Discover what kind of spiritual business role suits you if you’re not sure how to get started. Turning your mission into your career is such a rewarding step forward. Yes, it’s a little scary at first, but your higher self will thank you for it when you finally decide to step into your light.

You came here to make a difference, to make an impact.

You know that you have a mission. Stop ignoring it. It’s ok to feel frustrated when you’re not quite sure how to step into your spiritual business role. But hey, you’re already taking action, you’re here on this page. You don’t want to waste your potential and you’re looking for ways to start taking action. I’ve been there, feeling frustrated and I can assure you: it will pass! So don’t be too hard on yourself.

Start here and take this quiz to learn about your role. Don’t overthink the questions, allow your intuition to guide you:

Now that you know what type of impact-maker you are, it’s time to turn that into your reality. To step into your spiritual business role.

You know that this is not a coincidence that you found me. I truly believe that once you take that leap forward to follow your intuition, the universe will do its magic to help you succeed. It will bring people into your life to support or inspire you. It sure did it for me when I made my mind up and said I’m done with not being my authentic self.

The universe will drop all the resources you need right in front of you. It’s only up to you if you grab these resources or you walk past them as you mutter to yourself that you’re not ready. Let me tell you a hard truth:

You're never going to feel ready to step into your spiritual business role

That’s the beauty of this game. You level up every time you choose to trust yourself. So just get started.

And if you need an extra push to bring your spirituality into your career and business, here are 2 more articles to help you step into your spiritual business role.

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