Your spiritual business starts with a soulfully aligned statement.


It helps you get your mission across. It explains what exactly you do with your spiritual business and how you do that.

You need to quickly connect with your aligned audience in a matter of seconds. Your impact statement does exactly that for you.

The rest of your branding and marketing materials will also build on this crucial foundation. Your statement helps you:

✅ keep your focus on your higher self’s mission

✅ figure out what type of people you actually want to work with

✅ understand the positive impact you want to make with your business


If you’re not sure about what kind of spiritual business you want to start, this will be a powerful starting step for you.

If you already have a spiritual business but you’re not clear on your niche and how you want to evolve, then figure out your aligned direction by creating your own impact statement.

Beat the confusion about your mission! Worksheet for your Impact Statement


Pinpoint your mission to start attracting energetically aligned customers

If you can't understand your soulful mission in a way that you can explain in 1 short sentence, then you're still confused about what your higher self is calling you to do.

Your Impact Statement is the core foundation of your authentic & soulful brand. With this worksheet, you'll learn how to sum up in 1 short sentence what sort of positive impact you're making (and how) so you can confidently start changing our world for the better.

Why is this simple worksheet so powerful?

✅ It leads you to understand what you REALLY want in this lifetime
✅ No lengthy reading is required. 3 short pages to get you started
✅ It's made for spiritual people by another spiritual soul who has a solid business background
✅ No cookie-cutter solutions, only your higher self's guidance prompted by a simple formula

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