When you want to keep your soulful business alive, you know you need to attract soul clients consistently. This isn’t news to you, I’m aware. But did you know that there are 3 common overlooked aspects that result in lost clients?

In the business development world we call them missed opportunities. As an energy healer, psychic, spiritual coach or Tarot reader you don’t need to know the names of these concepts, that’s what I’m here for 😊 To help you make sense of the business world and show you how to market and grow your spiritual business confidently. So let me show you how to sprinkle a little stardust on your marketing activities without ever using any unethical tricks and methods.

The quest for attracting soul clients

The process absolutely doesn’t have to be draining your energies, making you feel disconnected from your mission. Instead, you can improve your marketing efforts to flow like a mystical dance. The key lies in simplifying and optimising what you already have.

Instead of tirelessly searching for new clients, let’s give your business an energetic boost by minimizing missed opportunities. In this guide, I’ll show you three ethical and practical steps that will help you resonate better with your soul clients and manifest the thriving business that you absolutely deserve. By fine-tuning your existing approach and focusing on genuine connections, you can easily increase your impact, your income and your business confidence.

3 ways to optimize a spiritual business to attract soul clients

STEP 1: Unveil your impact

“I’m a Reiki Master, spiritual coach, sound healer and massage therapist”

🫤 So what are you really doing to take me from A to B? It’s an impressive list, showcasing your diverse expertise and dedication to serving the collective. I get it, you’re a multi-talented soul with a variety of spiritual modalities up your sleeve. You love exploring different spiritual practices to be able to support us better. But. That’s your HOW. Not your WHAT.

And here’s the thing: when we know we need support, we don’t care about how you help us at first. We search for a solution not the HOW. That part comes later when we come across you and think “okay, she could help me, let’s see how she does it”.

What truly matters is the IMPACT you create in our lives.

So, take a moment to communicate your soulful purpose in one simple sentence. By clearly defining the transformational outcomes your clients can expect, you’ll effortlessly resonate with those seeking your solutions and attract soul clients who resonate with your mission. Remember, it’s the WHAT that matters most!

STEP 2: Less is more to attract soul clients

Ever felt like an overexcited kid in a candy store? Well, that’s how your audience feels when faced with too many options. To avoid decision paralysis and create a seamless client experience, it’s time to simplify your offerings.

Focus on two key services:

  • a CORE service, which could be a mid or high-ticket offering,
  • a DOWNSELL, which is a more affordable option as an alternative to your Core service.

The core service serves as your main offering, while the downsell is suitable for those who might not be ready to commit to your core service yet. Instead of watching them walk away for good, offer them this alternative so both of you can be happy. (🤫 a well-known spiritual coach lost me as a client because I didn’t want to work in a group setup at a $10k price tag. Instead I wanted to work with her one-on-one but she was so stubbornly trying to sell me her group program and not offering me an alternative that we both walked away from the meeting feeling disappointed.)

Additionally, consider providing digital products like courses, masterclasses, or ebooks for individuals who may not qualify for one-on-one or group sessions with you. By streamlining your services, you make it easier for soul clients to choose the best fit for their unique needs.

STEP 3: Nurture connections

We’ve all been there—you invest time and energy into connecting with a potential client, but they end up saying no. No worries! Don’t push if they’re not ready. However, don’t let that be the end of the road. Forgetting to follow-up with these souls is a major missed opportunity when you want to attract soul clients.

Some of my “lost” clients happily signed up for my mentoring solutions after 6 months of nurturing. Plus, they even sent me referrals during that time. Just like friendships, maintaining connections with your soul clients matters. A quick DM or email that genuinely shows you remember them can go a long way—no selling required! Keep the relationship alive, and when they’re ready to invest in their spiritual growth or healing, you’ll be the first one they think of.

Market your spiritual business authentically

Remember, your spiritual business is an extension of your own energy. Do what feels aligned. There absolutely isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy within the spiritual industry. Try and test a few solutions but keep things simplified and authentic. When you base your marketing on the real you, you’ll see that building a soulful business isn’t that complicated. And in case you need some ethical marketing solutions, then the Mindful Marketing toolkit could become your new best friend:

spiritual business help marketing resources

Marketing Alchemy with 6 ethical marketing tools to help you confidently market your spiritual services.