Balance has been a recurring lesson for me in the past years. Have I mastered it? No! But I’m so much better at it than how I was a few years ago. Having balance is crucial no matter where you are on your development journey.

I was super excited when Fatima K, co-founder of Fit Fun Life asked me to guest feature for a conversation that is very close to my heart: the importance of our mental well-being. In this episode we’re talking about how having balance is a major factor for our mental well-being and I’m also sharing some of my tools, techniques and mistakes (!) when I went off-balance quite a few times previously. We never stop learning, but we keep on improving. You can listen on Spotify just below or find your favourite platform right here.

Fatima K and Mateo Melichar from Fit Fun Podcast talking about having balance

What I love the most about Fit Fun Podcast is that they really focus on the process rather then the end result. We always have a beginning and an end but what happens in between? Why don’t we focus on what actually happens to get to the end result? Having a healthy balance during the process is extremely important whether you are just about to start your spiritual business or you are already working as an esoteric entrepreneur. A little while ago I had a chat with the other co-founder of Fit Fun Life (and my dear friend), Mateo Melichar, just when I was launching Connect One Marketing. It was an extremely busy time for me and my lesson about having balance was back in my life again. This time around I was juggling things in my life a lot more smoother and even managed to find the time do a podcast with Mateo (episode #15) talking about how to find our passion in our career.

Going off-balance

I used to be an overplanner and this is how I ended up going off-balance more often than I wanted to. For me getting out of my comfort zone meant breaking down the overplanned structure and learning how to let go of control a lot more. Having end goals is vital to know which direction you are going both in business and in your personal life but make sure you find a healthy balance and not overthink and over plan your days and weeks unnecessarily. The same truth needs to be applied to your business as well. Know your direction, have an end goal in mind, understand clearly how you will be working towards your collective calling but set healthy boundaries along the way.

Look at what direction you’re going into in all areas of your life? Do you have a path that you see? Define how the end result even looks like for you, for example if you want to be more spiritual, what does “being spiritual” even mean to you? If you don’t know the destination, it will be a very tough road trying to find your way there.

How often do we ask ourselves: how am I doing?

How am I doing mentally, physically and spiritually? Self-awareness is the key ingredient to ensure having a healthy balance both in your professional life and personal one. Self development is not an easy and fun ride but it is so worth it! Just remember that everything starts in the mind, so be aware of what’s going on in there.

And if you fail and go off-balance every once in a while, then don’t beat yourself up. Learning is an ongoing journey and let go of the idea of wanting to be perfect. Just be conscious about what you’re doing and realise when you are off-balance, when you are not going into the right direction, when you are not aligned. Are you truly following your spiritual calling? Is your work really fully in line with your soul’s message? If not, then it might be more difficult to find balance but once you figure out how to make a living out of your spiritual calling, the picture becomes a lot clearer.

One thing to keep in mind when finally you have your epiphany and start your own spiritual business: be conscious to become a leader without feeding the ego.


Timi Orosz founder of Connect One Marketing in Sri Lanka with a monk learning to have balance

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