3 things to do before you start your spiritual business

You finally took a leap and realised that you can pursue your true passion, your spiritual calling, as a way to make a living. You are tired of just having a job to pay the bills and you are finally listening to that inner voice inside you that’s driving you to follow your spiritual path as a career. I’m excited to share some of my knowledge I gained throughout my career as I was constantly going back and forth between wanting to be successful in business and following my spiritual calling to develop myself consciously. It eventually hit me one day: I don’t need to choose between my 2 passions, I can combine them! And just like that, Connect One Marketing was born, to help spiritual businesses and freelancers stay on track with their higher purpose.

I’m on a mission to help:

  • change makers
  • life and spiritual coaches
  • spiritual healers
  • energy workers
  • esoteric service providers
  • impact-makers

I’m determined to help them reach more customers to be able to fully dedicate their lives to their inner calling. No more feeling stuck, frustrated or wasting your talents. Get ready to level up and live the life that truly aligns with you.

Either you have already started working on your spiritual business on the side or you are just about to launch it, check how many of these 3 questions you know the answers to already:


    It’s a great first step when you realise what skills and talents you have either as a yoga instructor, a Reiki healer, an herbalist, a crystal healer, a numerologist or a holistic therapist; however you need to know what is the real demand for your skills. First things first: are you going to provide your service online/remotely or in person? Depending on your industry, your clients want different things. Put yourself into your customers’ shoes before you make any decisions. Then do your market research to make sure you are actually supplying an existing demand and in a much better way than your competition. When I was delivering a marketing training my favourite allegory to explain this process was this: if you have a darts board in front of you, you know where to aim your darts. If you are blind folded in a room and someone hands you some darts and says ‘here you go’ you are very unlikely to hit the bull’s eye.


    Doesn’t matter what kind of business we look at, they can only be successful if they are offering a solution to a pain point. There’s absolutely no difference within the spiritual world. People are seeking answers, guidance, solutions either to learn how to manage their kundalini awakening process, how to release karmic blockages or how to astral travel. Write down in one sentence what it is that you provide as a solution. For example, if you’re a Law of Attraction coach then explain what benefits your clients will get from your sessions or if you are an astrology forecast expert then make it clear how your customers can use your report to navigate the timing in their lives.


    This is the part that you should spend a bit of intuitive time on. You probably already have a feeling that you are a little bit different than the majority of people. Now it’s time to translate that into the business world: what makes you YOU on a soul level? How is your service different than the one your competitor’s offer? Branding is crucial (here’s a guide to discover your authentic branding) to make your spiritual business stand out and attract the customers that you need. In my example, I became a CEO at the age of 30 and then resigned to live in a jungle in Sri Lanka to realign my mind and connect to source, to myself, to the universe, to all of us as one. Connect One.
Timi Orosz founder of Connect One Marketing

Once you know your answers to these basics then you will be more likely to successfully offer your spiritual services to your customers and turn your true passion into your career. If you haven’t already done so then why not book a free 30 minute one-to-one consultation with me where I can provide you with some customised advice.

Need an all-in-one guide to follow through? Here’s a freebie for you: learn how to start your spiritual business in 11 steps including 11 exercises from The collective guide of how to turn your spiritual calling into your career.

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