Spirituality and industry expertise might seem far from each other, however, in recent years there’s been a growing demand for services and products that are related to spirituality. One of my top search terms that drives people like you to this website is: how to start a spiritual business?

Besides finding answers to this question, my audience also wants to know what the spirituality industry is. The way we work significantly changed in the last year and now more people prefer to pursue a career that fulfils their soul. It’s like adding fuel to fire to an already rapidly growing industry of spiritual businesses. When you think about services and professionals that are bringing spirituality into their business life, you might think that it is a small niche. The truth is: it’s a very broad industry that is still shaping up its sub-niches.

How spiritual can an industry be?

Let’s get a few facts straight. When we talk about spirituality it doesn’t mean being religious. Spirituality has many different aspects and layers. It helps us to question our existence, our purpose and ponder about something greater than us on a physical level. Spirituality is about finding meaning in life, staying authentic and continuously evolving.

The traditional business culture and certain industries go completely against this definition. When you focus only on profit, being tactical and portraying to be someone you’re not, you will have a hard time feeling fulfilled.

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A spiritual business also doesn’t mean that the person who runs it is a full-on hippy. (I love hippies, don’t get me wrong, I just keep being asked if my clients are hippies.) Impact-driven entrepreneurs and purpose-driven businesses are major players within the spirituality industry. Experienced and educated professionals most often with corporate experience. As our development journey is an ongoing one, there are many impact-driven souls who struggle to balance their love for business and their spiritual development. I put my hands up, I went through the same struggle until I figured out how to be authentic in my career and do what I truly love. Since then I’m on a mission to help others to bring their spirituality into their careers.

As you can see, it’s not the industry itself that is spiritual. It’s the people who chose to listen to their inner calling and to work on an energetic level. Those people who consciously use their business skills to make a positive impact. Those people who use their spiritual skills and make a living from doing what their souls truly love.

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be a change-maker

You have a decision to make. Either you get in line and stick with the traditional business culture that doesn’t serve your soul’s calling OR you get real with yourself and start taking action. Personally, I feel fired-up when I enable and empower change-makers (you can read more about me here). My mission is to serve this burning passion and help change-makers launch and scale their businesses. Driving change forward within the business world is way overdue. Things are changing and becoming your authentic self in your career is the first step to push through this change.

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I’m on a mission to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses to make a bigger impact in our world.

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The spirituality industry has been rapidly growing in recent years

According to BusinessWire just the complementary and alternative medicines segment within the Spiritual industry was valued at $192 billion in 2018 and projected to grow to $271.8 billion by 2024.

Coming up with spirituality business ideas that you can also start online is actually a lot easier than you might think.