Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor and coach strategy call. Marketing for spiritual business

Brainstorming Strategy call


Not sure how to make sense of your spiritual business idea?

We will work on creating a soulfully aligned action plan to get you started immediately after our call. 

Create your own spiritual business strategy with my energetically aligned support


You don’t have to figure things out on your own.

Use my brain, my intuitive energy and my business background as a CEO, Sales & Marketing Director and Head of Strategy to help you come up with a soulfully aligned strategy for your spiritual business.

If you are curious about my business background, you can check out my professional experience here.

Our brainstorming call will be a 90-minute video chat and you’ll also receive the recording to keep forever.

Spiritual business ideas with Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor and coach

Brainstorm with me to discover your

aligned spiritual business direction.

Coming up with a spiritual business strategy that is energetically aligned with you might seem a little challenging at first.

To ease this process, I created this 90-minute Brainstorming Strategy call for you where I combine my 15 years of business experience and my intuitive energy.

My background as a CEO, Sales & Marketing Director and Head of Strategy, is the reassurance for you that I fully understand the idea generation process.

My intuitive energy is the catalyst to guide you in an authentic way and help you come up with soulfully aligned business strategies.

This Brainstorming Strategy is a 90-minute live call with me which I will also record so you can rewatch my guidance whenever you want.


Do you want to see first if you’ll vibe with me?  Why not book a quick complimentary call with me to see how you feel about my personality, energy and my mission-driven approach to life.