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Get access to all PREMIUM content on this site created by your Spiritual Business Mentor, Timi Orosz, who supported hundreds of healers, spiritual coaches, metaphysical practitioners, psychics and spiritual entrepreneurs with 100% ethical and 0% BS marketing methods. Hello, it’s Timi 👋

I accidentally astral travelled as a child, and learnt how to read and write in my sleep at the age of 5. I spent my teens and early twenties learning about astrology, tarot, Wicca, esoteric teachings, NLP, magick, lucid dreaming yet I felt I still didn’t find my answers. I moved to the UK at the age of 18 (hence the British spelling 😊) and quickly realised I’m the ambitious, visionary type. Fast forward to 2018 when I burnt out as a CEO and went to live in a jungle in Sri Lanka for a while to “find myself” and to run away from success and the material world.

Only to realise that’s not how life works!

We chose THIS timeline, we chose THIS life to merge our spirituality with the current world. We’re not here to run away from it. We’re here to normalise spirituality in everyday life, including business. So ditch the self-doubt and the social norms that they tried to condition you with and step into your soulful mission.

It’s time to experience meaningful abundance as a spiritual entrepreneur.

What you get with your Mindful Marketing Membership

Marketing Ideas

Access to marketing tips, guides and a list of actions to elevate your marketing and branding knowledge.

Communication tips

You need to be heard in ways that feel authentic. Learn how to communicate your soulful mission authentically.

Soulful Selling Course

Understand how to sell ethically to really enjoy the process (and to increase your income). This $97 course is free for members!

Monthly Task for You

I personally create a marketing challenge for members each month to make you feel confident about marketing yourself.

Content Writing Tips

Stop getting writer’s block and use my top tips on how to be authentic and empowering with your content.

Business Development

Learn how to use business development confidently as a soulful being to bring increased awareness to your solutions.

Marketing Myths Busted

I’m sick of seeing the same myths scaring spiritual entrepreneurs. Learn the truth about authentic marketing. 

SEO Foundations

Did you know that SEO needs a ton of intuition? Learn how to plan your keywords with this SEO masterclass, for FREE ($32)




I don't have a business yet, is that a problem?

No! With the Premium articles, guides and materials you can avoid making the most common marketing mistakes that spiritual entrepreneurs make so when then time comes to launch your spiritual business, you’ll have a lot more clarity and confidence about marketing and business.


Did you ever work in Marketing?

Yes. I have 10 years of experience in marketing and as a previous Marketing & Sales Director, Head of Strategy and CEO I was involved with multiple international projects while building businesses and managing teams with a coaching leadership style. You can check out my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.


I worked with a marketing coach before, I'm still lost.

Sadly, many marketing experts don’t tailor their solutions to the spiritual community. Marketing a spiritual business is very different from other sectors. The key is authenticity! No sleazy tactics and no BS marketing hacks. They don’t work. In my resources I use simple terminology so you can really understand how to bring your authentic self into your marketing and business activities.