Reflection is a key element in your development journey both personally and in business – if used well. Change is inevitable and we need to be able to adapt to them as they arise. 2020 will be a major milestone for everyone, that we will all remember forever. This year really made us open our eyes to be more adaptable to changes, both on an individual level and collectively no matter if we were prepared (and wanted) them or not.

I have heard so many stories during these months, how people are experiencing drastic changes in their lives . You might also ask yourself: Why do things need to happen like this? What’s going to happen next? Not all of us can see the future and when you have zero certainty of what’s coming next: remember how important it is to stop from time to time, to allow space for some reflection. Take a look back and try to put each piece of the puzzle into its place consciously.

Timi Orosz from Connect One Marketing in Sri Lanka in a buddhist monastery

When things might seem uncertain, setting smaller milestones and having clear goals will become significant. Goals can become our aid to help us focus and prioritize our tasks as well. Both in our personal and business lives plus they also help us stay motivated. Whatever you’re going through, you might not understand the process right away, but it’s going to make sense once you reflect.

So how to use reflection well in reality (both in business and in personal life)?

Follow these 3 steps:

Set your goals (cearly!)

Allow yourself a realistic amount of time to achieve them

Reflect on how you got there, how you you achieved it, how far you’ve come.

+1 bonus step! Ask yourself: Am I on the right track?

✅ Yes? Great, keep following the right path!
❌No? Stop for a bit and get a better understanding of what happened. Take an overview of the real reason for being stuck. Maybe it is a sign from the universe or life that we are completely heading in the wrong direction? How could you find your way back to the right path?

The more time and energy we devote to the things that are important to us, the easier it will be to find the right path.

When we feel that we are heading in the wrong direction, unpleasant feelings may circle within us, but this is the kind of signal that we are on the wrong path. While we tend to get lost in a lot of things in our day to day life, let’s stop from time to time to keep in touch with our inner compass and quiet ourselves. Reflection is key to stay aligned and meditating frequently will help you see things much clearly.

Inner compass for reflection, hand holding out compass in a mystical manner

We all have the power to get back to the right direction.

Align your inner compass with your energy and mindset to be able to achieve anything you want. We are all born with a gift of the Universe. With an invisible inner compass, or what we might call an inner voice, that helps us to map the right path for us. Our feelings, whether they are negative or positive, all serve us to provide a sense of direction.

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