Ignite your purpose and share your unique gifts with the world with these spiritual business resources made for lightworkers


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Your Sacred Compass

The Business Starter Toolkit is packed with practical exercises, journaling prompts, and wisdom gained from my experience as a Marketing and Sales Director, CEO and Head of Strategy.

As a spiritual business mentor, I supported healers, shamans, coaches, numerologists and psychics to show them how to make sense of the entrepreneurial journey on authentic terms.

But this isn’t just about business; it’s about your spiritual journey too. As you dive into these spiritual business resources, you’ll discover powerful insights about yourself, your purpose, and the impact you can make.

It’s about stepping into your authenticity, embracing your true self, and raising the consciousness of humanity through an aligned career.

My inner calling was SCREAMING at me for so long to put together an affordable solution for mission-driven souls. My vision was simple: to create an ultimate digital toolkit that will help you start your own soul-centred business. Without the complex business jargon and confusing action plans.

Only soulful steps, to help you take energetically aligned actions on your spiritual journey.

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Our world needs you

If you’re here on a mission to make a positive impact on humanity, it’s time to learn how to transform your passion into a thriving spiritual business. Because our world doesn’t need more greedy corporations. It needs people like YOU driven by raising our collective consciousness. Allow this spiritual business toolkit to become your sacred compass on your way to spiritual entrepreneurship.

I want to see you shine!

Start illuminating our world with your light and compassion and make a lasting positive difference. Our world needs more love, more consciousness and more healing. This is why I had the calling to create spiritual business resources to support mission-driven souls like you who are here to help us evolve.


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Spiritual Business Plan Template

This editable PDF walks you through these 3 core planning aspects of your soulful idea:

  1. What does the business do?
  2. How does it do it?
  3. Who needs this?

Without a plan, you’ll not have clarity on how you’re turning your spiritual calling and gifts into a meaningful way to make a living. Arm yourself with this template to smooth the entire planning process.

With 15 planning questions that simplify complex business processes to prepare you for a confident launch.

10 pages of aligned planning without ever ignoring your intuition.

workbook for starting a spiritual business. spiritual business resource

Workbook: How to Start a Spiritual Business?


This digital workbook will guide you step-by-step on your spiritual entrepreneurial journey. Especially if you have zero marketing or business knowledge.

Dive into the heart of your spiritual business planning journey and start manifesting your soul’s calling without being overwhelmed by confusing business jargon or complex concepts.

If you’re here on a mission to make a positive impact on humanity, it’s time to learn how to transform your passion into a thriving spiritual business. With 11 soulful exercises over 40 pages of authentic guidance.

Learn how to:
✅ create your soul client’s profile
✅ what to do with your competition
✅ create your brand communication style
✅ finalize your aligned service or products
✅ play intuitively to amplify your visual brand
✅ plan your basic sales & marketing plan
✅ pull together your financial plan

Turn your universal love for crystals, energy healing, shamanism, Tarot, Astrology, Wicca, spiritual coaching, psychic medium or any esoteric and holistic methods into a meaningful career by building your spiritual business.

spiritual business name ideas worksheet

The Aligned Brand Name worksheet

Learn how to create your brand name in 4 systematic steps that mix research with intuition.  Allow this worksheet to uncover the brainstorming aspects you need to take into account to create a brand name that is:

➡️ memorable
➡️ original & unique
➡️ relevant to your audience


  • 3 extra tips with SEO in mind
  • personal feedback from me via email
checklist to become a spiritual entrepreneur online

Checklist to Start Your Online Journey


I designed this useful tool for you to help you stay focused and to eliminate the marketing overwhelm that new spiritual entrepreneurs face. Keep this digital and editable checklist handy when you’re ready to launch your spiritual business.

This condensed goodie includes:

✅ Editable PDF template to plan the essentials of your spiritual business

✅ 25 prompting tasks including 4 recommended actions to get your first few clients

✅ 3 sections to plan your services/products, your target audience and your processes

5 mission refining prompts to help you align your mission

Nurture your soul’s calling while unlocking the practical tools needed to successfully navigate spiritual entrepreneurship. 

Your transformative journey towards creating a spiritual business not only fulfils your soul’s purpose but also makes a profound impact on humanity. I have this vivid vision of living in a world where spiritual businesses are at the forefront, creating positive change and healing humanity and our planet.


Where lightworkers are no longer hiding and second-guessing their gifts.

Instead, they are radiating authenticity and compassion.


That world is not only possible; it’s within our reach. It has already started unfolding, that’s why you’re reading these lines as well. But this vision of the New Earth needs people like you to take aligned actions. To start empowering yourself and trusting that little voice that’s been whispering to you for so long.

