Agust 24, 2023

Business tools and strategy for spiritual entrepreneurs

I absolutely loved being a guest on the Heal List podcast and diving into deep truths with Yuli Ziv. Not only she’s a wonderful (and fun!) soul to chat with but she’s also the definition of a spiritual entrepreneur. The business platform she built for healers is outstanding and her mind is pure magic ✨

Once you’ve taken a leap forward to make a living out of your spiritual gifts and knowledge, the next thing to figure out is how to grow into an entrepreneur role. 

Do you really need a business plan? How do you stop resisting the financial gain that comes with your services? What spiritual techniques can you use in business?

What you’ll learn

How money is nothing but a form of energy and how that energy flow really works.

The exact steps to find your spiritual niche in a fun and authentic way while keeping your ego in check.

Who is it for

If you already started a spiritual business but feeling confused about marketing it.

If you want to discover both spiritual and practical tools to manage your soulful business without any BS tactics.

Want more meaningful conversations?