I have recently been invited to feature on The Fit Fun Podcast, run by the zestful high-performance mindset coach and branding expert, Fatima K and her co-host the resilient founder of Fit-budd, Mateo Melichar, coaching clients into success physically and mentally with his holistic approach.

I’m truly passionate about collaborating and sharing knowledge so I immediately said yes to this opportunity to share my story, how I went from being a CEO to living in a jungle in Sri Lanka and arriving at Barcelona starting Connect One Marketing.

We chatted about how to go through challenges in all areas of your life by shifting your mindset, the importance of following your gut feeling and why it is important to make your passion into your source of income.

“The toughest things to admit are admitting things to yourself.
To restart; but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. You don’t have to be stuck, you don’t have to be keep on doing just the same thing over and over again. You have the power to change whatever you want. It is scary as hell. Is it easy? No! But is it worth it? Hell yes. So be brave.”

Just a heads-up, as we are covering many important topics with Mateo, press play when you have 40 minutes available to yourself to really benefit from our tips and guidance.

You can listen to the rest of their mind-shifting and confidence building episodes on Spotify