The Maslow Pyramid is one of the most powerful tools to help you along your personal and spiritual development journey. You probably know this already, by did you know that your spiritual business follows the exact levels of needs as Abraham Maslow’s concept?

Before I explain how that really works, let’ do a quick recap on the 5 levels of the Maslow Pyramid. Those layers, building on top of each other, to help you reach your self-actualization. In simple terms, the different aspects of your human life that you need to take care of to fully live your potential. The real reasons of your subconscious motivators that keep you going.

The 5 levels of the Maslow Pyramid are:

  • Physiological needs
  • Safety
  • Love & Belonging
  • Esteem
  • Self-Actualization
the 5 layers of the maslow pyramid of hierarchy needs for spiritual and personal development

You can’t skip the levels if you want to dive deep into your self-development journey. For example, if you’re constantly worried about how you’re going to pay your bills to have shelter over your head, how could you possibly expect yourself to be in a flow of creativity? You can’t be. As your mind will be occupied with your based physiological needs.

In the same way you go through each level during your self-development journey, your spiritual business development will go through very similar steps as well.


The bottom layer is where you start. First, you need to set your foundations, making sure that your basic needs are met. In your business, this translates to having a strategy or at least a high-level action plan in place. I know, going with the flow is how you truly thrive as a spiritual being, but before you reach that state, you have some visions in mind. You have an idea what you’d like to manifest.

The same thing goes for your spiritual biz. Having a clear direction in mind to know what you want to manifest with a soulful strategy. Write down your big picture vision then break that down into actionable steps. What do you need to do to achieve that vision? Without having a roadmap, you’ll have a tough time moving up on the Maslow Pyramid.

how to use the Maslow pyramid for spiritual business development?

Once you have a clear vision of where your business is heading, you can look at how you’re going to provide safety for your soulful venture. In business, safety comes from a steady revenue stream. Without income, your business won’t be sustainable and you won’t be able to make a living out of your calling. Look at how you can generate income in a regular way. Are you providing spiritual services like coaching, healing or teachings? Then you’ll need clients coming your way each month. Work out how you’ll be attracting your soulfully aligned clients and what you need to do to achieve that.

Next, you’ll move up to the Love & Belongingness level. This part is all about community. As human beings, we are coded to belong somewhere. We are social creatures. This foundational need has to reflect in your business as well.

Building a community with your soulful biz

Right in the centre of the Maslow Pyramid is the need for belonging. It isn’t a coincidence that what connects the lower and upper levels is our need for connection. Use this vital need in your spiritual business as a way of building a meaningful community. Who belongs to your spiritual business community?

Spiritual business community chart to map out how to create a community

You get the idea. Without your community, your spiritual business doesn’t become a living organization. You don’t have to tick all the boxes. However, if you want to grow your spiritual venture to the next level, you’ll also need partnerships that will promote your services in the long run. Using the above visual, start planning what you’ll need to develop your business while you’re making our world a better place as a spiritual being.

Now, that we covered the crucial bits, the real fun can start!

The 4th level of the Maslow Pyramid is Esteem. In your personal development, it stands for having a need for personal importance. To be recognized for your efforts. Realizing, that you matter. Some people might misunderstand this layer as the need for external validation. In some way, they are right though. Because once we established where belong, we want our tribe to accept us. We want to feel that what we do creates value.

Show the value you provide as a spiritual entrepreneur

Using the 4th level of the pyramid in your business is a lot simpler than you’d think. You can turn this into an excellent tool for showing how much value you provide as a healer, coach or spiritual teacher. At this stage, you are becoming a thought leader. An expert in your field.

The most efficient way to communicate that is through a bit of PR activity. Get yourself to be seen and heard. Think about reaching out to spiritual blogs and magazines to get an article written about what you do. If you’re more of a talker, becoming a guest on podcasts might be a better fit for you. I personally love doing that as I also get to meet amazing podcast hosts (if you also have a podcast and would like me to be your guest, please submit your requests here.)

And last but not least, you could also co-host workshops or masterclasses with other spiritual businesses within your niche. Be creative and do what gets you excited the most.

We arrived at the top of the Maslow Pyramid. As you can see, the levels are truly building on top of each other. not just in your personal development but in your business development as well. When you have the first 4 levels covered, only then you can think freely in a playful manner. In that state of creative flow, you’re ready to bring your full potential to the surface personally and professionally.

How else can you grow your spiritual business?

how to grow a spiritual business? marketing for conscious entrepreneurs and healers

When you start realigning your activities in your business in a conscious way, you realise that being a spiritual entrepreneur is not that difficult. You simply need to align your actions and find what works for YOU. Because there isn’t a copy & paste strategy that will help you make a living from your spiritual calling.

Your spiritual business also needs to go through an elevation journey, in the same way, you need to raise your mind’s consciousness. Spiritual business mentoring can support you with this process to avoid wasting your time and eliminate the confusion about how to market yourself authentically. That’s why I created my 6 Foundations of Business Consciousness program, to teach you how to become an empowered, conscious entrepreneur.

I hope that you found value within this article as it was prepared with a 100% love. If you don’t know me yet, my name is Timi and I’m on a mission to arm the spiritual community with essential marketing and business knowledge. You can learn more about my story here or say hello to me on Instagram.