Yes, you can use intuition in business. When you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, you can not abandon your spiritual side. You started your business BECAUSE you started paying more attention to who you really are deep within. So bring that into your activities in a way that helps your business grow authentically and strategically.

Even though I simply love business strategising, I am fully aware of the power of listening to my intuition. Listening to my higher self. All she wants for me is to succeed and have fun. She also knows that I’m genuinely passionate about building businesses. So here’s what I do to bring my love for business & spiritual development together. You can use these activities to align your business ambitions with your authentic self.

Intuition in business: meditate on what's blocking you from making a bigger impact

Quiet down your mind and focus on what REALLY is holding you back from growing your soulful business. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you are one of the major blockers that is getting in your way of scaling. Remember why you started this, remember what kind of impact you want to make. Feel that mission becoming a crystal clear white fire. Let this fire erupt, to come to the surface and burn down all your self-limiting doubts along the way.

What does your intuition tell you about your business?

What self-limiting thoughts keep popping up?

  • “There are many other people who have more experience than I do”
  • “I don’t have all the details figured out, who’s going to want to work with me like this?”
  • “What if I make a mistake?”
  • “What will my friends or family think about my spiritual business?”
  • “Maybe I’m not ready yet to make an impact on a bigger scale”
  • “If I focus on growing my business that means I just want to make more money”

Write down what came up and rephrase those blockers into powerful statements to keep you developing. Your intuition doesn’t lie. Your intuition is there help you evolve, including your business.

Ask your higher self about which method is most aligned with your energy to use intuition in business

My soul comes alive when I see the big picture. When I come up with new angles, new possibilities and create value along the way. I use that fire to guide my business decisions energetically. I mastered how to combine practical skills & talent with my intuition. And no, it was not easy, AT ALL. I spent years getting there but it’s not something special. We are able to do this. It takes practice and dedication in addition to that burning passion in you that you want to make a positive impact.

Your intuition, your higher self knows what’s best for you. Ask your higher self to show you specifically which methods are most aligned with your energy to grow your spiritual business. Trust the answers and allow yourself to be guided.

Align your energy with your business strategy. Tips from Timi Orosz for marketing for spiritual entrepreneurs

I use my business expertise as a C-suite professional to consciously decide who I support with my business skills. Long gone the days when I said yes to every opportunity. If it’s not aligned to my energy and my purpose, I’m walking away from it.

I used journaling, a LOT of journaling, to get to this level of clarity and to genuinely feel confident about my decisions. I’m more of a visual type and I love manifesting by writing down what my higher self really wants to do. Go old-school and grab a pen and paper. Start writing how you see yourself making a bigger impact. Which direction does it go? Which direction it DOESN’T go?

When you’re done, don’t obsess about what you’ve written. Put it away somewhere and read it back every once in a while. If you’re changing and evolving as a person throughout the months and years then re-adjust your direction. You’re not supposed to be stuck in one place.

Use your intuition in business with a strategy

Use your higher self to guide you

This is one of the most hands-on activities you can do to use your intuition in business in an authentic AND strategic way. Do some research about scale-up methods and strategies. You can start here to see 5 ways to get more customers. Write everything down that catches your attention. Simply create a long list, don’t try to dig deeper at this stage, just collect the options in one place.

When you’re done with your list, look at the methods and cross out anything that is not in line with your preferred direction. Then it’s time to turn up the volume of your intuition. You can either use your pendulum or tune into your higher self and let the intuitive game begin. Pick 1 business strategy or activity that your energy resonates with the most. Turn that into your immediate focus and repeat this exercise when you need to align your intuition in your business again.

Intuitive marketing tool for spiritual entrepreneurs

I’ve been working on something really exciting to help you use your intuition in business in a fun AND focused way. I got inspired by Tarot’s major arcana and decided to create specific marketing tasks for you. 22 of them. Pick one card based on what your intuition is calling you towards and check which marketing activity you need to focus on. One pick a day, one focused marketing activity. The whole aim of this is that you learn to keep your focus and you’re only giving your energy to one thing at a time. You don’t want to waste and scatter your energies. I definitely don’t want you to be doing that.

It’s no coincidence that you resonated with my mission and not someone else’s. You followed your intuition in your business. I got you. I spent years creating value in businesses through marketing and business development. While I was going through major development lessons and the ups and downs of my spiritual journey. One day I’d be leading a meeting to negotiate a $400k deal and the next day I’d be tapping into other dimensions and accessing my Akashic Records.

I’m on a mission to help you lightworkers, healers and spiritual beings make a bigger impact by using business. With this intuitive marketing tool, you can focus on 1 thing at a time to grow your spiritual business.

Here’s an example of the activities:

Take a step forward to get your message across to more souls. Jump onto Google and search for publication opportunities within your niche. Are you a spiritual coach? Search for spiritual coaching news or directories. Are you an energy healer? Look for results with How-to guides and educational blogs or platforms.