mindful marketing toolkit for spiritual businesses

100% ethical marketing. 0% BS.

6 instant tools to confidently market your spiritual services in authentic ways.

Your spiritual gifts and knowledge are exactly what our world needs the most. You didn’t come this far just to keep doubting your ability to make a lasting positive impact on humanity. Remember, you’re here to guide us back to our true selves.

And while you’re doing that, it’s perfectly okay to call in some aligned support to guide you and empower you.


It’s perfectly okay to feel a little confused or overwhelmed about how to translate your spiritual gifts into the business world to make a living out of your soul’s mission. Not just as a side hustle but as the main activity that brings well-deserved abundance to you and your loved ones.

Don’t feel bad about not knowing how to market yourself as a spiritual being. Whether you’re a healer, psychic, spiritual coach, Tarot reader, Reiki master, astrologer, crystal retailer or retreat host- it doesn’t matter how you're helping humanity evolve, your mission is clear:

to confidently share your spiritual gifts and knowledge with the world.

Marketing a spiritual business doesn’t mean posting daily on social media. Having a solid core message in place and mapped-out marketing activities will lay the crucial foundations for your soulful business. Besides discovering easy market research methods, you’ll also uncover business development activities and ways to increase your brand awareness. And when you also gain clarity on which activities to focus on, the unseen becomes easy to recognize.

With so many “experts” out there convincing you that they have the one-and-only strategy for you, it’s easy to become confused about what to do with your marketing. 💣 Truth bomb: those one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for spiritual entrepreneurs. You need to bring your authentic message to the world that’s 100% YOU. The tools within the Mindful Marketing pack will do just that for you. Pulling the magic out of you to sprinkle it all over your marketing.

  • The 12 practical & ethical marketing activities to confidently grow your biz: Mindful Marketing Map
  • The Core Message Generator  to simplify your higher self’s mission & resonate with soul clients
  • The Efficiency Booster exercise to free up your time & eliminate the overwhelm
  • The 12 Soulful Blog Title Templates to know exactly what content to create
  • The Annual Marketing Plan Template to break down your big-picture into monthly focus points
  • The Sales Tracker Template to become confident in your numbers and easily monitor your performance



No more guessing what to do each month: 12 specific Heart-Centered marketing actions to implement, explained in simple terms. Keep yourself focused and never feel overwhelmed again about what to do with your marketing.

Learn effective and ethical marketing techniques to attract and engage your energetically aligned audience without compromising your values.


Resonate better with your audience by confidently explaining what you do using the soulful Impact Statement method.

When you explain what your spiritual business does in simple terms, you’ll see that your soul clients will finally GET YOU. The more you complicate things, the less likely someone vibes with you.

Dive into your soul with these journaling prompts to help you communicate what you do in a simpler yet authentic way.

📝 12 soulfully crafted prompts to zoom in on your higher self’s vision
⚙️ a 3-part formula to create your own Impact Statement

Let’s get rid of the misalignment between your mission and how that’s being understood. It’s time to say goodbye to confusing your audience.


Release the content-planning overwhelm and stop wasting your time figuring out what content to create.

With these 12 fully customizable, fill-in-the-blank templates, you’ll know exactly what content to create that your audience will love.

I crafted these templates with:

💙 value in mind so your audience will WANT to click and read your articles
⚙️ SEO suitability to also help the algorithm understand what you’re about

If you don’t have a website or a blog, then you can still use these templates for creating value-packed posts for your social accounts. 


Get rid of activities that do not bring you results. The Efficiency Booster exercise will show you how to identify your power activities.

Free up your time to be able to do more of what you love doing the most: making a positive impact in the world 🌎

This exercise (using the Pareto Principle) will help you understand where to shift your focus knowing what brings your real results. Stop feeling like you don’t have enough hours in a day to build your spiritual business.


Keep yourself focused and never forget again what you wanted to do in your marketing. With this annual marketing plan, you can stay on track and break down your big-picture into monthly focus points.

Turn your manifestation goals into a soulful high-level strategy. Welcome to real spiritual entrepreneurship 🙂

This template is called the SMARKETING plan to show you that sales and marketing go hand in hand. The neater your marketing, the higher your sales become.

I introduced this exact same template when I was the Head of Strategy of a London-based coaching company so you can be ensured that you are getting real-life business resources from me.


Become confident in your numbers and use this ready-made sales tracker to know exactly how your spiritual business is performing monthly AND annually.

In case you don’t have any system yet to manage your clients and audience, then you can keep your potential clients in one place and never forget to follow up with them.

Mindful Marketing toolkit


6 ethical tools to confidently market your spiritual services


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