April 7, 2022

How to start a metaphysical business as a spiritual person?

I’m having a chat with an incredible coach, Will Samson about what made me quit my CEO job and led me to live in a jungle for a while in Sri Lanka. And what it has anything to do with starting my spiritual business (and what you need to do something similar as well)
When you are evolving throughout your spiritual journey, you shed so many layers of your old you. You’re leaving behind a person that you thought you were to embrace the new direction that often comes with confusion.

How do you manage this process and how do you notice when you’re out of alignment? Will and I covered some deep truths about this process in addition to sharing some useful ways for you to help you turn your spiritual journey into an authentic metaphysical business.

What you’ll learn

How not to get caught up in what you should be doing by allowing your higher self to guide you.

Why does inner transformation feel like a grieving process sometimes? And how can you deal with that?

Who is it for

If you’ve had enough of a meaningless career and want to start an impactful business.

If you are unsure how to make a living out of your soul’s calling and how to find customers as a spiritual entrepreneur.

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