Business and your spirituality can function really well together. Instead of having a constant battle of which one to choose, you need to start bringing them together.

I went through the same back and forth for many years: do I focus on my spirituality or on business? Then one day it finally hit me, I can use my professional skills while staying authentic to my higher self. Since then I’m on a mission to help more souls realise it is possible to have a successful career while you are making a positive impact and keep developing your spiritual skills.

In this post, I wanted to simplify the starting points in a visual way so you can easily find out how to start bringing your real self into your business life.

How to combine spirituality and business?

Understand yourself first

You don’t have to turn your life completely upside down. Step by step you can start transitioning into a more authentic way of doing business. First, you need to figure out the kind of impact your energy wants you to focus on. Are you driven to help our environment? To assist people on their development journeys? To fight for equality? If you don’t know your foundations, it will be difficult to start making a positive impact on others.

Get real with yourself: be certain about what really drives you.

Spirituality = making an impact

It’s very likely that you have already done some soul searching and you’ve been questioning everything around you for a while. Asking the right questions will help you pinpoint better what your soul actually wants you to do. Many spiritual business owners are highly driven because they are clear on their mission. They are clear on what type of impact they want to make through their business activities. Get closer to your own clarity and ask yourself these questions:

Questions to understand what kind of impact you need to do in your career? Balance spirituality with business

When you have your answers, do a reality check. Are you currently living by these principles? Do you spend the majority of your time in line with your answers? If you are fired up to go a bit deeper, here’s a great source for 7 more questions to ask yourself.

Action speaks louder than words

When you’re an impatient character like me, you might get frustrated when you can’t see the game plan immediately. If you are not sure yet how to combine your business with your spirituality, just take a breath. I assure you it’s simpler than you think. Don’t stress about the big picture if you can’t see it yet. Focus on your day-to-day activities instead.

I received so much unexpected positive feedback when I was just being myself. I was staying true to my values and remained authentic in everything I was doing. Yes, that can be difficult sometimes but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Suddenly I was being told how inspiring it was what I was doing. I had a blank face, didn’t understand it at first. Then I realised, I kept shaping my career in a way that allowed me to bring my spirituality into the game. I no longer had to be a different person in business, I could be authentic and stand up to what I believed in.

Step 2 to start making an impact. Advice from Timi Orosz, impact-driven entrepreneur

Bringing spirituality into business

How can you stay true to your higher self and still be active in business? Start focusing on immediate actions that you can do easily. Make sure your working hours are spent perfectly aligned with your soul-searching answers. Here are 4 simple actions to implement in your day-to-day work. You’ll see the more you do them, the sooner you will understand your biggest picture and how to make an even bigger positive impact.

Feed your soul while working. Having an authentic business that serves your spirituality. Consultancy by Timi Orosz at Connect One Marketing

Get to business and keep your spirits high!

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