Bring the colours back into your soulful business 


Grow your coaching & healing practice without a burn out with our Empowered Entrepreneur program. We combined the best of both worlds to take you to the next level: Mindfulness Coaching + Business Mentoring over 12 weeks.

It’s about time you say NO to working on your business until you burn yourself out.

As a coach, healer or mentor you’re making a positive impact on your clients’ lives. While also working on your own growth mindset. 

You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed while trying to change more lives for the better by growing your business.


We don’t believe that’s right. So we decided to create a program for you that blends business mentoring with mindfulness coaching.

If a group setup is not quite your thing but you know a coach or a healer who would love our solution, we will reward you with $450 as a thank you for introducing us. After each referral who signs up, you will get a $450 reward WITHOUT any limits on how many people you connect us with. Do you have someone in mind? You can refer them by clicking here.

how to grow your coaching business or healing practice

Mindful scaling

As a healer or a coach you shouldn't feel overwhelmed about growing your business

You chose this path to change lives for the better, including yours. You are serving the greater good and with the right tools and knowledge, you can start scaling your soulful business in a mindful way that doesn’t stress you out.

Growing your impact-driven business shouldn't be confusing

When you became a coach or a healer, you also became an entrepreneur. Yet no one was teaching you properly how to run a successful business while remaining authentic. And staying sane.  Growing your coaching business or healing practice shouldn’t be confusing. When you have a soulfully aligned strategy and the mindfulness tools to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, it all starts making sense.

Yes, you can be fully authentic and staying true to your values in the business world

When your brand reflects your authentic self and your business starts attracting soulfully aligned clients, you’ll know.  This is exactly what you meant to be doing in this life: making a positive difference in the world and living your full potential. While making a living out of what your soul actually desires. 

You are here to make a positive impact

And it’s perfectly ok not knowing how to find more customers for your impactful business.

No one has taught you how to become an empowered entrepreneur without going crazy.


Until 2 changemakers united to create an authentic solution for you that brings business mentoring and mindfulness coaching TOGETHER.

Timi Orosz

Timi Orosz

Spiritual business mentor


Bringing you authentic business mentoring with her multi-industry & international knowledge, Chief Executive Officer and Director experience in Business Management and Marketing. During her 15 years of professional experience, she worked across 4 countries and 6 industries. 

She’s on a mission to arm you with essential marketing & business knowledge to help you scale your soulful business and make a bigger impact in our world.

Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph

Mindfulness & Vitality Coach


Bringing you his mindfulness and vitality coaching, utilizing his sports background, team leadership, 500 hours of yoga certification and his degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Mindfulness.

He armed himself with mindfulness after tournament anxiety led him to a full-on burnout. He’s now determined to help you avoid a burnout while achieving your goals.

12 weeks of soulful levelling-up

Soulful Strategy + Healthy Mental State

Week 1

Who are you serving?

Week 2

Coming into
your authenticity

Week 3 

Attracting your
soul clients 

Week 4 

Staying true to
your values

Week 5

Capturing your leads

Week 6

not a sprint

Week 7

Soulful Selling

Week 8

Your self-limiting beliefs

Week 9

Don’t undersell yourself 

Week 10

Preventing the burn out

Week 11

Multiplying your efforts

Week 12

Growth mindset

What else will you get?

Exercises in between sessions

Access to a resource library

Video vault of mindful scaling

Ready to use templates and checklists


Who is this Program for?

This program is for coaches, healers, fitness professionals, consultants, and mentors that are trying to help others but are having a hard time increasing their reach.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We believe in being authentic and transparent about what we do and what you’ll get. You can split the investment into 3 monthly instalments of $1400.

We also offer a financial reward of $450 when you commit to your development in one go.

Can I still join if I don’t have an established coaching/healing practice?

It is suggested you already have an established practice before you join this program so you can truly scale your coaching, healing, consulting, mentoring passion.

How does this coaching program prevent burnout?

The top reasons for feeling overwhelmed when scaling a business are: lack of clarity, decision paralysis and confusion about what to focus on. All these are having a negative impact on your nervous system and your overall mindset.

In this program, you will have an even blend of knowledge-based and application-based sessions to help you implement the theory and techniques taught without burning out.

With alternating sessions, we’ll ensure that you will not get overwhelmed by what you’re learning. Business & marketing essentials in one week and mindfulness methods and tools in the other week.

We built the flow of the curriculum in a way that they not only complement each other but they’ll help you strengthen what you learned the previous week.

When and where are the sessions held?

No matter where you’re located, you can join us live over Zoom calls every Wednesday at 12 p.m. EST, 9 a.m. PST,  11 a.m. CST, and 6 p.m. in the UK.

New groups are starting throughout the year so you’ll have a maximum waiting time of 3 weeks.  

I'm not sure if this is for me but I know someone. Do you reward referrals?

Absolutely! If you have someone in your network that would really benefit from our program, we will reward you with a $450 referral for every coach or healer that start because of you. No limits on referrals

Peter Joseph vitality and mindfulness coach
Timi orosz spiritual marketing and business mentor for coaches

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