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how to market a spiritual business event with Timi Orosz

Marketing your spiritual business only becomes confusing when you don’t know what to focus on.

But when you learn how to simplify your activities to bring you better results and how to plan your marketing using The Path of Least Resistance, you will actually start enjoying the whole process. 

Dodge the ineffective marketing efforts for your spiritual business and learn how to confidently plan your activities with a focused approach.

Decision paralysis often happens when you have too many options to choose from and you lack understanding which choice is the most fitting solution for you. 

Should you focus on YouTube? Or prepare a group program? Do you do more outreach? Do you partner with others? 😩 Too many to choose from so you’ll end up doing either nothing or a bit of this, a bit of that while you keep adding more brilliant ideas to your list of what you could be doing.

Yet nothing brings you results. 

I want to help you get rid of this marketing anxiety. For good! I prepared an easy-to-follow approach to teach you how to plan your activities for a whole year so you can stay focused.

⚠️ Warning

I will not teach you any sleazy, get-rich-fast tactics. In this 90-minute hands-on masterclass, I will show you that there ISN’T just one magic formula that will miraculously transform your spiritual business.

Instead, you will realize which marketing elements can bring you lasting results without ever having to go against your authenticity. You will be armed with 12 specific tasks that you can implement throughout 2023, starting with your missed opportunities.

I want you to become confident in planning your own marketing in a way that resonates with who you are on a soul level.


What you’ll learn:

  • How to use the Path of Least Resistance when planning your business activities 
  • Mapping your unique brand messaging using your own story
  • What steps to take in the gigantic forest of marketing to find more customers 
  • How to turn missed opportunities in your marketing to start harvesting results 
  • The forgotten side of marketing that brings you new clients without dancing on Instagram

What you’ll walk away with:

📝 A list of 12 marketing activities (explained in simple terms) to implement throughout the year. One for each month. 

💡7 Call-To-Actions to use for your services and products that work much better within the Spiritual Industry.

🔍 My tutorial video on how to use Google Search Console to create content that your audience actually wants.

🖋 9 value-based blog titles that resonate with spiritual people. Just fill in the blanks to make it work for your niche.

✅ 2 actions you can execute immediately after the masterclass without any technical skills or financial costs.

Your one-off investment of EUR 111 will give you 1 year access to the replay so you can revisit the masterclass throughout 2023.

How do I know all these things?

spiritual business coach and spiritual marketing coach Timi Orosz teaching you how to start a spiritual business

Hi, it’s Timi,

I worked as a Sales & Marketing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Head of Strategy until I realized that I could make a bigger positive impact if I only worked with people who want to make our world a better place.

Now I only mentor healers, coaches, lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs.


I can’t make the live session. Is there going to be a replay?

Yes! To be able to access the replay, all you need to do is register at least 1 hour before this event starts.

Do you only accept EUR or other currencies as well?

If you are located in the US or the UK, you can also secure your registration with USD or GBP transactions. If you would prefer to do that, you can do it via this link and you will receive the event details within 24 hours.

Do I already need to have a spiritual business?

You can definitely make the most of this event if you already started your soulful venture, however, if you already have an idea but not sure how to market it, then you will find a ton of value in this masterclass.

I’m not on a personal/spiritual development journey but I have a business. Is this event a good fit for me?

I’m afraid not. I do not teach traditional marketing and business development methods as they are not genuine. This masterclass will teach you how to remain your authentic, intuitive and energetic self in your business as well.