“I can’t begin to express how amazingly talented, gifted, highly skilled and professional Timi is and working with her has been an absolutely wonderful experience.

Timi is honest, caring, compassionate and out of the box thinker. I highly recommend Timi for your marketing, communication and strategy needs. Thanks Timi for all your help!”

Dr Velma Trayham, Founder & CEO of Thinkzilla Consulting

Dr Velma Trayham testimonial photo for Timi Orosz
image source: https://velmatrayham.com

“I feel so honoured that our lives crossed with Dr Velma Trayham and I got to experience her bubbling energy. She’s a ball of fire on a mission to make life significantly better for others and to build a legacy. Velma is such an inspiring & strong female entrepreneur, it was my absolute pleasure to brainstorm with her for her Millionare MasterMind Academy. “

Timi Orosz