14 powerful spiritual business ideas to start online

Coming up with spiritual business ideas that you can also start online is actually a lot easier than you might think. Even before our forced work-from-home situation, I was prioritising my business ideas that I could manage fully online to be completely location independent.

Some fun facts for you: in the summer of 2019, I was working on a business plan with 2 other partners that was going to target large corporations to introduce remote working to their workforce. Halfway through our product development, we decided to throw this idea away. Seems like a great missed opportunity looking back but I believe that I was meant to be doing exactly that. If I had been caught up in that ride, I would have not launched Connect One Marketing to help spiritual entrepreneurs start their businesses (even online).

Most probably, I also would have not written this article to show you some spiritual business ideas that you could get started with. So let me get straight to the point and show you what kind of ideas you could be turning into a business.

Thinking about spiritual business ideas

14 ideas to turn into a spiritual business:

  1. Help others along their awakening journey by teaching them how to meditate
  2. Become a conscious recruiter and match talent with spiritual businesses
  3. Sell hand-made items and jewellery to aid spiritual work (pendulums, necklaces, yoga mats)
  4. Create and sell spiritually inspired art (I’d be a customer so feel free to connect with me if this will be your path)
  5. Good at sales? Become a sales consultant or client manager for a conscious / spiritual businesses. I see that most entrepreneurs within this industry are lacking vital sales skills. You could really make a difference in helping them to get new clients
  6. Do astrology readings and forecasts for individuals or groups based on your expert knowledge
  7. Become a spiritual mentor or coach (if you chose the coach route, make sure you get trained properly)
  8. Start an online shop selling items that spiritual people would buy (crystals, incense sticks, tarot and oracle cards, themed books etc)
  9. Develop & sell online courses to help people align with their higher consciousness
  10. Do Virtual Assistance services for spiritual entrepreneurs / businesses
  11. Organise and sell tickets to an online spiritual retreat / event
  12. Guide others with your mediumship skills (if you have developed them well enough to serve others)
  13. Self-publish your book related to ascension, awakening and spiritual development on Amazon or the ebook version on your website and social media (you can grab mine here to learn in 11 steps how to turn your spiritual calling into your career)
  14. Be a community builder and organise local events (following your local guide and restrictions) targeting like-minded souls

These powerful ideas are just the core basics that you can start with. What I would recommend you doing is to go a bit deeper and find your own calling within one of these. Something that truly aligns with you on a soul level. For example, if teaching how to meditate stood out for you then ask yourself: what kind of audience would you really enjoy teaching? Children? Busy professionals, who need a wake-up wall? Also, narrow down your speciality within meditation: do you want to teach guided mediation? Body scans? Breathwork? Mindfulness? You get the point. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to position yourself on the market in an authentic way.

Coming up with your brand name

Once you know what kind of purposeful business you want to start, it’s time to create your brand name as well. I’ve collected the top mistakes you need to avoid when creating your brand name, you can read about them here.

And as a little freebie, here’s a worksheet for you to discover your authentic brand name. Free access goes away from August, so make sure you get your free copy in time.

I’m wishing you a fulfilling journey and if you get stuck, know that I’m here to guide you in a strategic & energetic way.

We never stop learning.

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