Being authentic in business is something I’ve been prioritising for a good few years now. Once I realised that staying true to my real self is my top priority, I started seeing changes in all areas of my life. Including my business life.

One major step in this process was to create Connect One Marketing. Working together with other professionals who bring their authentic selves to their careers is such a fulfilling business experience. When I figured out how to utilise my various business skills in the most authentic way (without playing games and being tactical) felt like a breath of fresh air. I could be myself, all the time. With all my ambitions in business, all my competitiveness, all my spiritual interests and all my imperfections as a human. Now I only support impact-driven entrepreneurs and businesses who are determined to make a positive impact. To make our day-to-day lives a little bit better.

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You’re probably trying to figure out something similar and trying to find a way to make a living from what you truly believe in. To find how to remain authentic in business and make an even bigger impact than you already do. I feel you. It’s not an easy process. It took me many years of trial & error in addition to major internal transformations to get there. And I’m still evolving. Supporting purpose-driven businesses with their strategies is just phase one of my long-term plans. Once you finally step on the right track, the one that’s aligned with your soul’s mission, you’ll somehow get to cross paths with like-minded individuals to help you. This is what I’m hoping to become for you: the helper you need to bring your authentic self into your business life.

So after a long intro, let me explain why you need to remain fully authentic when you come up with your business name.

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Even if you’re not running your own business yet, you must be your real, authentic self at work. I wrote a simple guide about how to combine your spirituality with business so start from there if you’re not sure yet how to escape the grind.

When you’re ready to really trust yourself and have genuine faith in your own capabilities, then it’s time to take action! I have this passion to educate & support impact-driven souls to help them run a successful business and how to market themselves. In a fully authentic way.

Marketing is something that I always felt passionate about. As a previous Marketing Director and CEO (you can check my full background here), I know exactly how marketing can be used in a manipulating way but also in a genuine & authentic manner. Just like everything else in life, marketing is also bound to the cosmic rule of duality. You decide how you use it. In my business, I vowed to use my marketing knowledge constructively. To show you how to remain authentic in your campaigns, in your branding, in your lead generation, on social media and most importantly in your overall business activities.

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Your branding is everything. Many professionals fail to plan their branding according to their main objectives. Branding is not about being creative and coming up with colours and logos. It goes much much deeper than that.

In short: branding is the genuine identity of your business. How you will be perceived by others (=your potential customers) and how you will be different from what’s already out there (=your competitors).

If you are running a business within the spiritual industry then you simply can’t use tactics. Your audience craves something raw & real, something that resonates with them. You need to be vulnerable and authentic. You can not play tricks and tactics with your potential customers. They want to know who you are and why you are the best fit for them.

Your branding will enable you to give your customers exactly that: to show them who you genuinely are and what your real mission is. Use your branding wisely and you’ll shorten your sales cycle and target your audience better.


Your brand name is one of the first things that will “introduce” your business to your potential customers. So much depends on a powerful (and clear) brand name, which is why it is so important to choose the right one. If you pick a business name that is not authentic, you might just create your own resistance to your success. If you choose a name that doesn’t resonate with your audience, you’ll have a hard time promoting your services and making a living from what your soul wants you to do.

You don’t need to be a branding expert or a highly creative person to decide on what you’ll call your business. Using a systematic approach and allocating time to the process will get you the results you are looking for. Discovering your authentic business name can be a fun process when you know what you’re doing.


I’ve created this worksheet for you to help you discover your authentic business name in 4 systematic steps. You will learn how to choose an authentic name that is:

  • relevant to your industry
  • the anchor of strong online positioning
  • original & unique
  • memorable
How to create a brand name worksheet template for an authentic business
Steps to How to create a brand name template


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