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It’s time to level up to truly serve your soul’s calling.

It’s time to turn your spiritual path into your career.

The 4 Common Stages of Awakening

Stage 1

You start feeling that you’re here on a mission, that you have a bigger purpose.

Stage 2

Your spiritual development accelerates, synchronicities happen more often.

Stage 3

Day-to-day conversations no longer interest you. You seek meaning in your life.

Stage 4

Your relationships change: friends, family, colleagues, partners.

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How to turn your spiritual calling into your career ebook by Timi Orosz

Sneak Peak From Step 1

“Stop fighting against having financial independence. Your own financial stability is required to have peace of mind, to be able to focus on serving your calling and your community.
Identifying your own limiting beliefs is the key starting point before you even start planning
your business or trying to figure out how to reach more people to help them with your
services or products.

If you have ever found yourself being pulled between the spiritual and material world (or as
some of us might refer to as the 3D and 5D), then it’s a clear red flag that your balance is out.
This goes both ways: if your main motivation to follow your spiritual path is to make a profit
with it, then your scale is leaning more towards the 3D. Most likely, however, most of you are
sitting on the opposite end. Feeling that greater purpose within you, resonating with the
collective consciousness, and being driven to help humanity be more connected. To connect
as one.”


Before you get started with anything, do these 3 things before starting your spiritual business. Once you’re ready, get your collective guide and start your journey of transforming your deepest calling into your vocation to serve a greater purpose. Learn why you need marketing for your spiritual business and start living your soul’s calling

This workbook covers everything you need to know to get started from operational planning, sales & marketing planning, and must have financial planning soon after your mindset is shifted into ‘action mode’. Each step has an exercise that included helping you keep going and start making a living from what your soul truly desires.

Follow this 11 step guide to help you start running a successful spiritual business and build a community instead of doing something for a living that doesn’t fulfill your soul.

Timi Orosz marketing and business owner

I quit my job as CEO and marketing director to live in a jungle in Sri Lanka for a while…

…to realize that marketing and making a positive impact are my true passions. Before that, I spent about 20 years seeking answers through meditation, NLP, occult studies, lucid dreaming, astral traveling, wicca, tarot, past life regression, reiki, channeling, shamanism, astrology, magick, and metaphysical studies just to mention a few.

I am your client.

I’m not only your customer but business mentoring is what makes my heart beat faster. From showing you how to grow your spiritual business in an authentic way, to empowering lightworkers to take action.

Having the professional experience of a marketing director and CEO with a spiritual mindset only meant one thing for me: to help spiritual entrepreneurs grow their soulful businesses.

How do you want to make an impact?

Reach more customers with my mission-driven business

Figure out how to bring my authentic self into my career

Take my soulful business to the next level with a customized solution.

Experience the power of Soulful Business Mentoring

Become the
Empowered Entrepreneur

Get the best of both worlds: Business Mentoring and Mindfulness Coaching over 12 weeks to help you scale your coaching or healing practice. Without a burnout. 

Yes, it’s possible.

If you already have a healing or coaching business and you are ready to make a bigger impact, then this is for you. 

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Yes, it’s possible.