Coming up with a powerful brand name for your spiritual business can be a really fun process! But there are some mistakes you should avoid to make sure you’ll leave a lasting impression on your audience. As first impressions are vital both in our personal and in our business lives, creating your brand name is a significant milestone for you.

On first encounters, the perception of whether we trust a person or not can be developed in our minds within a really short amount of time. We’re talking about seconds! Yes, we subconsciously decide within a few seconds whether we want to get to know the person better or not.

The same goes for the business world as well. Your brand name is one of the first things that will “introduce” your business to your potential customers. So much depends on a powerful (and clear) brand name, which is why it is so important to choose the right one. The overall branding of your business (tone of voice, visuals, style, messages etc) also determines who your customers will be. How? If you don’t resonate with someone based on that first impression I mentioned above, it’s very unlikely that your customers will want to get to know your business better.

Choosing the correct brand name that represents us and our business might not be that easy, I know, however, it is certainly a lot of fun when you know what to look out for.

Mistake number 1

Marketing mistakes to avoid when starting a spiritual business

We can easily make a mistake of sticking to a brand name that WE think sounds good, but ignoring something crucial: how would our customers like it? Is it really for them? While it’s great (and important) to have a personal meaning behind your brand’s name but make sure that either you clearly communicate its meaning to your customers OR you create a brand name that makes it clear to your clients what your service is about.

Mistake number 2

Connect One Marketing mistakes to avoid when creating a brand name

Understanding your market and your competitors is also important when you are creating a brand name for your spiritual business. Check if your preferred brand name isn’t being used already (not just in your niche but in general) and understand what your audience is looking for. For example, if you are a spiritual coach, make sure you add either ‘coaching’ or ‘spiritual’ in your slogan, taglines or brand name for better online visibility as well as making it obvious to your clients what your service is about. On top of these, it’s also worth researching if the business name has a meaning in another major language that could be completely misleading to what you actually do.

Mistake number 3

Branding mistakes to avoid by connect one marketing, Timi Orosz

One of the biggest branding mistakes you can make is to create a brand name that is very difficult to remember or to spell. Just imagine when you ask someone about a trusted service or professional and you need to keep repeating your question: “What’s it called again?”. This can especially hurt your potential customer base if your brand name is being shown for a few seconds or mentioned in a podcast or in a webinar. The sad truth is, people will have a hard time remembering you if your brand name is difficult to pronounce, to spell or it’s made up of a strange & long acronym.

Creating your brand name

In addition to these mistakes to avoid, there’s a fundamental checklist to remember when you are creating a name for your spiritual business. To help you make this process a bit easier, I’ve collected some important aspects for you that might help you choose the right brand name. So here we go:

✔️Easy to spell and remember (if someone recommends you, can they remember what name they’ve just heard?)
✔️ Can easily associate to your mission and vision
✔️Expresses what kind of service to expect
✔️ Not taken by someone else
✔️ Has an inspirational/positive meaning or message
✔️ If it is a symbolic name, it is clearly related to the service
✔️ You can easily answer what it means to you
✔️ Not offensive
✔️ Available as a domain to create a website
✔️ Available on social accounts

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