Connect One Marketing


Yes, you are here to make a positive impact.
And you don’t have to be confused about it.

When you know that you are here to help humanity evolve, to make a lasting impact on our world, the ‘how’ definitely feels a little confusing at first. I’ve been there myself.

I spent years feeling that I was wasting my potential.

I went through the major (and painful) stages of spiritual awakening until I finally understood why I wasn’t happy in my CEO and Director jobs. I wasn’t focusing on what my higher self wanted me to do. It was clear to me that I have to do something with business and marketing but I needed to find a way to do it fully authentically.

Eventually, everything became clear to me: I needed to combine my business experience with my spiritual mindset. This way I can remain fully authentic AND help spiritual entrepreneurs grow their soulful businesses. This is how I became a Spiritual Business Mentor in January 2020.

“Timi is great! She definitely made me think and made me realise a lot. She also gave me a lot of ideas, tips and tools to move forward. Not only does she give great service but Timi is real and authentic and can help you get to where you want to be on your purpose not just materially but in a sincere honest way.”


Intuitive Healer

spiritual business coach and spiritual marketing coach Timi Orosz teaching you how to start a spiritual business

I quit my job as CEO and marketing director to live in a jungle in
Sri Lanka for a while…

…to realize that building businesses and making a positive impact are my true passions. Before that, I spent about 20 years seeking answers through meditation, NLP, occult studies, lucid dreaming, astral traveling, wicca, tarot, past life regression, reiki, channeling, shamanism, astrology, magick, and metaphysical studies just to mention a few.

I am your client.

I’m not only your customer but business mentoring is what makes my soul come alive. From showing you how to start and grow your spiritual business in an authentic way, to empowering lightworkers to take action.

Already have a spiritual business?

Sometimes all you need is just a new perspective. Throughout my years, I invested in mentors and coaches to help me realign my soulful vision. Without these people, I might still be waiting to fully step into my light. Even though I have a solid business background, I needed support to make me believe I really got this. If you feel the same way, it’s perfectly normal. My soulful business mentoring is built for demolishing the confusion about growing your spiritual business.


spiritual business book to start your business

How to turn your spiritual calling into your career EBOOK

11 soulful steps + 11 exercises to start your own spiritual business

With this ebook, learn how to transform your soul’s purpose into meaningful profit WHILE you make a positive impact on our world. 


What’s inside this PDF?

✅ understand why you need to stop resisting the material world as a spiritual being

✅ discover how to craft a soulfully aligned customer avatar

✅ learn how to build your basic business plan

Timi is a genius!

She knows too many things for a normal brain and somehow keeps them all together brilliantly.


Executive Coach

Still confused about your spiritual mission?

Pinpoint your mission to start attracting energetically aligned customers

Impact statement marketing tool for spiritual business

Beat the confusion about your mission! Worksheet for your Impact Statement

Your spiritual business starts with a soulfully aligned statement. Your Impact Statement is the core foundation of your authentic & soulful brand. With this worksheet, you’ll learn how to sum up in 1 short sentence what sort of positive impact you’re making (and how) so you can confidently start changing our world for the better.

What’s inside this PDF?

✅ 12 soulfully crafted prompts

✅ My authentic formula to communicate your spiritual mission

✅ No lengthy reading: 3-page condensed actions to unlock your mission


Everything you see on this page is made with love. I genuinely believe in making our world a better place when we unite, when we connect.

We are one. We are all connected.

I named Connect One Marketing with this principle in mind.

BUSINESS (and how)?


🗓 JUNE 7

⏰ 12:00 EST / 18:00 CET

💰 €18.99

Learn how to take your manifestation skills into your business activities to energetically align your strategy.
This is no magic. This is mixing spirituality with business.