is that thing that you should be actually focusing on?

 It seems like a very simple exercise, but it will actually uncover quite a lot for you.

Questioning yourself is a sign that you are out of spiritual alignment

When you are questioning your own abilities, your own talents and your own knowledge, is not a pleasant experience. This is also part of your internal transformation when you question everything BUT you need to be kind to yourself. When you are catching yourself thinking ‘Am I good enough? Can I really do this?‘ you know that you’re going out of alignment.

When you are in alignment, you are so certain about what you are doing. You are so confident about having the resources, having the skills, the abilities, the talents, the gifts, everything that you need to get to your mission. If you are not feeling that, you are going against your onw spiritual mission.

Ask yourself:

  • What are my natural talents that I can bring to my mission?
  • What are the things that I am really, really good at?
  • What are the things that my friends and family compliment me on?

Give yourself a little bit a confidence boost there to help you shift your mind a bit. Because when you do that, you will realize that you can do so much more. You can easily find yourself back in alignment with your higher self.


If these 5 signs were not enough for you and you’re still feeling confused about your mission and why you’re here on Earth, my Impact Statement exercise might be the elixir to soothe your soul.

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These were the big five signs that helps you realise when you are out of spiritual alignment.. It’s perfectly okay if they happen. What matters is how YOU react and how you find your way back to your own calling. Remember, you’re not meant to be perfect, you’re not meant to be knowing what to do all the time. It’s an ongoing journey and we all learn as we go along. 

Wishing you an exciting journey and if you ever need me just reach out to me anytime.

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