Coming up with a spiritual business idea is not that difficult when you know your options.

When you are going through a spiritual awakening, you’ll realise that your job doesn’t excite you and you want to have a fulfilling and meaningful career.

You can turn your spiritual purpose and passion into a soulful business that helps humanity evolve, that helps heal the collective consciousness while you’re also making a living out of your spiritual calling.

I’m Timi Orosz, your spiritual business mentor and I brought you 20 spiritual business ideas that you can get started with.

Why am I sharing with you spiritual business ideas?

I quit my job as a CEO and ended up living in a jungle in Sri Lanka for a while to realign myself. After that, I only worked with companies that were making a positive impact in the world. I was a Sales & Marketing Director, Head of Strategy and COO. When I talk about business, you can be assured that I know what I’m talking about.

I’m now on a mission to arm the spiritual community with authentic marketing solutions and essential business advice to help you start & grow your spiritual business.

Get inspired under 12 minutes to figure out what kind of spiritual business you could start, based on what you’re actually good at:

If you don’t have 12 minutes to watch this video, then here’s the list of 20 spiritual business ideas to start making a living out of your soul’s calling. I grouped them into 4 major categories to help you get inspired and find your own spiritual job that’s aligned with who you are.

In the video, I explain the difference between a spiritual mentor and a spiritual coach as well. So if you’re being called toward guiding, you’ll know which path to choose. If something isn’t clear or if you have a specific question, you can always reach out to me directly on Instagram or simply send me your question here

List of 20 spiritual business ideas to start

What type of spiritual role is aligned with your energy?

Discover what kind of spiritual business role suits you if you’re not sure how to get started. Turning your mission into your career is such a rewarding step forward. 

And in case you need more inspiration, here are 14 more spiritual business ideas to start making a positive impact in the world.