Getting more customers as a coach or a healer shouldn’t be a stressful or confusing process. When you sell authentically, you realise that the entire process can be a lot of fun! You no longer need to be dreading the sales calls and follow-ups when you do everything in a soulful manner.

You might think that it’s easier said than done. So, I’m here to demolish your misconceptions about selling and show you why you need to bring your authenticity to your coaching or healing practice to help you get more customers for your spiritual business.

I’ll show you the 4 core aspects that you need to get in order to be able to sell authentically and soulfully.


Why do you need to sell authentically?

First things first, you need to understand this: traditional sales within the spiritual industry don’t work well when you follow generic strategies and methods.

And the reason why this happens is very simple. The audience you are targeting is more self-aware, more intuitive and more able to see through the BS that many marketers throw at them.

When you bring your authentic self into your discovery/consultation calls and follow-up processes, that’s when you really start vibing with your potential customers. As I mentioned earlier, to be able to get there, you need to get 4 key aspects right.


The 4 elements of Authentic Sales:

  1. You need to let go of your misconceptions about selling
  2. You need to have a soulfully structured discovery call
  3. You need to know how to realign your clients when they say no
  4. You need to follow up in an authentic way that doesn’t burn you out
how to sell authentically as a coach or healer?

Stop hiding. It’s time to shine brighter


As a soulful entrepreneur, your brand is built on your authentic self. You need to show that to the world and step into your light finally.

Our world needs you NOW. Not tomorrow, not when you are ready. NOW.

And when you have aligned solutions to help humanity evolve, to help others grow & heal, you need to talk about them during your sales calls. Stop shying away from sales. What you’re doing is providing another human being with a solution to their problem. You are making a positive impact on their lives.

Traditional sales methods DO NOT WORK when you’re a soulful entrepreneur. You are not going to have much success in the long run if you’re following techniques built for manipulating customers.

There is an ethical way to turn your leads into happy customers WITHOUT pretending to be someone you’re not.

I remember when I used to sell extended warranties back in 2007, reading from a script that used NLP techniques to close deals. I hated the product I was selling and hated the forced approach even more. I had no clue about my mission back then so it was just a job at the time. Whenever I went off-script, I ended up building genuine rapports and made more sales (I lost my commission though as I didn’t follow the BS script).

Fast forward 15 years: I learned how to bring my authentic personality into my negotiations after severely burning out from being a CEO. So with these 15 years of trials & errors and many many many learned lessons, I decided to pass on my knowledge to people who want to make our world a better place.

I created the Soulful Selling course to help you sell your services or products in an authentic way while you eliminate the “hustle & grind” approach.

You’ll see that you can perfectly combine your intuition with authentic sales methods to grow your spiritual business.

Quote about a spiritual business and energy in business

Selling with a soul IS possible

Without you having to ever go against your core values and principles.

I wanted to create a series of powerful resources for spiritually aware people to help you build a successful business while making a positive impact. I want to see more lightworkers making a living out of their soul’s mission. But to do that efficiently, you need to understand business.

And a successful business has two engines: sales and marketing.

This is why I’m creating materials for you to nail the absolute basics to get your soulful business going and growing. When you understand how to sell authentically, you not only start enjoying the whole process but your spiritual business will also grow!

With the Soulful Selling course, you will learn how to:

💙 be authentic during your sales calls
💙 remain soulful when discussing your client’s problem
💙 handle objections authentically
💙 eliminate the objections before they arise
💙 follow up without being pushy
💙 maximize your efforts AFTER your client said yes

Soulful Selling course for spiritual entrepreneurs: how to sell authentically as a coach or a healer

You don’t have to be confused about how to handle your sales process as a coach or a healer. 

This course will also help you get rid of:

❌ dreading the sales process
❌ selling in a way that’s not aligned with YOU
❌ burning out
❌ chasing clients

Listen to your intuition right now and if it says that you’re vibing with this course, then it’s yours to keep forever. I’m giving you lifetime access for €97 which will change in the coming months.