It’s time to manifest your soul’s calling even if you know NOTHING about business planning.

Dive into your spiritual business planning journey with ease and allow me to guide you with these authentic solutions.

Not only you’ll be able to launch your own soulful venture but you’ll also learn why it is not just okay but essential to make a living out of your soul’s calling.

With these spiritual business resources, you can discover:

  • how to create a soulfully aligned customer avatar, ensuring that you attract the aligned souls who resonate with your mission.
  • the key elements of building your operations, from structuring your offerings to managing your resources effectively.
  • how to craft compelling sales and marketing plans that authentically communicate the value of your spiritual offerings and attract your soul-aligned tribe.
  • how your business can make a meaningful impact on humanity, creating a ripple effect of positive change in the world.
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Spiritual Business Plan Template
With this editable PDF you will figure out who you need to serve, how you’ll do that and with what. This simplified spiritual business plan focuses on the most important elements of your soulful venture without using any complex business or marketing jargon. Just soulful marketing planning. Learn how to fine-tune your mission confidently to start serving the collective. 
mystical marketing template for psychic business


workbook: How to start a spiritual business
When you know that you are here on a mission and you want to make a positive impact on humanity, you can’t be stuck in a job that destroys your soul. Learn how to make a living out of your mission with this workbook that comes with 11 business planning exercises. Each chapter will help you plan and start your spiritual business, even if you don’t have any marketing or business knowledge.
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Having a simple checklist by your side will not only help you stay focused when starting your spiritual business but it will also prepare you for your crucial first steps as a spiritual entrepreneur. Uncover the most important 25 tasks for starting your online journey with your spiritual services and check what you need for your: online presence, niche & market, services and your first customers.
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Discovering your energetically aligned business name can be a fun process when you know what you’re doing. You don’t need to be a branding expert or a highly creative person to decide on what you’ll call your spiritual business. Using a systematic approach and allocating time to the process will get you the results you are looking for. With this 4-step method, you’ll learn how to do that authentically.

“I’m now able to confidently move forward with confidence and clarity, understanding how to package my services and make them available to the right people”

Juliana – Kundalini Coach

“I was feeling overwhelmed. Not knowing exactly who to serve and how? Now I feel relaxed and ready to move forward trusting my own intuition as well”

Keli – Sound Healer

“I feel very confident and have complete clarity and congruence within as I move forward in my business now”

Faith – Soul Reader

Who made these spiritual resources?

Hi, it’s Timi Orosz 👋
I accidentally astral travelled as a child.

I created Connect One Marketing after many years of trying to find a balance between my spiritual development and my love for creating value in businesses. Then it eventually hit me: there’s no need to separate the two, I can serve the community by doing what I truly enjoy and combining my spiritual development with my career.

I can utilise the business knowledge I gained as a former Marketing & Sales Director, Head of Strategy, COO and CEO to support the Spiritual industry and help like-minded souls have a fulfilling journey.

As a Human Design Manifestor with a Life Path 1 and Gemini sun with Aries rising, I’m here to lead in innovative ways. While honouring my Libra moon to help bring justice and peace to our messy world. This is where YOU come into the picture.

I believe that together we can make a bigger impact in the world.


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Lifetime Access

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All Access Pass

All Access Pass

Get everything you need to transform your spiritual gifts and talents into a purposeful business and start making a living out of your higher self’s calling.

Instant access to the Digital Bundle


  • The 39-page digital workbook including 11 practical exercises: How to Start a Spiritual Business
  • The Spiritual Business Plan Template in an editable PDF format, no need to print (let’s save some trees 🌳💙)
  • The Aligned Brand Name worksheet to help you create an energetically aligned business name in 4 steps
  • The Checklist To Start Your Online Journey including the essential 25 starter tasks
  • 🎁 BONUS: Sales Tracker Template to easily monitor your clients and sales monthly & annually

Already have a spiritual business?

If you already launched your spiritual business but thinking about how to market yourself gives you a bit of marketing anxiety, then the Mindful Marketing Toolkit is for you.

While I recommend the Business Starter Toolkit for impact-driven souls who have not started their own soulful venture yet, the Mindful Marketing toolkit is suited for spiritual entrepreneurs feeling unsure about how to click with their audiences. 

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Elevate your spiritual business with Marketing Alchemy.

100% AUTHENTIC solutions.

0% BS tactics.

Discover the joy of Mindful Marketing and learn how to confidently market your soulful services without ever going against your core values.